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If you wanna see Chris Hemsworth swings a guy to break another guy neck, then boy, do I have a movie for you? Best Netflix Original movies

Extraction is an action-packed 2020 Netflix movie starring marvel star Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, a fearless black market mercenary and ex Aussie soldier with nothing to left to lose to retrieve kidnapped son of a drug lord from competing gang.

Extraction is a debut feature film by Sam Hargrave, who has worked as a stunt coordinator on several Marvel movies. With a screenplay written by Russo brothers based on their graphic novel, which dramatically takes a twist and turns and raises curiosity as it proceeds with bullets raining, cars crashing choppers are falling and dead bodies all over the place.

Tyler’s character is suffering from emotional and physical pain after losing his six-year-old to cancer and wife leaving him and him turning into a killing machine working for just money.

He gets called into service by fellow mercenary Nik Khan(Golshifteh Farhani) to rescue  Ovi (Rudhraksh Jaiswal), the kidnapped 14-year-old son of Indian drug lord Ovi Mahajan (Pankaj Tripathi) from, Amir Asif (Priyanshu Painyuli) who is his fathers biggest Bangladeshi rival and main villain of the story. He is not any villain who will just kidnap a child but throw one off the roof and order his henchmen to cut two of there fingers.

Best Netflix Original Movies Extraction

Best Netflix Original Movies

Without breaking a sweat in few minutes of the screen being an expert mercenary, Tyler extracts Ovi from Amir with a few bad guys falling dead, of course. But somehow now he needs to gets oy to the safety as Amir orders the city “lock down” as he has all the military in his pocket.

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Tylers rescues plan ruined by Saju (Randeep Hoda). He is sent by Ovi’s father to oversee, rescue plan. Still, he has his own ideas in an attempt to save the boy he kills one of Tyler’s teammates I fear of his family being killed and to avoid paying the ransom that he can’t afford to pay.

The movie’s most thrilling scene is a 12-minute long one-shot action in which Sam Haaargarves has pulled a car chase, afoot chase,gun battles , knifes battles, hand to hand combat and plenty of explosives. Those who have watched the movie couldn’t get over this master single take.

The Best Netflix Original movies has given fair share to the Indian stars and especially the boy. As it has seen in many English series, they only appear as cameos or small roles. It filmed in India Ahmedabad and  Dhaka Bangladesh, where many of the fans stayed for 15 hours just to see a glimpse of Chris Hemsworth.

Extraction is an R-rated movie because intense and bloody fight sence, especially the one where Tyler beats up a group of teen boys in hand to hand combat, but none of them killed as showing his bit of fatherly side. It is further seen with Ovi as he takes food to him, and both engage in talk about Tyler’s son, who died of lymphoma and Ovis longing love for his father, who he has been missing for long.

It is full action-packed for action lovers as the name state Extraction: “Extra” “Action.”

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