Coronavirus Global Pandemic Exclusive Report 2020

A brief introduction to pandemic

To begin with, we need to understand what precisely the term pandemic means on which this article is based upon. So, the term pandemic is elaborated in simple terms as a class of epidemic that spreads transversely at a huge geographic assortment and which affects a momentous fraction of the inhabitants. A pandemic is also termed as an epidemic of infection that has extended diagonally at a more prominent region and distressing a significant amount of community members.

Establishment of Virus

Life around the globe was going on so satisfying in which every living creature was living its best life. The environment around me was so pleasing and enjoyable. Human beings were busy in their daily routines. Birds were chirping and making the environment enhanced; life was going on straight and delightful with little problems and issues of everyday life. But no one even thought about what can happen in the future, what problem can be faced in such a lousy manner around the world.

Later on, citizens belonging to almost all communities suffered an infection. Nowadays, COVID-19 is known as the pandemic that attacks many individuals around and is spreading at a wide range around the globe. Even knowing the worst condition caused by this virus, many political leaders downplayed the illness.

Statements by different political leaders

Giuseppe Conte, Prime Minister of Italy, addressed by January 30, 2020, that “The position is totally under power.”

Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, addressed by February 25, 2020, that “This is one of our enemies plots, passed out the country to a blackout.”

Donald Trump, President of the USA, stated by March 19, 2020, that “No one knows there had been a pandemic or an epidemic of this percentage.”

Existence of COVID-19

Viruses are one of the first alive things on earth, but they were not acting like a human being, and other living creatures are living on earth. They need to take over other livelihood cells to replicate, and that’s their only ambition, which tends them to survive and reproduce themselves. The authorized name for this virus is termed as SARS-CoV-2.

COVID-19 is the name of the infection it results in, which stands for Coronavirus disease 2019. Corona is known as a crown because of its head like spikes. It spreads through droplets when an individual sneeze, cough, or speak. Even though it can penetrate unswervingly into the human body in the course of nose, mouth or eyes, the virus can also live on a lot of surfaces for a couple of hours, so that populace can pick it up on their hands and transmit the disease to them if they mistakenly lay a hand on their face.

Once it comes in contact with the human body, those spikes act as input to lock down the proteins establish on the outer side of many human being’s cells. Formerly it’s broken in, and the disease gives the cell commands to create more copies of itself, potentially invading more and more cells, which can lead to symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, shortness to breath, sore throat, loss of appetite, injury a sense of smell, etc.

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So the most momentous infections are frequently caused by viruses that are hushed and deliberate and originate such symptoms, which lead to the disorder with other diseases. Subsequently, a person affliction with the coronavirus is expected to transmit a condition to a couple of other people, and each of these infects a couple supplementary. The cycle for the spread of this infection continues. Meanwhile, because of this virus, some of those people will end up with a brutal lung infection and certain other diseases.

People affected by the virus

In one US model, approximately three-quarters of people who were hospitalized had at least one primary health situation resembling lung disease, heart disease, or diabetes. And while the accurate numbers vary by country, the risk of death rate is superior over time. In the data reported by Hubei, China two months after their epidemic began, it can be visibly predicted that there is only 0.02% of the chance of death rate for teenagers, 0.18% for adults and most probably 18.0% chance for people above eighties to die because of this disease.

And for reasons, the scientist does not fully understand the risk is also higher for men. In comparison, because of this disease, it can be predicted that the death rate for a man is higher as compared to women in almost all the regions, and that’s because of some biological factors. Some mainly include smoking, drugs, and not washing hands multiple times.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, reported on March 13, 2020, that wash your hands as often as you probably can, and I know you’re not always in a location to be capable to wash your hands. Still, I recommend you to wash your hands as much as you can.

Family of coronavirus

Human Coronavirus family includes HCoV-OC43, HCoV-229E, HCoV- NL63, HCoV-HKU1, MERS-CoV, SARS-CoV, and SARS-CoV-2. Now, this SARS-CoV-2 virus is the youngest in the whole family of coronavirus known to infect humans. It is now renowned as are SARS and MERS because they killed and affect a lot of people.


Just like this coronavirus, SARS appeared in a survival animal marketplace in China. Ever since it was an innovative zoonotic virus, there were no healing and no vaccine. But SARS was a lot less hazardous than the coronavirus. People can only broaden it when they have symptoms, so it was easier to enclose the illness by just quarantining people who were suffering from it. SARS was also a lot more lethal, which made it harder for the virus to extend.

