COVID-19 Could Rise In Deaths From Other Infectious Diseases

“Stay home, stay safe.” 

We all hear the slogan, but do we know all about its outcomes? 

In January 2020, COVID-19 has declared a Global Public Health Emergency of International Concern by Infectious Diseases Society of America. Its secure transmission from person to person makes the situation more vulnerable. The World Health Organisations are already fighting with significant threats due to the uneven distribution of healthcare facilities around the world. The shuffling of donations and concentration of Health Departments will cause collateral damage from other enemies explained in the Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal. 

“Infectious Disease Society of America,” says 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, civilization will also suffer the rise of old epidemics. Like we have other infectious diseases that killed many people before COVID-19, and due to shutting off primary health care units, the likelihood of their rapid rise shouldn’t be ignored by the Infectious Diseases Society of America., 

Remarks Of National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases  

As stated by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, WHO plans to eradicate some major epidemics by 2050. The recent drastic rise in COVID-19 cases in many countries around the world drew the Pooled focus of researchers. The shifting of funds towards COVID-19 has an impact on research taken to eradicate other infectious diseases. 

 People are avoiding essential routine appointments with their doctors in fear of getting the Virus. They are worried more about testing positive for COVID-19 so that they ignore vaccination and screening at Hospitals. 

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases concluded that this fear might give other diseases a chance to take command and worsen the situation. 

The clash between Polio endemic future and growth of COVID-19 in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Nigeria may lose sight stated by Clinical Infectious Diseases research

 The end of deadly Poliovirus is near due to its effective vaccination. However, it would still disturb some developing nations. It is worth mentioning here that the Infectious Diseases Society of America is worried about the unwilling pause of all surveillance and vaccination movements worldwide because of the COVID-19 lockdown. It seems like now it takes more time to say goodbye to Poliovirus. 

Effect on Measles spread Rate due to Pandemic according to The Infectious Diseases Society Of America 

As published in the research journal in the Infectious Diseases Society of America, measles’ spread has dropped significantly, like schools, parks, and other meeting points are halted due to Global Pandemic. But the mobilization of vaccination is affected, which might increase the number of cases in many developing countries, especially Asia and Africa. 

What will happen if Countries take their eyes Off HIV Due COVID-19 explosion? The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases transpired this. 

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Many research articles have been published by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases related to HIV flare-up in Developed Countries and its control. Moreover, it shows a marked increase in developing countries also. The strain on the Medical Health Care Units has had postponed HIV services in South Africa and Nigeria. Though both countries are battling with COVID-19, they can not take their eyes off HIV. 

Clinical Infectious Diseases Article reviews about collateral harm of Tuberculosis and COVID-19 

Tuberculosis is a significant cause of death around the Globe. It killed more than 1 million people in 2018. TB can be transmitted from person to person easily via air. It is a curable disease. Due to the Lockdown strategy implementation in many countries, people are deferring routine check-ups due to ongoing Pandemic, which will eventually lead to its spread and death rate, especially in developing countries published in a research article in Clinical Infectious Diseases. 

Chances of increased Death Rate and estimated % increase. 

The death rate from many other infectious diseases like HIV, malaria, Polio, and Tuberculosis put more stress on Health Care Units, and some researchers in Clinical Infectious Diseases analyzed that the death rate from these will be more than what is caused by COVID-19 in upcoming years. 

Because the developing countries could not get necessary healthcare facilities as the COVID-19-lockdown is being implemented in many countries of the world.  

The statistics show lives lost from Tuberculosis could increase by 20% in the upcoming years.  

And loss from malaria is 36% if Pandemic runs uncontrolled. 

Why we only focus on COVID-19 and ignore other consequences? 

No doubt, COVID-19 is a dangerous alarming situation for Health and Welfare Organisations. It joins the family of endemic and epidemic diseases.  

The Pandemic has discontinued many international and national research projects due to strict social distancing undertaking by the nation. 

The lockdown in many countries limits the resources and their accessibility to the people, which will ultimately cause a rise in the death rate from other curable infectious diseases?  

We can not deny the seriousness of COVID-19 Pandemic, but parallel to it, there are many more things to be worried about. Especially in countries like Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan. 

What to do to lower the rise in the death rate due to other Infectious diseases? 

The solution is not easy, and still, many Health Care Units around the world didn’t put eyes on this matter. Even, it would bring disaster in developing countries and underdeveloped countries if not taken seriously. The impoverished community will suffer the most from these infectious diseases. As mentioned earlier, about the contagious disease and their chances of spread. These infectious diseases caused death rate will be minimized by the proper distribution of protective nets required for defense against malaria in Africa, distribution of HIV vaccinations, and proper screening of suspected individuals especially in South Africa and Nigeria, reopening of Poliovirus surveillance and dispersion of vaccinations worldwide.  

Moreover, Campaigns should be introduced to educate people about routine check-ups and the need for proper testing of infectious diseases and COVID-19.  




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