Asia’s Power Business Women in 2020

Women are an integral part of society, men & women are the cart’s wheels, and without one another is incomplete. In 2020 everyone’s life has been greatly affected by the global pandemic that has wrapped the whole world & has crashed the world’s economy. Now let’s talk about the business world, specifically about Asian Business women, who have faced the pandemic challenges boldly by their genuine leadership.

Forbes list the 25 most powerful business women of Asia., Business for women seems hard in the beginning. Still, the Asian powerful business women prove that nothing is impossible when they are willing to achieve something great. So, let’s see what makes these Asian business women so powerful:

Facing the Challenges:

Risks & Challenges are a normal part of the business but what makes these challenges into a profitable one is simple the businessperson behavior & the ability to handle a large number of things & decisions wisely. Age does not matter in becoming a successful businesswoman, and business for women is such a great thing that they can do easily; if they have strategy & mind-mapping of the business. To be a super-cool businesswoman, all you need is optimism & well strategy. Country, the race is not of great value when you want to do something great & worthy.

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The common thing in all these powerful business women is that they all keep their focus on their business strategy & remain hopeful during challenging times, and this led them to hills of success. All the 25 Asian powerful business women have a great business strategy & thinking. Consider some of these wonderful & successful Asian business women that are considered & nominated as powerful Asian business leaders of 2020.  

Maki Akaida:

Almost everybody has heard about Uniqlo Japan that ish the most famous & profitable fashion brand worldwide. She is the CEO of Uniqlo Japan & is of 41 years of age. At Uniqlo Japan, about 40% of managers are female, showing the tendency that women are best in business dealings. Maki Akaida is the well-chosen guide & example for such women & girls who think that business is for men, and undoubtedly she is the star that tells us that think beyond your boundary.

Melanie Perkins:

Almost everyone knows about the famous website Canva and this 33 years old super-cool lady is the Co-founder & CEO of Canva. Her graphic design company has raised almost $300 billion. Talking about Canva, it is free to use a website to create or use any template. It has spread in 190 countries with over 30 million monthly active users, making it quite amazing, like Adobe. It has almost more than 700 employees.

She was an undergraduate at the University of Western Australia. Now, the canvas is among the leading graphics designing websites, and it is free to use websites with having a good number of tools. The good part is that canvas is available in more than 100 languages, making it more amazing for users of different countries.

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Zhao Yan:

Zhao Yan is the chairman & the general manager at Bloomage Bio-Technology, she is 54 years of age & belongs to the rising super-power “China”. Bloomage BioTechnology has a leading & prominent name in the production of hyaluronic acid, which has been using in the processing of food, pharmaceuticals & cosmetics. Her life is quite a good example for all who want to do something great. Initially, she was a college teacher, then she sold refrigerators and now she is the general manager of the world’s leading company Bloomage Bio-Technology. This company possesses a global market share of over 3%. She is the best example; that how business for women is extremely-good.

Roshni Nadar Malhotra:

Nadar Malhotra is from India and 38 years of age. When everyone was in great shock at the time of the deadly pandemic, she handled the company wisely, and previously she has worked at HCL for 12 years; meanwhile, she is now the chairperson there. Her optimism & business attire took her to the next level of success. Digitalization now in today’s world is extremely important. She adopted this, so the demand for products will be increased, offered by HCL.

Jang In-a:

She is among one of the very few women who run a gaming company. She is 44 years an amazing & well-established businesswoman from South Korea. In 2007, the company had only 27 employees. Now, she is the leading women in business. Business for women is quite the same as for men; the only thing is dedication matters.

Aya Komaki:

Komaki’s life is full of twists & turns, in 1984 when she left Sanrio due to raising a family. But when she lost a child & divorce, she returned to the company & in 2015, she was appointed as the board of director at Sanrio’s amusement subsidiary. Presently, she is the CEO & Sanrio Entertainment while at the age of 65. From her life, one can learn that life always moves on regardless of any time or age. She performed a great role as a businesswoman & her business life is a good example for all women who want to be business women.

So, above we have discussed some of the Asian business women, but they’re also like Nualphan Lamsam who is the manager at & CEO at Muang Thai Insurance, Carolyn Creswell who is CEO at Carman’s Fine Food and due to the pandemic as we know during the pandemic some industries are boosting and the food is among of them. Ameera Shah, a 41-year-old lady from India, director at Metropolis Healthcare, Ameera supported her people when there was a big wave of corona; meanwhile, she also had a newborn at home, but she served corona testing services, and now she is on the list of the powerful Asian business women. Besides these, there are also amazing women on the list as we discussed some of them. 

Business Women Attire:

Talking about business women dressing, the majority likes a professional look, like for women skirts & shirts but it ranges from casual to business formal. Hence, there is a wide range for it. Business women attire is of various types like some women prefer pant coat while some shirts with a short skirt. It varies from woman to woman as everyone has its taste of dressing. While about shoes, mostly women like dark black shiny sandals or shoes full of grace.

Casual attire for women includes t-shirts, jeans, and shoe sandals; sneakers may be the choices. But for formal attire for women in professional look, there is pant-coat, button-down shirts, but the jewelry will be minimal. Besides this all, mostly as today’s work on the internet, business women attire ranges from quite casual to professional.

Wrapping It Up:

Asia’s Power Business women 2020 has included 25 amazing, powerful ladies; these 25 business leaders are the true example that there is no discrimination of gender in the business world. So, women of Asia and worldwide should take these cool business women to take the first step in the business world. The thing similar in all these business women leaders is that they all remained focus & optimistic regardless of the situation.



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