Atletico Madrid defeats Liverpool during League

Atletico Madrid defeats Liverpool during the eighth-finals of Champions League

With a promising game within the first half of the match, who could expect that Liverpool would lose the crown, especially when they are the hosts? People say:” Expect the unexpected! ”

Soon after the beginning of the match, the guests organized an aggressive attack with the participation of Diego Costa, who advances to shoot but he doesn’t manage to score as the ball passes by the net. Quickly, the goalkeeper of Liverpool- Adrian makes a free-kick.  Around the 5th minute, well-done cooperation with Alexander Arnold allows Georginio Wijnaldum to head the ball towards the goalkeeper of Atletico Madrid– Jan Oblak. However, Oblak manages to save the ball.

Jan Oblak manages to save the ball multiple times as the members of the opposite team repeatedly attack, including Georginio Wijnaldum and Oxlade- Chamberlain. Georginio Wijnaldum is widely known to score most of Liverpool’s goals and this time he heads the ball towards Atletico’s net and scores a stunning goal in the 43rd minute. Thus, Liverpool takes the lead and it is one goal ahead for the Champions league’s finals. On one hand, the Anfield people are rejoicing and praising the home team. On the other hand, there are the Atletico team members who anticipated the end of the first half of the match.

Two substitutions and Second 50% of the game

The second half of the match began well for Liverpool as they managed to make several attacks but not as many as they did the first half of the game. Jan Oblak spares the ball the entire second half time. Around the 50th minute of the game Costa is replaced by Marcos Llorente and this move made by the trainer Diego Simeone turns out to be crucial for the denouement of the match and it is also a reflection of the splendid cooperation between the team members and their trainer.

After several attacks of Liverpool, including a foul for Alexander Arnold, who is in cooperation with Firmino, the games starts to change in favor of Atletico Madrid. As one of its leading players, Felix, advances towards Liverpool’s net and kicks the ball from 20 meters distance around the 60th minute and makes it hard for the goalkeeper, Adrian, to catch the ball. However, he actually manages to rescue it.

It is important to mention the following 20 minutes full of pressure in the Champions League eight-finals, as both teams make very aggressive attacks, one of which is again with the participation of Liverpool’s Georginio Wijnaldum and two important moments when Robertson makes significant moves, one of which is kicking from the penalty area. He is really close to scoring a goal around the 80th minute but the ball passes over the net.

Atletico Madrid defeats Liverpool during League 1

Another important aspect of the game is again with the participation of Robertson who heads the ball to the net, but Kieran Trippier deflects the ball onto the crossbar and saves the team. The last shooting towards Atletico Madrid’s net for those  90 minutes comes from Georginio Wijnaldum, but yet again Jan Oblak rescues the ball and lifts the spirit of his team and all fans. Notable is also the game interaction between Renan Lodi who makes a free-kick towards Saul Niguez who heads the ball to the top corner, which exults the audience but the celebrations die down due to the lineman’s flag for offside.

Another crucial moment that should be taken into consideration is the replacement of Oxlade-Chamberlain with J. Milner in the 82nd minute. Having done this, the trainer J. Klopp sets the mood for a steady and a rather pragmatic and more defensive game manner for Liverpool, which dramatically changes the denouement of the game and gives higher chances for Atletico Madrid to advance against Liverpool’s net and change the Champions League final and champions league results.

The change of the result of the Champions League match

At the start of these additional 30 minutes, the defining moment is as yet not in sight as Firmino scores his first objective in the Champions League, which makes it the second objective for Liverpool in the 94th moment for this game and guarantees a spot at the Champions League’s quarter-finals.

Notwithstanding, nothing is lost for Atletico Madrid as Llorente scores an eminent objective 3 minutes after the fact, which is an outcome from his great coordination with J. Felix. Within 8 minutes M. Llorente manages to shoot and make a second goal for the Spaniards and make even with Liverpool in the 105th minute of the match.

Finally, the cherry on the cake was Alvaro Morata’s conclusive goal, which happened in the last few seconds of the 120th minute. This secured Atletico Madrid’s place for the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Outline of the eighth-finals’ aftereffects of the Champions League

In conclusion, we can distinguish several major points during the match. First, we have Georginio Wijnaldum’s goal the 43rd minute and an aggressive and active style of game of Liverpool before the replacement of Oxlade- Chamberlain. Second, we have a beautiful and promising goal of Firmino, which happened 4 minutes after the beginning of the extra time. Around the beginning of the 2nd half of the game, we have a crucial replacement of Costa with Llorente.

Above all,  the rescues of the goalkeeper Jan Oblak turn irreplaceable and substantial for the whole team, as well as the cooperation between the trainer and the team members. Not only that, but Llorente manages to strike two goals in the 97th and 105th minute and at the very end Morata secures the team a place for the quarter-finals in the Champions League.

By: Petra Kavradjieva

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