Dr. Peter Daszak, who is president at Eco Health Alliance, delineated by March 2020 that an ailment like SARS kills 10% of people it infects. Then the survivors almost certainly have some exceptions and can’t be reinfected. And eventually, the only people the virus can find are people who have resistance to it.

In the end, SARS tainted around 8000 people in at slightest of about 29 countries, and 774 of them died. When scientists predicted the Covid-19, they see that 96% of its symptoms were indistinguishable to the bat virus. Scientists and researchers believe that this coronavirus was enabled by those bat viruses, which most probably affect humans in a wrong manner.

Forecast for virus

It is impossible to predict all the ways a virus might evolve. Scientist believes that this might shift to any other genus like snake or fish before it transfers to humans. In 1918, the same kind of fluke happened on a farm in Kansa over a century ago. Experts aren’t sure, but they believe that the 1918 pandemic could have started when a bird with the flu and a human with the flu met the same pig.

The bird’s flu couldn’t infect humans, and human flu couldn’t infect birds, but in one of the pig’s cells, those two viruses combined, creating a new zoonotic infection known as H1N1 and that new virus positively could infect humans. For a disease to become pandemic, they are scattering roughly the world in a short interval of time and primary to the death of millions of people.

Contrast for different types of coronavirus

One can imagine an infection on those two scales like contagiousness and deadliness. This virus was carried by the wind, infecting anyone who inhaled it. One of the surprising things about illness is that occasionally, a virus that has apparent symptoms that destroy people at a very high rate doesn’t become a pandemic, it can’t do that what was expected.

These days, experts consider the corona virus deadlier than the measles, but not as much of infectious. In the 20th century, antibiotics were discovered; therefore, different diseases were controlled, but the problem here is that antibiotics not work for the cure of the corona virus. Anyhow the best way to get rid of an infection is through immunity.

When certain viruses spread through the groups of people, some people who are infected from this lead to death, and others survive, as their immune system has educated how to struggle alongside this disease. Similarly, when it happens in the people, it is more probable to increase, and it is termed as herd immunity.

But with Covid-19, if humanity just waited to accomplish herd immunity naturally, the rate of the die would increase at a rapid pace. It makes it even critical that researchers can create a vaccine. The first vaccine was created to deal with smallpox suffering patients. And in 1980, after a substantial worldwide vaccination movement, smallpox was known to be first-ever affirmed eradicated from the world. And these diseases did not lead to that rate of deaths as was expected.

Subsequently, vaccines are also actually rigid to widen, and it takes about a year or more than that until it works. In parallel, to wait for it, the virus goes on spreading and affecting people. The only solution to this can be that it can be slow down using specific methods like lockdown, social distancing, etc. Due to this condition, doctors are working continuously to serve patients suffering from this disease and even sleeping in their offices to provide their patients with full time dealing.

To get rid of this disease, many political leaders of almost all countries address STAY HOME, STAY SAFE. South Korea is of one mold as in early days of April 2020, they have managed to restraint in their outburst exclusive of a lockdown by trying extensively and retracing the steps of citizens who came back positive.

As we know that this disease is caused due to the infection inhaled, and a considerable number of people suffering from this are more like to have it from hospitals. Even though the doctors, nurses, and other staff at the hospital need to be covered first so that they can be safe from this disease and get rid of people suffering from this disease as well.  

Bill Gates stated that a state prepares a lot for war, as we know that the military budget is large, new weapons are being created, and this happens right there.

COVID in China

For this, we also need to focus on the live animal market as earlier in COvid-19 was declared to spread through it. Dr. Li Wenliang, an a 33 years old doctor at Wuhan Central Hospital, already alerted Wuhan police for the outbreak. A few days later, he died as being infected by COVID-19. Lockdown started in China by February 2020.

Later on, Italy became the next epicenter of the virus, and lockdown here begin by February 2020. Meanwhile, the USA didn’t lockdown. It became the next epicenter for this virus now, as this virus spread rapidly and started targeting developing countries where lockdown is so more difficult.


To recapitulate, we have seen a speedy flow in research in retort to the epidemic of this virus known as COVID-19. It is predicted that if a virus’s objective is to duplicate, they shouldn’t start killing humans. As when the disease becomes pandemic, all of the human’s initiative will be brought to tolerate to bring them behind. We can get rid of the infectious disease if and only if the public cooperates. Therefore, people need to be prepared and try level best to stay home to save themselves as well as other community members.

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