Unions are ‘on knees’ but Agustin thinks he can save rugby

A brave, sharp attendance on the rugby field, Agustin Pichot has by no means complete equipment softly — a nerve he at this moment carries into the sport boardrooms

After rising to the part of earth Rugby Vice-Chairman in 2016, Pichot is at present in suspense to turn out well past England control receipt Beaumont as Chairman.

On Sunday, the globe Rugby convention will choose whether it is Pichot or Beaumont, 23 being the Argentine’s senior, who will lead the governing cadaver departure forward.

Agustin Pichot frustration

Among Pichot’s frustrations has been the breakdown of Planet Rugby’s Nations challenge theory endure year, a new imagination for the sport inclusive calendar which would cover seven countries competing in three leagues of 12 teams with promotion and demotion between all leagues.

The model was criticized by the intercontinental Rugby Players commission and roughly of the sports competition most important players, but Pichot maintains that the sport requests a system that creates a corridor for emerging nations.

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In doing so, he hopes to end up the diminutive handful of countries that dominate the large-scale game; the nine Rugby planet Cups since 1987 give created truthful four unique winners.

“We need to build the regions like football has — regional tournaments that can feed into the qualifiers for our World Cup,” says Pichot

As chairman of England’s Rugby Football Union, Beaumont oversaw the 2015 Rugby humanity goblet — at the time, a match which drew record-breaking attendances — and succeeded Bernard Lapasset at globe Rugby’s controls in 2016.

Speaking of his private vision, Pichot eschews the sense that he is rugby’s “Robin Hood” consider — captivating from the playoffs richest powers to improve poorer unions — but says he does would like to tell the likes of Fiji, Japan, USA and Canada, amid others, pull off develop description on the overall match calendar.

The sport has over and over again lagged behind rivals at what time it comes to the virtual humankind — football and NFL experience conventional athletic competition in FIFA and wind you up — and Pichot says he has formerly verbal to the business leader of EA Sports about rugby emergent its personal invention to interest a younger listeners

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