The Death Of Climate Change: What A Mistake?

As the world is becoming modern and industrialized, it breeds serious consequences, particularly in climate change. Every single life on the planet, either it is tiny bacteria on mud or a gigantic whale in the ocean, is experiencing climate variation.

Climate change has become a significant concern due to its multidimensional impacts on human life and socio-economic development. Despite being the seventh most vulnerable country, Pakistan still did not realize the danger of climate change. In different regions of Pakistan, people facing dire consequences of climate change such as a reduction in water supply, the rising tendency of heat waves, extreme weather conditions either in the form of long hot summer duration or heavy rainfalls, movement and extinction of wildlife species, food scarcity, the constant rise in sea level, etc.

it is an undeniable fact that human activities are responsible for this current alarming situation of climate effects. Most of the researchers and environmentalists endorsed that 97 percent of global warming caused by humanmade.

One of the main reasons is the continuous use of burning fossil fuel release, which intensifies greenhouse gas concentrations in the environment. That is strongly correlated with other activities like clearing land by chopping forests and increasing temperature, flooding, and soil erosion. Moreover, these greenhouse emissions threaten the environment and affect human health by causing lung cancer.

Acute effects of climate change:

To diminish the vulnerability of climate change, just planting trees would not work alone. Two major spheres of Pakistan are facing acute effects of climate change that is health food security. This June 2020 was noted as one of the hottest as compare to the previous few years. Simultaneously, unusually heavy rainfalls and windstorms are also experienced in May and June.

These unusual heavy rainfalls wrecked the production of the crops when it was prepared to reap. In Sindh, Poor people not only die because of starvation but due to intolerable heat waves. Numerous people expired in floods due to recent unusual rainfalls. According to the trade association, these rainfalls brought 12 billion Rs in the business sector. To diminish the vulnerability of climate change, just planting trees would not work alone.

Though its good initiative, this project will take a long time to reap its positive effects on the environment. It is high time to realize the harmful effects of climate change on the micro and macro level. 

In a social context, we need to be responsible and eco-conscious to protect our surroundings.

Pakistan is generating a significant portion of its energy from fossils fuels, whereas a negligible part constitutes renewable energy. Since 2008, Pakistan is experiencing a massive gap between energy consumption and production. It is becoming worse in the coming days if we will not switch to renewable sources of energy.

There is a dire requirement of wide-ranging educational campaigns to aware of the benefits of renewable sources of life among individuals. However, in the past few years, the Government has taken few infinitives for generating energy from solar, wind, and biomass sources. Still, they could not deliver success stories due to numerous drawbacks to entire systems.  

Deforestation is the second biggest challenge, becoming more daunting by each passing day, indigenous people cutting down trees for firewood collection. It is done because of weak environmental laws and regulations. It needs to be a high priority to impose restrictions and effective rules to preserve the forests.

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Moreover, public forests should not be easily accessible by local people. The Government should pay serious attention to design forest-friendly policies. A remarkable project of planting 10 billion trees by the current Government is in full swing.

On an individual level, we will have to recognize the significance of forests that our course of actions can maintain the ecosystem’s balance. 

Transportation is also playing a significant role in the emission of Green House gases. The one method to limit the emission of GHG is to move near to the workplace, shift to cycle by foot, use another mode of commuting which do not need fuel. There is one more choice to work online from home. 

Another simple way to reduce left-over is to adapt production techniques according to our consumption arrangement. 3 R must be considered in our consumption patterns that are Reduce, Reuse, and recycle, which can help to lessen the waste and evades us from excessive production.

The effects of climate change become exceedingly terrible. The more we delay to make a start, the more destruction is done, and the harder it to end. We should take individual moves, perhaps they might be small, but it can make a significant impact to save the environment from the catastrophic effects of climate variation.



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