What is Novel Coronavirus & Coronavirus outbreak

The most important topic today we discuss What is Novel Coronavirus & Coronavirus outbreak

What Is Called Coronavirus?

According to the Wikipedia of Coronavirus, Coronavirus is a new type of virus.

This disease first emerged from Wuhan city of China, and it is not verified now that how it produces in Wuhan. Internationally this virus named as (COVID-19) Co represents corona and VI represent for viral infection and D ’represent disease

This virus attacks the respiratory system and inhibits the process of breathing.


Coronavirus seems like flu, and it attacks the tissues of the lung and attacks the process of breathing. It is spread from droplets that emerge from nose and mouth while it can’t spread from touch. It is as a pandemic has become deadlier. Its mortality rate is estimated at two % in the world.


Its structure seemed as crown-shaped attached to the rounded body. And bacteriophage attracts this virus. The studies on this structure are progressed all around the world

Who is affected by coronavirus?

Coronavirus is spread in a similar way as flu. But the symptoms appear differently in peoples. Most infected persons infected and recover early and spend a healthy life. But some of them get severe and such peoples to have a chance to die. Peoples over 40, some pregnant women’s, and other peoples who suffered from chronic disease and they have a weak immune system. These people have more chances to affected by this disease. While if it is exposed and peopled, don’t take precautionary measures. However, they belong to any age; such peoples can be affected.

What are the symptoms of coronavirus?

Symptoms are changed to bodies. The most common that appears in patients of coronavirus outbreak symptoms are cold, tiredness, and cough.  Few people’s symptoms are not shown when it is revealed it affected the lungs ultimately, and the patient can’t breathe and hence lead to death.

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Coronavirus is Transmitted Through Air

This virus present in droplets and when a person sneezes, cough, and speak. These droplets cant held in the air, so they drop in surfaces. Then this virus attacks the nearest 1-meter person. So in such a way, this virus inserts in the body of another healthy person.

How coronavirus live on surfaces?

As when peoples touch such public surfaces, they are affected by this disease because people who are affected by coronavirus use their hand when he or she sneezer cough. So when they touch surfaces, they transmitted their virus to infect others also. That’s why we should wash our hands after use in public and not apply your hands to mouth and nose.

What is called the incubation period of the coronavirus disease?

It is defined as a period when new emerging specie grew and ready to replicate. In this virus, the virus replicates its copies in 14 days.

That’s why all over the words those people who have a chance to become a victim of this virus such peoples are kept in single fo 14 days. Because it is a chance while their reports are adverse; hence the virus is incubated in their bodies may be.

What is Quarantine In Coronavirus?

It is time when the patient has to be lived in a single room. In these days, he or she lives and retain relations with society. It is a period In which a person has a chance of a victim of this virus should be separated from peoples and kept in a separate room, environment which is hygienic for virus exposure. This treatment is also given by the government and by himself to everyone who has the regular flu, cough.

How to inactivate coronavirus ?

Some specifics agents help to reduce the chances of exposure to coronavirus. These agents are called sanitizers that used to retain the germ attack from the environment. There are many companies around the world, which produce these sanitizers.

Coronavirus Outbreak In The World

Coronavirus outbreak was emitted from China Wuhan City. Now it is exposed to almost the whole world. And it engulfs many lives of people. This virus doesn’t only affect the poor peoples. Instead, this virus affected the creed of racism.

A few days later, this virus affected to presidents of Canada and England. In a few months, this virus infected such numbers of peoples in the world 1,981,239. It is impossible to figure which emerge in China and infected numbers of peoples so rapidly. While large numbers of peoples 486,622 are recovered. While some of them 126,681 who lost their lives from fighting this deadly disease.

Coronavirus Also Affect the Economy Of World

Coronavirus outbreak also affects the Economy of the World severely. It impacts stack marketing, trade marketing, and industrial progress. It also severely affect the lives of poor people who earn by the loss of their daily wages their lives because they don’t have money to make their lives need. Most countries announced a significant amount for helping low wages peoples. While If the conditions are not better in the coming days, it is worst and panics for the economic situation of the world. Instead, IMF announced relief funds for developing countries

Corona virus Memes Are Famous Nowadays

Some peoples who want to overcome the panic of coronavirus outbreak, create memes to lose the fears of other peoples

There are some memes which help you to lost your panic

What is Novel Coronavirus & Coronavirus outbreak 1
What is Novel Coronavirus & Coronavirus outbreak 2
What is Novel Coronavirus & Coronavirus outbreak 3

Coronavirus Outbreak Cure

There is no specific cure for coronavirus that is not available in the world. Hence nowadays, some medicines are considered to be a better impact on patients. These medicines include which are treated in the Cure of malaria. The hydroxychloroquine tablet, which is used in the treatment of malaria, is used in the treatment of the coronavirus. Hence every one concludes that the Cure is better than precautions and with this disease, which is not well known now. By preventing this virus, first, take precautions measures. Which are helpful

What Are Precautions Of Coronavirus?

You must wash your hands for 20 seconds and many times in a day. Maintain social distance from peoples. Use mask to prevent any droplets attack. Avoid public places nowadays.

CoronaVirus Mask

There is include in precautions of the coronavirus, which lead to cover the nasal passageways to prevent exposure of any infected droplets. It is not necessary for people who lived alone and separate by the activities of people. But it is required to wear for these peoples who exposed to public areas.

There is a method of wearing masks include masks, which is not allowed particles to exposed their passageways. Such as surgical mask, which is used by surgeons in operation theaters, during surgeries, and when they presented to contamination. Such cover should allow wearing the people to prevent their selves for prevention to exposure of coronavirus


We Should Respect the Advice that given by Government. We should Respect Lockdown because it is the safety measure of our lives and others.

We Should Maintain Social Distance and keep wash our hands. There are unfortunate circumstances, but we face it with courage because we are not less than others. And please respect the doctors, nurses, pandemics, soldiers who are making our frontline fight against this deadly virus.

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    KEEP DISTANCE                           KEEP HEALTHY



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