Get Perfectly Arched Eyebrows, No Matter Your Natural Brow Shape

Eyebrows are no less of a headache for most of us girls. Women want naturally arched eyebrows that fit their face structure as Angelina Jolie but end up as Cara delevingne with bushy brows or an angry genie with inverted v-shaped arches even if they go to a professional. But how to get perfect arched eyebrows?

Don’t worry, whether it is your brow professional or your natural arched eyebrows, you’re not happy about. Below are a few tips to get the perfectly arched eyebrows you’ve always wanted.

Choose the Perfect Eyebrow Shape For Your Face: 

The idea of a perfect eyebrow arch varies from person to person. Some people like bushy eyebrows, while others want it to be naturally arched. But what eyebrow arch is perfect for you depends on your face shape and facial features.

Oval Face

Oval faces are considered to be the ideal shaped faces. People with oval faces have symmetry and good features. Naturally shaped arched eyebrows that give a soft look are the best go for oval faced people. Here you go, the is your perfectly shaped Arch.

Round Face

All faces are beautiful, but the harm is making them the most beautiful by making a few minor changes. People with round faces should go with a highly arched eyebrow shape to create the illusion of a longer face.

Square Face

Square faced people who come with powerful, elegant features. The best feature is the strong jawline. To make everything come in symmetry, a strong eyebrow with a defined arch is your way.

Long Face

The long face is often associated with gloominess and worry, but no worries at all the perfect eyebrow arch can change you. A straight flat arch is the best eyebrow to increase your elegance.

These are a few rough ideas about the type of Arch one should have according to their natural face shape and natural Arch.

How to know your Perfect Arch:

Now that you’ve known the best shape for your face type, the question is how to perfectly arch your eyebrows. Here are a few steps that may help you in getting your perfect eyebrow arch.

Inside Brow

That is the starting point of your perfect eyebrow arch. Too close may lead to unibrow (go for it if that’s what you like) and too far may make brows look sparse. How to get the arched eyebrows is by finding the perfect starting point.

That’s how you find the best starting point:

Take a tweezer or a brow pencil and place it near the inner corner of the eye vertically. The place where this pencil and brow meet should be the starting point of your eyebrow. Mark this point with the eyebrow pencil. 

Perfect Length

Take the same pencil and pace its one end at the corner of the nose and the other at the end of the eyebrow at 45 degrees angle, that this the ideal length of your perfect Arch. Mark this point as well.

Perfect Arch

Mark a point at the point where your Arch will be when your head is straight. It should be ¾ towards the end of the eyebrow.

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Trim that New Hair Away:

You know the best arch shape and how to draw that shape, now just trim that extra hair away, and you’re done. Now how do you get rid of these hairs? We have a couple of solutions for you:


Brush your brows a little in an upward direction and trim them with scissors. Now take tweezers and pull out the new hair that is out of your marked areas.

Thread Method

This is the oldest and most commonly used method. Take a thread and wrap it around your index finger and thumb of both hands.

Twist it 10-15 times until an X is formed. Place the < formed at each end near the new hair.

Move your index and thumb close to each other and pull the hair out.


Just like simple wax, take a small piece of paper and apply wax to it. Place it along the brow and quickly pull it out.

All these methods are a way of getting a perfect arch out of your naturally arched eyebrow.

Ways of Growing Your Natural Eyebrows:

In case you’ve over-tweezed, over-plucked, or due to some other reason, there is a gap left in your brows, or you’ve another bad experience at the salon that left you with thin traumatized eyebrow arches. Don’t worry, there is a solution to everything. Try these things and get wonderful results; however, this process is time taking but worth the pain.

  1. Try and minimize tweezing your eyebrows. Just tweeze where it’s necessary like a unibrow.
  2. Fill in the gaps with eyebrow pencils. Recommended products are Maybelline brow define and fill duo.
  3. Use hair growth oils like castor oil and take supplements.

Follow these, and you’ll have the fullest eyebrows never like before, and that too is your natural arched eyebrows. Trim them into your perfect arch eyebrows.

The Not So Natural Methods:

 If none of those mentioned above methods work for you, here are some other artificial brow shaping methods to get those arched eyebrows you always wanted.

  1. Brow tinting
  2. Brow tattooing
  3. Micro-blading
  4. Filling in with makeup

That’s your guide to How to get arched eyebrows that are perfect for you.



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