Best standard hairstyle-Hairstyle girls simple

Today I am going to teach you some techniques for the best standard hairstyles and all these different hairstyles you can create using flat irons. So I’m going to use these today so it comes with a heat mat as well which is very very handy laughing because it was so good like marble which so when you’re taking your hair down just gently turn the straightness only by about 20 degrees hairstyle girls simple.

Turn it slightly more when it gets the bottom go over it to make it smooth as you want then you get this sort of roundness to it you get if you blow-dry your hair straight halfway down take it at a diagonal so don’t like this.

Twist pull down back to stop twist the other way new model hairstyle but stop twist the other way keep the edge relatively flat that gives you a really nice feature for best standard hairstyle is right take your hair like that just wrap it around your fingers wrap it. make sure the end is wrapped like every hairstyle in the world up in that as well comes loose take your straightness so to curl normally you just take your hair straightener in rotating it around 180 degrees get the hair straight in there

Best standard hairstyle

Best standard hairstyle
Best standard hairstyle

and then pull it out glide it along I still at 180 degrees right the way down yeah a nice sort of modern wave for hairstyle girls simple. now what you can do is take that from the same angle so I curled it under drag that down, and you’ll find you get sort of a matching wave point here in here for new model hairstyle and that’s because I’ve done it at an angle so if you were to do this for whole head you can take a brush that out

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what that does it turns it into Hollywood Wave see there all the merges together. so you’re going to show you is a plat so depending on your platter is going to depend on the way so I’m going to show you is quite a small one here just flap the hair all the way down straight this is home Oh section heats up like a creepy sort of beachy effect the tiny little corkscrew Cal so you can do this with whatever size hair you want with the bigger hair obviously every hairstyle in the world

Hairstyle girls simple
Hairstyle girls simple

If you put your the curl and so I’m gonna take quite a small but I’m gonna take just a makeup brush make sure it’s nothing that’s gonna catch on fire you can use a chopstick or something like that wrap the hair around like that make sure you get all parts of it just place it on the twist and again let the hair heat up you cool for a second when you take it out you get like a real beach way is it like you would choose a round brush to get sort of a blow-dried look best standard hairstyle.

So I’m going to do it with the front section here when you do this rather than winter curled earlier you do an angle this one you want to curl back or straight straight straight and twist straight into it that way rather than that way.

I’m just gonna pull it through the hair the way down and then what I do is I twist it up I take a hairpin and I pin it and I let that set and I do all my hair like that for best standard hairstyle and then you get that nice blow-dried sort of finish the front of the hair and all over there so while that’s setting.

I’ll show you one final thing for best standard hairstyle that you can do if you can get hair grip you can bend it like that and again this works on small bits of hair so it’s small bit take your heavy center so you have to click like that weave it like that over about in between two prongs take it off let’s calm it and just take the pinout you’ll see you’re really really deep.

Take it take brush it out so like we did ripped up the Hollywood luxe look nice blow-dry finish to the air so now my hair is like a million different textures I hope that has helped and some of you don’t ask me to see sort of close-up how I use the straighteners on my hair and my Instagram my blog at least a lineup of Anneliese online piling.


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