Enlivened drive, pivotal night for Bubba Wallace at Martinsville

Martinsville speedway witnessed the change on Wednesday night when a black Chevrolet No.43 ran the race with a slogan “COMPASSION, LOVE, UNDERSTANDING” on the front & back hoods with #BLACKLIVESMATTER being driven by the sole African-American NASCAR driver showing solidarity with the protestors, who are marching against racial injustice in the response of the killing of George Floyd.

Wallace was wearing a black shirt with “I Can’t Breath” statement on the chest & a face mask with US national flag designed on it. Black Chevrolet graphic scheme was designed by Richard Petty Motorsports that shows the unity of black & white, followed by the peace sign showing hands on it.

Before the Wednesday night race by NASCAR on the Martinsville speedway, Bubba Wallace in an interview asked for a ban on confederated flags as it prevails the hate among South & North giving rebirth to the bad memory of a Civil War.

Martinsville Speedway is always filled with the crowd from diverse background, which brings their flags to hoist it in the ground which shows their heritage but a sole African-American racer says that they are welcome in the race, but the nation is passing through pain & such actions will bring more pain to the people who are marching because this is the symbol of hate.

On the demand of a racer Bubba Wallace, NASCAR banned the confederation flag in the stadium that brought much criticism to the company & had to lose much crowd on the speedway. Along with this criticism, there was much applause for the company that in this time of lurch they bring their hands together.

This action was applauded by the African-American racer in an interview to the reporter of FOX SPORTS as he stated that, tonight I would be driving with emotions that my country is in pain & my people are facing racial injustice in the country. In solidarity with them, I’ll be driving my black Chevrolet No.43 on Martinsville speedway.

It is a perfect place for me as I won my first NASCAR truck series in 2013 following up in 2014 for the second time. Now I am trying to figure it out that what could be the backlash but I am an optimist as it will open the doors towards change & will bring all together under the same sky.

M.Turex.Jr brought laurels by winning the historic NASCAR Cup series on the Martinsville speedway by leading from the lap 370 to the last. Bubba Wallace who had the spotlight on Wednesday, grabbed the 11th position after fighting Jimmi Johnson who finished the race at 10th.

After the race in an interview to the FOX SPORTS reporter, Bubba Wallace stated that his Black Chevrolet was in the excellent condition & he was coming up on the speedway without any practice as he hadn’t slept for nights these days because of the distressful situation of his nation. However, it was much more difficult to race with Jimmy Johnson who is master of this track & he has won it seven times & we were trying to run him down. Hats off to my team.

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Two opposite sides of the coin were witnessed on the social media where all the NASCAR  drivers community raised their voice with Bubba Wallace in a video message on this sensitive issue & tried to bring the people on one page but on the other hand “BEAMdesigns” a company that design helmet for the driver had a series of tweet against the decision of NASCAR  with the allegation that the company has put its drivers, teams & sports in the political spotlight of racism & entitled the No.43 design “Garbage”.

In return to these tweets, Jimmy Johnson ended up with the relationship with the BEAMdesigns. In reply to the champions tweet, the company tweeted that “Been a great run, much respect to you Jimmie, you’re an icon and legend that has etched an amazing career for the history books.”

Bubba Wallace Explained The Video

In an interview with GMA broadcaster Robin Robert, Bubba Wallace well explained the video & said that I am grateful to all the group of elite drivers who stood with me for the right thing though we give a tough time to each other on track in social life we give respect to each other.

In answer to the question that most of the people have boycotted the race & speedways by saying that they will not attend the race what will be your message, racer replied that we all are selfish, though I’m selfish too this is a matter of our brother & sister who are suffering from it. I know this that it could be the matter of heritage to the most, but the confederate flag has provoked the hatred most. I couldn’t predict the timeframe, but I do believe things will start changing.


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