5 things save you from Depression and sadness

Now first you need to understand the basics of both depression and sadness. In simple words sadness means feeling unhappy for a little while, it could happen because of some reasons i.e. a hero died, you failed in the exam, you quit your job because you couldn’t use office bathrooms, your family member didn’t get you, etc.

But surely it won’t remain for longer and remember it always had a reason behind it.  Something which doesn’t have a reason and stays longer is depression. You must be thinking that if sadness is not depression then why bother talking about it? So friend! It is because Feeling sad is a subsection of depression or an integral part of depression. You can say depression is sadness but sadness is not depression.   

Victim of Depression and sadness

Let’s enlighten few points which firstly declare that you are a victim of depression.

  1. You only have one mood swing that is pissed off, short-tempered and irritable. And one doesn’t seem to care about anything in the world. Few people choose to withdraw from friends too.
  2. Now your fun-loving activity will lose your interest and you now love your sad depressing routine more.
  3. Major Ups and downs in weight or appetite. Often complain about headaches, aches, stomach ache and back pain.
  4. You will gradually and slowly show poor quality in sleeping patterns. Maybe you are oversleeping or sleep-deprived. As a result, the depressing person becomes disorganized, forgetful and indecisive.
  5. You are now living a slow-motion life. Every little work will take twice of time than before.
  6. Low energy is now your partner in crime; feeling sluggish and tired all the time.
  7. Hardly focus on anything that results in low creativity and poor concentration towards everything.
  8. You must be experiencing thoughts of death and suicide. And you think this life was not made for you and you don’t fit normally among friends and relatives

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Now if you are tested depression-positive and already knew there is a problem then we have a few steps out of kindness which hopefully relief pain like a force of tiger. Try to follow the guidelines strictly, sooner you will give a heroic comeback.

So moving on to the part where I will school about things which can save humans whole existence from sadness. Welcome to a few small tips and tricks that rescue demon of depressive sadness aka depression.   

Depression causes threaten stress hence firstly one should know how to handle the stress. Stress is something that goes and comes back again and again. And if someone has depression you can stop it from getting terrible

  1. Run to doctor and if you can’t run just crawl to hospital and get the damn treatment. Also don’t ever skip your medicine whether you feel healthy or not. Take regular therapy sessions and comfortably talk to doctors about everything that works for you and what isn’t working.
  2. Try MINDFULNESS, it is an act of being present and engaged in the current moment. For example, Try to intake food with all active senses; watch food plate carefully, smell it with closing eyes, sink teeth into it and take a bite very calmly, now chew and taste steady. 
  3. Stop taking alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs because they all are very delusional and led to severe mental illness.
  4. Start renewing your gym membership or take yoga and meditate like hell a lot.
  5. Try self-realization, only you are the person who can mend your broken self. For that, you need to find out things that trigger depression. Take notes of all the events that make your condition worse and also write about things which make you feel happier, hopeful and healthier. Later tell those things to the therapist.
  6. Don’t take any kind of hard life decisions on the day when you are feeling depressed and down.

Remember wherever you are right now because of depression and sadness you will never ever be there forever. So keep fighting and keep learning to win this battle.

Thanks for reading 5 things save you from Depression and sadness. If you like then do comment below.



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