What Parents Need to Know About Global Pandemic Coronavirus 2020 Truth

Coronavirus is a global pandemic disease. This virus belongs to a family of Coronaviruses.

Corona means crown in  “Latin” language, these all viruses have crowned in the form of spikes on their edges, which can be seen under the microscope.

SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) which was transmitted from bats to humans and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome)  which was transmitted from camels to humans also belongs to the same species of Coronaviruses.

SARS was first diagnosed in China, in 2003, whereas MERS was first diagnosed in  Saudi Arabia in 2012.

Coronavirus is an animal disease, it’s very rare in humans. It’s transmitted from animals to humans. In any case, presently it’s spreading individual to individual.

Coronavirus was first originated from Wuhan city of China from the seafood and live animal wholesale market. It was caught by people who were working there or those who were frequently visiting the market.

Research work is going on the Coronavirus vaccine by scientists, but they are still not able to make any proper vaccine yet.

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Coronavirus official name is COVID-19

CO stands for Corona and VI for virus and D for disease and 19 is used as it’s emerged in 2019. It’s also called Novel Coronavirus as it’s a new virus that has been discovered the first time, novel means new.

Initially, It was called SARS-CoV-2 because of many similarities to SARS. but later on WHO changed its name to CoV-19.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus

Symptoms include:

Cough, fever, the brevity of breath, Muscle throbs, sore throat.

Dizziness, confusion, headaches, and digestive issues are also symptoms. 

Symptoms vary from people to people

These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure. It infects our lungs. Some people with high immunity levels will recover fast after catching this virus due to their high immunity levels.

People with high immunity will recover fast and will only face mild to moderate respiratory illness. Its severe case is pneumonia as it’s a lung disease.

These all viruses affect our respiratory system, as all these rare lung diseases. But its severe symptoms can even cause death.

What to do after experiencing the virus

Seek medical attention. Keep on following great cleanliness rehearses like customary handwashing. Try to avoid public places to prevent to keep physical distance from people to avoid it from spreading others.

Avoid traveling abroad

The utilization of a clinical veil is prompted in the event that you have respiratory side effects. Physical distance is most important in the global pandemic.

Does coronavirus causes death 

There is no Coronavirus vaccine. Just prevention. Its severe symptoms can cause death. Coronavirus transmission appears in people with less immunity or mostly in older people or above 50 and kids less than eight.

As it’s a virus so no antibiotics will work on it.  As antibiotics work only on bacteria. Scientists are working hard to make the Coronavirus vaccine. In most severe cases, the use of a ventilator is necessary. As in severe cases, the patient will be unable to breathe, so the use of a ventilator is a must. Coronavirus transmitted to People who are already sick like those suffering from diabetes blood pressure and cancer. Mental health is also being affected due to this global pandemic.

Death cases are increasing due to which panic and stress are also increasing among people. People are suffering from anxiety. This global pandemic will affect the world’s economy that will appear later.

This global pandemic disease has effected 200 Countries. Estimation of more than 52, 983 people die and over 1,013,157 are effective till now. To stop it to more spread, Countries have imposed lockdown and quarantine on their citizens.

There are some myths regarding Coronavirus which WHO has cleared, these myths are hot weather will kill this virus is wrong as Countries with hot weather have reported cases. Also, extremely cold weather cannot kill this new virus.

It’s s not transmitted by mosquitoes bites. If we hold our breath for few seconds will not free us from the virus.



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