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we are talking about Best Sustainable Online Shopping I originally just wanted to share my online wishes because I find myself just writing down so many things on my wish list and I thought it would be beneficial for you to share those and give you some the brand store recommendations.

but then I realized you know what the actual question I want to answer is how do we make our consumer behavior more sustainable so I decided to write this article where we’re going to be talking about my mindset towards sustainable fashion where to start and since

I ask you on Instagram what specifically you wanted to know on this topic one thing I’ve read a lot was how to shop sustainably and budget-friendly

Best Sustainable Online Shopping Budget Question

Best Sustainable Online Shopping Budget Question
Best Sustainable Online Shopping Budget Question


I’m going to answer that question in this article and then in part two you’re going to hear I wish list so I have bourbon here in my lap I think he just wants some attention but I think he’s gonna fall asleep anyways so let’s get started one topic a lot of you want to hear about was the money question

where to find cheap best sustainable online shopping alternatives budget student struggles you may not expect this from me since if you know I live in one of the most expensive countries in the world and also in a super expensive City but I definitely have a budget for shopping and I am living quite frugal with everything

I buy so budget-friendliness is super-important to me if you’re asking me about cheap and sustainable options you may want to rethink what you considered as sustainable because the most sustainable way of acquiring is also the most budget-friendly this may seem too obvious but it’s not buying if you think about it acquiring really is the opposite of sustaining

I love the word sustaining because it just reminds me of this intentionality and this care for something you own and making sure it works or you can use it over the years and if it’s broken you fix it and you sustain the usage of that item I hope I’m using the terms in the right way the truth is no fashion purchase is without its sins so if you really care about the environment

your best bet is to simply stop consuming so much Armel or die via a luxe magazine I think the best thing we all can do is change our mindset towards shopping which can ultimately change our behavior I also feel like shopping for a lot of people has become a habit when for example you feel frustrated there’s the term retail therapy so with this article

I just kind of want to bring some new ideas and questions to ask yourself to consider before you buy new things first ask yourself why aren’t you happy with the item you want to rebuy if you already own a type of this item

the second question to ask yourself have you had multiple instances where you thought this exact item would improve the quality of your life I kind of see it as a practice valuing what I already have in my life and making full use of it.

I’m not saying I’m perfect at this at all it has definitely been something I’ve been practicing throughout the past four years another fact to take into consideration which I always think is so interesting is why were you able to live without this item before you knew it existed have you had a situation where you were just living your life normally and then you learned about the existence of something through marketing or you heard someone talk about it

and suddenly you just felt the need to have it that is basically one of the purposes of marketing to create a need that didn’t really exist you can definitely call this manipulation but honestly so much of our world today has to do with marketing and trying to trick us and subconsciously wiring us to best sustainable online shopping brands and thoughts and ideas so that we make purchases in the future

but I guess this article is also about you know resisting those urges and resisting fall into those marketing traps once you are sure that you actually want to get something to consider these options before actually buying something new because as I mentioned earlier buying something new is the worst thing we can do in terms of sustainability kind of obvious do you already have this item in our house I think this is also just something that if

we don’t really think about it we’re just like oh yeah I need a new scissor but maybe you know go and ask your mom if you have something in the basement or number two would be borrowing something just ask around my favorite thing to do with clothes is borrow my clothes for my friends for my sister and just exchanging the white stuff you also value the clothes more.

if you borrow a sweater to your best friend and then you can exchange them and you kind of have something it reminds you of them and you can have and then you can get it back and it kind of creates this new appreciation for something if you don’t have it all the time.

I also think the model of renting items like cars order even services where you can rent clothes is one of the models of our best sustainable online shopping future and then we all know it first stores.

Second-Hand Shopping

Second-Hand Shopping
Second-Hand Shopping

I think second-hand shopping is one of my favorite concepts of our world today and can’t be denied in terms of how our sustainable shopping behavior is going to look in the future if you’ve never been in a thrift store there really are so many treasures that you can find second-hand so check that out before you consider buying something new here I wanted to make the connection between budget-friendliness and second-hand shopping

if you don’t go into curated vintage source honestly just become good at the thing and any basic thrift store is going to serve you well so usually used items go for way less than 50% off I love the fact that we’re giving an item a new home and again it is way cheaper than buying something new practice creativity and try to find a way to fulfill the function without by something new once you said you’re materialistic consumer mindset you’ll think about your belongings in a whole new way and find true appreciation for them

and the resources of our one world if you’ve explored all of these options and still feel like buying something new here’s how I would approach it the first step

I recommend doing is surrounding yourself with content that advocates for best sustainable online shopping behavior I kind of like to look at this as a preparation for our future shopping by knowing the brand store that are a part of this movement you already know where you can go back to from if you’re actually looking for a piece

so for example if you’re looking for underwear from a window shopping sustainable brand you already know where to go I personally really enjoy looking for new brands and exploring and also following content creators that talked about wanting to be more best sustainable online shopping.

I think helps me find new brands and be inspired to keep looking and being open I have also received a lot of questions on the finding a best sustainable online shopping brand so how to know if the brand store sustainable and what materials to look for these are such important questions

and I recommend reading this article I’ve linked below also from our bolo tie as a start I think she gives a great overview of the things to consider since I don’t feel like I’m the best source for this you may be watching and wondering choose why aren’t you just saying how to shop more sustainably

and I think if you ask yourself that you’ve kind of missed the point because I up to this point I’ve basically said everything, first of all, don’t shop second of all try avoiding buying something new and number three is doing research on sustainable brands I realized throughout this whole article.

I’m basically just trying to stop everyone from shopping but here comes the actual part where I talk about it and share my approach so once you find a brand whose values align with yours and have also find a specific product that you love create a wish list so save the link of the item write a description I just use my notes usually or a Pages document and close the documents now you need to wait.

I know you’re gonna be like what the choose what is this supposed to be but you are going to wait 30 days okay let us just let that sink in let me tell you this has saved me so much money and also has saved resources from being used as a repetition of my strategy the main concept is to wishlist items you want to buy and stop purchasing items immediately there really were so many instances where I was like bro I just want to buy this right now.

I really need this item and 30 days later I was just like thinking that I did not spend my money on that item because I don’t desire it anymore and I think after 30 days you’re definitely gonna know if you really want an item and have been thinking about it and can’t wait to buy

it is probably going to improve your life oh yeah I forgot to mention to make this experience a bit more fun actually scheduled in the day you are going to purchase the item so just a month from the day you were putting it in your wishlist shopping like this also requires patience which I think is a good practice it also requires you to think and once you start thinking like this.

I feel it’s also going to translate into your mindset in general and you’re going to ask yourself more questions and think more long-term and in the end that is the most important thing that is going to change our consumer behavior to be more sustainable I feel like my eye for knowing whether something is long-lasting

and quality has really developed throughout the years also a part of it is my suicide because those people really do look for quality best sustainable online shopping and so that also kind of goes into that but I love the topic of curating quality belongings so if you want to have a part three of the series comment down below I would love to do that I definitely have a lot of experience with it


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