Is Child Psychology Most Trending Thing Now?

The study of child development is child psychology. It is not a simple study, and it is child physical development, cognitive and emotional development. Child psychologists to understand the child’s mental development will observe the child’s behavior with parents, peers, and the surrounding.

The relationship between a few main areas of development is studied in Child psychology.

Physical Development in Child Psychology

Usually, an anticipated arrangement of occasions is Physical development in children.

Physical development means your child is developing healthy by meeting the milestones. He can hold his head, crawl, sit, walk, and run with a particular age and sequence. Your child psychologist will observe that your child is physically developing healthy, and he will ensure the child is progressively physically growing robust toward milestones. Furthermore, any irregularity in development will show some abnormalities and underlying developmental issues that should be addressed by the psychologist earlier.

Cognitive Development in Child Psychology

We know that the newborn baby is interested in his surroundings even before expressing the language, as if you smile, the child will show some reaction. You show some toys to the kid. He will show his interest. The Thought process and intellectual learning combine form cognitive development. It understands the world, memory, problem-solving, language learning, decision making, and how the child uses basic reasoning and imagination.         

Emotional development in Child Psychology

Emotional development is how a child will learn to feel and show emotions. In young children, psychological development is expressed through basic emotions that are happy, fear, sadness, and anger. And with time, the child will learn complex emotions as hope, pride, confidence, and guilt. Moreover, parents should try that their child should try the emotions early so that it can produce a positive effect on his current and future emotional development. Also, only with the help of a child psychologist, the child will be able to express his emotions positively and healthily.

Social Development in Child Psychology

How a child learns Values, social skill, and awareness and how he learn these from his environment (parents, family, school) and relate them with his surroundings is Social development. 

Children Psychologist Near Me

Everyone wish to their child to develop reasonable and healthy. However, sometimes it is not apparent that the child is developing typically, or there is a sign of abnormality. Here you need a child psychologist who can make it clear that the developing signs are healthy or not. And it will help parents to understand their children’s feelings and thoughts, and they will communicate with their kids in the best way, which will teach them coping strategies for emotional control.

A child psychologist can also detect some early signs of abnormality or behavioral and learning issues such as learning disabilities, autism, hyperactivity, depression, and anxiety or how to deal with early trauma.

Your child is developing normally or not will be sure by a child psychologist, so here we understand and realize the importance of child psychologist

In brief child psychologist near me is a person who can be an angel in your life. Moreover, I have seen parents they are always pleased with their child’s psychologist and do respect them a lot because they have realized that this is a person who diagnosed our child in early-stage and helping us to manage kid’s symptoms. Moreover, it is the need of every school that they should appoint child psychologists in the schools.

Personality Disorders in Child Psychology

The behavioral pattern in personality disorders make it difficult for people to maintain social relations with others, and the people with this disorder cannot sustain normal and healthy relations with others. For this behavior, they blame people and the environment around them that they are creating the issues. As a result of these disorders, the child will feel lonely and isolated.

They can begin during childhood but in early adulthood personality disorders become obvious and  

Types of Personality Disorders

A personality disorder is characterized into three groups or cluster based on their characteristics and symptoms.


Strange, unusual and abnormal behaviour and thinking are characteristics of Cluster A disorders. This group consists of :

· Schizotypal personality disorder, 

· schizoid personality disorder and 

· Paranoid personality disorder.

These disorders have common characteristics that are thought distortion, unsuitable, and inappropriate emotional reactions and societal clumsiness.


The disorders which are in cluster B are dramatic, unpredictable and emotional behaviour and comprises of :

· Antisocial personality disorder, 

· Borderline personality disorder, 

· Narcissistic personality disorder and 

· Histrionic personality disorder.

They have issues of emotional control, issues with control of wishes, excessive emotions, and unpredictable thinking and behavior.


Worried, fearful and nervous behaviour and thinking are attributes of disorders. Include in cluster C. 

