Alliance of 2 Democratic Leaders Emerge in Support of Joe Biden

Nothing is permanent in when you are playing on the pitch of politics; alliances that none can imagine about comes into the light to support a common interest. 2 groups, A super PAC Unite the Country already supporting Presidential candidate Joe Biden of Democratic leaders party now joins hands with progressive American Bridge to collectively raise about $175 million to defeat Trump.

TUG OF WAR is happening in WASHINGTON as both republicans and democratic leaders are sharpening their tactics, getting ready for the Fall elections. Unite the Country and American Bridge these two famous outside democratic leaders groups came together to support Joe Biden, the former VICE President. They will help to fundraise for his campaign for the presidential race. This is one of a kind attempt for fundraising for third party organizations.

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The super PAC supporting Democratic leaders party presidential candidate Mr. Biden for a year now has teamed up with American Bridge. They both announced their partnership recently, this team would help raise a big amount of $175 million in a joint fundraising campaign. It is to be spent to defeat President Trump in November. What strategies would be a democratic republic using to counter back would be an interesting tale to tell.

As who will be leading this partnership? This question was answered in the form of a co-chairing. Deval Patrick former Governor of Massachusetts and Mr. J. Granholm who was governor of Michigan in past will be co-chairing this partnership

The president of American Bridge B. Beychok supported this alliance and said, “We don’t want redundancy,”. Their advisors who are long-term strategists of the Democratic party also supported it. They want to mutually support a Biden as to not let their efforts go into waste.

These kinds of statements from the officials of these two groups show that they are serious in their partnership for the democratic leader candidate Mr. Biden.

The question arises if these groups are going to merge under one name as one group but it was made clear that these two groups will be operating separately and are not becoming a single body, nonetheless, they will be coordinating and cooperating on many other matters. They have also decided to invest in ads and promotions together to increase the efficiency of the partnership.

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Before the campaign stopped because of the novel coronavirus outbreak Mr. Biden had already gained a big lead in the democratic primary race, soon after which this partnership comes into light. After this partnership has been announced many attempts are made by some third party organizations to set themselves up as a go-to organization for donors, to elect or to defeat President Trump of a democratic republic in November.

The game is heating up and interest is rising as many Democratic groups have been trying to gain favor or donations from the major Democratic contributors for months now. Who is going the lead this race and how many more partnerships are going to come into light after this is yet to be found.

Priorities USA, the biggest super PAC working since 2016 is said to have announced a whopping $150 million advertising budget for the DNC in the past. Not only this they announced an additional $17 million for digital ads last Friday. This shows that Biden has got quite a lot of support and would be a tough nut to crack for a democratic republic.

The two democratic groups are standing against the Priorities with unity for the claim of the campaign’s leading outside democratic third party. they don’t want Priorities USA to lay claim on the title. For this reason, they made this partnership to claim it collectively under their names.

According to inside sources, attempts have been made on Mr. Biden to elicit a response from him to know out of two groups Bridge and Priorities which groups he prefers. Despite these attempts, it is too soon to say which groups prefer as no one knows as to how Mr. Biden views these election campaigns. And we might never get an answer to this curiosity as campaign laws prohibit clear and strong coordination between campaigns and super PACS so Mr. Biden is quite attentive in this regard. Even when asked which group he prefers a representative of his team refused to answer.

When all said and it is clear that when democratic primary 2020 happened, the group country unite was the sole entity supporting Mr. Biden. It was there from the start but the partnership of American Bridge and Priorities in support of Biden was announced when Biden scored some major victories in March. The officials of this partnership announced their support through tweets within minutes of each other, announcing him as their one and only nominee.

“We will be ALL IN to elect @JoeBiden as our next President,” tweeted by the official president of American Bridge B. Baychok.

“The math is now clear,” was tweeted by the chairperson of Priorities. “Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee.”

These declarations were made fast enough within minutes of each other to keep up the relevancy of their separate groups but also to make sure of their alliance for the democratic candidates polls Joe Biden.

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By: Zaynab Shinwari


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