Emotional Barriers Heartbreaking

Today we discuss emotional barriers, We all at the end of the day are humans. We have thought images or maybe actions we need to do to make our lives better for us and the people we care. We have strong feelings within ourselves for us and others we express them? Yes? maybe? Who knows?.

These things called emotions are varied among humans some are intense some are numb. They make us connect with the people around us make us feel special or them special and can create distances, meaning barriers. They are called emotional barriers.

What are Emotions?

There is a huge list of emotions. They can be primary and secondary. Primary emotions are visible to others the basic feeling they see within you for example sadness they see you are sad but they don’t know why this is where the term secondary emotion is linked. This tells us like I know I am sad but because I am feeling isolated that’s why I feel sad.

We all maybe sometimes put up a lot of emotional barriers. Here is a list of emotions that can cause us to put these barriers.


Anger is the most common emotional barrier. Anger is a healthy emotion because it’s a natural body defense for something it makes u feel powerful. But when it gets out of control it can be very destructive for the one expressing this emotion and the people who get engaged with that person. It happens when things may run out of order but not everything in life is perfect anyways but you react to it as it if has to be.

Controlling anger is the top priority for it can result in bad term relationships with your co-workers and family.  One can overcome its anger by making himself/herself pulling off the situation he/she is not agreeing with, and take deep calming breaths. Later again explain to themselves why they don’t agree, in this way you can seem calm and people will pay attention again because you can not always force ideas towards others.

Primary and Secondary emotions
Primary and Secondary emotions


Pride is when someone believes that their opinions are the best and they try to get the last word in the argument and try to be the alpha male. Yes maybe what you are saying is true but that’s your perspective of handling things, not others. Such people face a hard time socializing and they hear a lot of criticism around their fellows.

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Overcoming pride is easy once I explain it to you with an example, the lone wolf never survives do you know why? because wolves hunt in the pack; there prey is large, it cant be bought down by one wolf alone that’s why they hunt together, and a wolf without a pack mainly dies of starvation or gets killed by rival packs. When you think pride is overtaking you be calm and listen to other perspectives maybe you two together can bring the best solution.


You may have experienced anxiety once in a lifetime as in social anxiety or panic attacks these things usually happen when you are in a social group and try to give out your opinion but somehow can’t because suddenly your mind plays tricks on you saying that your point isn’t valid or something like that. People that suffer from anxiety can’t keep their feelings in order their mind is always stressed about fake scenarios and it can form real social barriers. Anxiety is usually treated when you learn how to relax your mind these are the few steps that can be made:-

  • Deep breaths
  • Reaching out someone you trust and explaining what is happening to you.
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Make a perfect sleep schedule
  • And remember your mind plays tricks on you.


Emotions are a real pain but sometimes you have to master yourself. Learn yourself because things start to make sense as you try to do the best for yourself. Be confident and try to work on emotional intelligence to overcome emotional barriers



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