· avoidant personality disorder, 

· dependent personality disorder and 

· obsessive-compulsive personality disorders are included in cluster C.

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Types of Mental Disorders

Is Child Psychology Most Trending Thing Now? 1

Mental illness

Overall your thinking, feelings, emotions regulation and how you behave is mental health.

Feeling sad, change in thought process, the behavior which causes sadness, and the person will not be able to function normally is called mental health disorder or mental illness. Children can have mental illness due to which there will b late or disturbing emotions, behavior, and thought processes, and the child will not be able to function generally in home, school, or any other social environment.

Mental disorders in children are as follows

Anxiety Disorders

The continuous worries and uncertainties in children is an anxiety disorder. And because of these symptoms child will not participate in his routine as play and school.

So proper treatment, sessions, monitoring the child, and behavioral management will be helpful for this psychological illness.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

having trouble in paying attention, impetuous, emotional behavior or overly active are characteristics of Children with ADHD. There is no cure for ADHD, but it can be managed, and few indicators can be improved with time.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

It occurs early in childhood .it is a neurological problem and occurs in early childhood – mostly before age 3. In this disorder, the child will face difficulty in interacting with others and cannot communicate properly.


The continuous hopelessness, sadness, and loss of interest in children is depression. And these issues will disturb kid’s school, home and social life

Examples of behaviour in depressed children are: 

  • Hopeless
  • irritable 
  • loss of interest
  • eating more or less
  • sleep patterns changed 
  • being tired, restless and sluggish 
  • the problem in attention concentration
  • Feeling guilty, useless or worthless, 
  • self-destructive behavior

 Proper treatment, sessions, monitoring the child and management will be helpful for this psychological illness.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

Children experience stress full events, which disturb their thinking but mostly recover quickly. Some children who experience a stressful incident, loss of dear ones, violence, and grief will experience stress for the long term. Symptoms of PTSD are .anxiety, emotional issues, nightmares, a flashback of that event.

Examples of PTSD:

  • Thinking about the event over and over 
  • Nightmares
  • upset 
  • sleep problem
  • Irritability 
  • hopeless and helpless,
  • strong fear 
  • be short of positive emotions
  • Do not accept that the event has occurred

So proper treatment, sessions, monitoring the child and management will be helpful for above psychological illness.

Psychological Point of View

Children are adorable creatures. It is essential to be very careful in the upbringing of a child. The child will think about what you will teach him, and he will behave what you have taught him.

“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think” (M. Mead).

The first thing a child learns is “imitation”. That is to copy someone. If you smile four months of the baby will imitate and will smile too, so this process of imitation starts soon after childbirth. Then how you are expecting that the child will not shout when you shouted in front of him earlier. As Frederick D. Says: 

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”

Children should never be forced to do something.

“When a child is forced to prove himself as capable, results are often disastrous. A child needs love, acceptance, and understanding. He is devastated when confronted with rejection, doubts, and never-ending testing.”

 ― V. M. Axline

It is a reward of parenting that you love to see how your child is growing. Even there are many websites (baby center) which show the development of your child during pregnancy in mother womb. And definitely, mothers love to experience that information. To see how your child is learning skills, monitoring him in his social environment, teaching him norms and values of society are not easy for parents. Childhood psychology is beneficial if parents understand it. Childhood psychology will help to understand your kid’s psychology

When a child grows, he passes through developmental stages successfully from infant to adulthood. His social, cultural, genetics, and environment play an essential role in his growth and development.

However, sometimes maybe a child is not developing progressively, and he even can’t explain his condition and feel that what he is going through. 

Understanding of Child psychology is fundamental as it gives you valuable information. 

In the end, I would like to add that a child psychologist is an essential person to analyze and understand the issues of the child. People should not hesitate to take their kids to a psychologist. Organizations and schools authorities should realize that there is a need for a psychologist in every school because “Every teacher is not a psychologist, but every psychologist can be the best teacher” (Ruqaiya Zia)


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