How to improve your English in 2020? English learn to speak

Before getting jumped into the topic, I want my reader to have a glance over the importance of learning a second language, especially when it comes to English or English learn to speak.

There are approximately 375 million people speak English around the world and there are more than 50 English speaking countries, where English is understood and spoken. So, we cannot deny the global values of the English language. In Pakistan, English has also become one of the official languages along with Urdu. Though nobody speaks it as the first language, yet 49% of people speak it as a second language.

Let’s go through some key features of speaking English

  • The need of the hour.
  • Global language.
  • Higher the chances to get a job in multinational companies.
  • Make trade possible between countries.
  • Compulsory for international communication.
  • Give you confidence.
  • Words of greetings.
  • For getting familiar with the internet.

These are some of the features of speaking English. I hope your interest has much developed. Let’s back to our topic. When I think to improve our English, I stuck to such questions. Like, how to speak in English? How I can speak English? Or how I learned to speak English? But happily, the answer to all these questions is the same.

Learning a second language, especially English, is an exciting task. Well, it’s a great idea to learn and improve your skills in your additional time. And today I will share with you some new techniques, you can say, along with some of the traditional methods to improve your English speaking.

So, here we go.

Traditional methods used for English Learn To Speak:

The Grammar method is one of the classical methods to learn and improve any language. Here, the learner commemorates the rules and structure of the language. It is very important to learn the rules because rules are the base, but only grammar is not enough to speak a language. Second, do not cram up the rules of English. Have a good recognition of the rules and structure of the language and it is enough.

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The translation method

The translation method also proves to be a non-standard way to learn and speak English. Grammar and translation methods are related to each other. Here the learner stresses the translation of their native language into the English language, but it the oldest way to learning the English language.

These were two old methods of learning English; let’s check out new tools to speak English.

Make English speaking a part of your routine.

The question, how to learn to speak English, has answer itself. Just turn the question and make it a statement. Speak to learn English. Make speaking a part of your routine. Speak English into the mirror, yes; it will not make fun of you. Use words of greetings in English. Like, how are you? Goodbye, my pleasure, Likewise, when you visit a sick person wishes him, get well soon. Surely these and other words of greeting may have a grand influence on your speaking.

Communicate in English

It has relevance to the about point. You can take it in a broader aspect of speaking English. In communication, you interact with the people. And this is a superb idea to talk to English. Try to speak English as much as you can because when you get into communication, your vocabulary gets high and your confidence boosts.

So keep interacting with people in English.

Watch plays with English subtitles

It is another idea to strengthen your vocabulary. Plays with English subtitles are good enough to attain vocabulary, the structure of the English language, and the phrases.

Subtitles also familiarize you with the accent of the English.

Learn and repeat new words in your English

Whenever you learn a new English word, repeat it again and again in your speaking. Repetition of words polishes the memory so, keep it a habit. Learning new words of English will also be good additions to your vocabulary. Learn new words daily and consume them in speaking.

Don’t shy; be confident

What you usually do. You learn English, but when it comes to speaking, you shy. The words and structure can be useful when you apply them in our speaking. So speak English with confidence. Do not be afraid of a poor accent. Be calm and relax English is not your primary language.

Practice makes a man perfect.

Yes, I used this phrase very after the confidence tag. To gain perfection, practice is first. Likewise, confidence in speaking English will come when you practice it. Practice will also improve your accent and vocabulary. Go ahead and do not be afraid of what people say of you.

Spoken classes

Offer an environment to improve your English speaking. How I learned to speak English is the best answer in the spoken classes.

Here you meet the people of your interest and get a chance to communicate as much in English.

Go ahead and enroll in a spoken class, but make sure the instructors ensure quality and they employ international rules to teach English speaking.

Contract your imaginations a new plan

You plan to learn something new. First, prepare your mind first. Contract your imaginations. Make up your in a way that it thinks and command in the language you want to learn. It is because when your brain starts taking commands. It gets sharp and responds to your desires.

Try some spoken apps

In this age of technology, everything is in your approach. Learn to English speaking has become easier. Now through many English speaking apps, you can easily learn English on your mobile. These apps allow you to learn new vocabulary, improve your structure, and maintain your accent. Hurry up and install an English speaking app.

Watch YouTube channels on English speaking

On YouTube, you can find many English speaking channels where English is being taught with the right accent and formation. It is a good idea to learn through YouTube channels because of the quality data they provide. You subscribe to those channels where instructors speak English as the first language. It is because of their true accent and knowledge of the English language.

Join Facebook pages

Join Facebook pages that help to improve speaking English. English learn to speak is a phenomenon of global interest. You find every other person taking an interest in English. Facebook pages that teach the trick to speak English are getting popular day by day. Here you meet many people with great English speaking skills. And you can learn to speak English from well-experienced people.

Make Friends with the same Interest

When you make friends of the same interest, it gets easy for you to designate your ideas in a better way. Make friends who also want to speak English. Talk to them in English. Choose a topic and debate as much as you can with friends in English. It will help you to build your confidence in a great instant.

Read blogs and books on speaking English

Blogs on speaking English provide great content on how to speak in English. These blogs again are an addition to your vocabulary. These blogs enhance your imaginations. They give a chance to think, absorb, and command in the English language. Also, English literature can help you to improve your English. English literature provides you the chance to learn about the history, lifestyle, behavior, culture, and the living hood of English people. How English is being spoken, the accent, the style is best practiced through English literature. So I advise learning English literature.

Keep a diary with you

Keep a diary with you every time. It is because whenever you learn a new word, no matter where you are writing it in the diary. It is a way of learning.

Second, make the practice of new English words in your speaking. It will polish your speaking style and build your confidence as well.

Enjoy learning; enjoy speaking

To sum up, I would say that always enjoy learning. Don’t make it a burden. Enjoy your work, enjoy your speaking. And the most important thing is practice. And practice better you English or English learn to speak.

Thanks for reading “Surprising English Learn To Speak Methods” If you like then do comment below.



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    Miss Sadia, just tell me plz how i built my confidence.I did every thing which you write this artical. But can’t speak fluently…


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