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In every age, man has used different tools to defend himself. Discovered many tools. Over time, new weapons were used. In the beginning, people used swords to defend themselves. In every era, there were many wars and various tools were used to subdue the enemy.

Over time, the enemy also modernized its weapons—new inventions to fight the enemy. Weapons for ground warfare were discovered, and not only ground but also fighter jets were invented. Fighter jets have many features. Many fighter jets can bomb. The speed of a fighter jet is breakneck, which allows it to complete its target very easily. The fighter jet was specially designed for aerial combat.

We can subdue the enemy with the help of fighter jets before it enters our airspace. Until 1920, he was known as the Scouts, naming him the Royal Air Force. In 1940, the United States introduced the name Chase.

A fighter jet can be very helpful in defending against the enemy if its design and other tools are managed. A fighter plane has changed a lot over time. There has been a lot of change from technology to its design. Many models of fighter jets have been introduced. 

Each new model is faster and more specialized than before. Many fighter jets have different roles. A jet fighter can strike in the air. Its design enables it to strike in the air. The jet fighter is fast and full of capabilities. It took very little time to find out about the fighter jets. The Wright brothers landed it in 1911, and within a few years of its landing, it became distant. 

Different armies started bombing from the air. After that, efforts were made to make it more modern and fast. Each country has built or purchased a variety of aircraft for its defence. Some of these aircraft are designed for air and some for ground protection. Some ships are fast, and some are slow, but the rest of their capabilities cannot be denied. Some models have been updated to suit the new generation while some are only found in the books of the past.

Characteristics of Fighter Jet

A fighter can stay in the air and fight his enemy and defend himself. In many wars, different types of fighter jets were introduced to fight on both ground and air. Some fighter jets can bomb. Some can carry out their duties at night.

Below are some fighter jets

  • Heavy fighter
  • Night Fighter
  • Interceptor
  • Ground fighter
  • Light fighter
  • Reconnaissance fighter
  • Strategic fighter
  • Bomb fighter

Heavy fighter jets

Heavy fighter jet, as the name suggests, are very heavy aircraft. Heavy fighter jets help to cover long distances with heavy equipment. Heavy fighter jets have been used in various battles.

Most heavy fighter jets failed, including a B-F110 Messrs. They failed with single-engine aircraft because of their design. Heavy fighter jets are twin-engine aircraft.

Night Fighter 

Night Fighter jets fighter has been used since World War I, World War II, and beyond. When it was necessary to respond to various attacks.

The design of the night Fighter is designed for night use. Night fighter jets have been used not only for combat but also for exercises.

Another advantage of the night Fighter is that it can perform its functions in any weather.

Interceptor fighter

The interceptor can be used for both day and night time. It is a very light aircraft that can accomplish its target (performance) in a short time. There are two types of interceptors.

Everything To Know About Fighter Jets Special 1

1 Heavy Fighter

2 Light Fighter

The interceptor was used for defence in World War I. It was used for very large purposes in World War II.

Ground fighter jet

Ground fighter aircraft it is also called military fighter aircraft. Military aircraft have been known since World War II. This military fighter aircraft fights the enemy from the lower level of the air. The design of this aircraft is also designed according to its function.

Light Fighter

Light fighter jets weigh very little, but you have your example. Its merits cannot be denied. It is designed to take effective action in wars. Its speed is quite fast. Its design has been done according to its lightness. Its success since 1926 and its advantages have increased. Infinite and reasonably priced, which does not affect the budget much. Its features are precious.

Reconnaissance Fighter

Reconnaissance fighter jets are typically military aircraft with special capabilities. It is also called Intelligence Aircraft. This aircraft uses a particular type of technology that has been implanted in it, such as taking photographs while in the air etc. It monitors the airspace. He has included it in his arsenal.

That is why it is also called military jets. Many armies used reconnaissance fighter jets for self-defence before radar. Military jets are also used to monitor enemy movements. The United States also used them in World War II. Saw a Japanese fleet with the help of and then the war started.

Strategic Fighter

The Strategic Fighter is a high-speed and long-range aircraft. Strategic fighter jets monitor its airspace from the air. Strategic fighter jets are heavy fighter jets explicitly designed for combat so that they can carry weapons on long journeys. Has also been used. Strategic fighter jet help a lot in fighting the enemy. That is a strong aircraft. In the United States, it is known as CAP.

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Bomber Fighter

That is a fighter bomber. In aerial warfare, this aircraft is used for aerial bombardment. The demand for bomber fighters has decreased considerably since missiles and rockets have replaced it. Bomber fighters have military jets. It is structured according to its bombing So that they can carry the weight of bombs.


When we talk about different fighter jet that spy in space, we can’t ignore drones. The drones are a combination of traditional and modern technologies that can observe and record movements from a height.



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