Pakistan E-commerce sales jump led by electronics shopping

In the last year, Pakistan was the 53rd most significant market for e-commerce with a revenue of almost US$2 billion in 2019, making it a lot better by placing it ahead of Bangladesh but unfortunately behind Qatar.

With this increase of 63%, the Pakistani e-commerce market contributed to the growth rate in worldwide, which is 13%in 2019. With this success, revenues for e-commerce continue to increase. New markets and ideas are emerging day by day, and existing markets have the potential for further development and success. Globally the growth will continue over the next few years.

Hence it was proved in 2020. The total population of Pakistan is 218.7 million, in which 164 million use mobile phones, whereas 76 million are internet users. Interestingly, this increases the use of e-commerce due to the increase of users by 17% in 2020 compared to 2019. That indicates a high demand for electronic shopping and electronic products, especially desktops, laptops, computer accessories, and last but not least, or say the essential mobile phone.

In sum, the rising trend, use, and fashion of internet has pushed the demand and need for electronic products particularly the ones being discussed before

Simultaneously, the pandemic situation COVID-19 has increased the demand for the online market because of the safety of the self and family. Moreover, the virus also made the demand for electronic products by office workers as we all know everyone is working from home nowadays. As a result, the vast majority is shopping electronics and other daily life products online, increasing e-commerce business. That is how massive demand for electronics products has boosted the sale of electronic shops and shopping and e-commerce platforms.

To meet this too much-rising demand of e-commerce, many businesses entered in the market. daraz and Telemar are among the top e-commerce stores in Pakistan. These online platforms offer a great variety of products of every quality from low to high. It has enabled Pakistanis to visit virtual shops anytime, anywhere, and find the required outcomes. They can compare prices and order their favorites products, considering the requirements. Electronic payments and cash on delivery options are as al3ways available.

You can get your items within a few days at your doorstep and quickly pay for it, as I discussed before the sales have been increased to a great extent for the local and international market in Pakistan this year due to COVID-19.

E-commerce is the business done electronically by buyers and sellers online or without the internet depends on the range and quality. Due to internet facility. It has made life easy for the customers and buyers and made a lot more work easy for the shopkeepers who can sell their products all over the world without going there. It has made the payments easy for all. As there is always a fixed price, and one can easily order their favorite products of their needs.

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· EVE-eVision Electronic Pakistan

· RoboticsPK Pakistan’s own robotics electronics store

· InStock.PK Pakistan’s most popular online electronic store purchase in Pakistan

· W11STOP.

Electronics is the need of the hour, and now it has become an integral part of our lives. We can use electronic products to entertain ourselves. Not only entertain but electronic shopping includes all products which have made life easy for working people, they can quickly cook, iron wash and clean using electronic products through electronic shopping easily online. Electronics allow us to communicate from anywhere to anywhere around the world.

Electronic shopping has made the use of electronics widely used in information processes telecommunication and signal processing. Electronic devices’ ability to act as switches makes the digital and updated information processing possible to a great extent.

Below are some benefits of electronic shopping:

· They make our lives more convenient and easier

· These build communication faster and easier

· These create entertainment for us.

· Lastly, we can gain a lot of knowledge in our hands with a bunch of data from the whole world.

Pakistan e-commerce mainly is highlighted about the exchange of products and money and services using the internet and phones, through the use of electronic means such as a computer, fax machine, mobile phone automated teller machine, and many other electric appliances with or without using data and the internet.

Pakistan’s e-commerce industry has increased over the past few years, but heavy reliance on cags has gathered data, and benchmarks remain challenging.

Some leading online shopping websites in Pakistan are available on the internet. The e-commerce industry in Pakistan is growing and has the energy to make the country’s economy stronger to provide youth more job opportunities. It links the areas of the country where it is impossible to trade. Ecommerce is also looking forward to developing small spaces. Pakistan’s e-commerce growth on industries’ level is to make the country better for trade worldwide.

To create such e-commerce in Pakistan, which is responsive to customer’s interests. To ensure transparency and accountability through the e-commerce of Pakistan.

What is the future of e-commerce in Pakistan?

The answer is that according to many reports, including the State bank of Pakistan. Google and e-commerce in Pakistan in an emerging trend and fashion.



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