Fitness Testing: Flexibility, Strength, Body Composition

Fitness goals are workable now due to the gyms, personalize workout plans and personal trainer. First, there is a need to assess the overall fitness levels and issues of the Body. Fitness testing is done to evaluate the overall performance of the Body against certain parameters. These test results provide a baseline for your trainer to develop a customized workout plan.

The test includes a series of assessments like the run test on treadmill and pre and post-testing heart rate and respiratory rates. The goals are to achieve a healthy, slim, and peaceful mind and Body through workout plans. If you are planning to be in shape and starting your fitness journey, I recommend you listen to ben greenfield health and wellness podcasts. 

Ben Greenfield contribution as a fitness coach

Ben greenfield is not only America’s top-rated personal trainer in the field of health and nutrition but also listed down as 100 most influential persons of this industry. His contribution as a personal trainer and author has undoubtedly changed the concept of fitness. He is a great advocate of fitness testing and shared his blood, hormones, CRP, and other tests, which he undergoes to understand his Body’s overall health status.

These tests include liver and kidney health, electrolytes, and allergy testing to get a complete insight into body health status. The bottom line is to improve not only physical health but also mental and spiritual health.

Ben talks about next-level health and fitness, which means maintaining a balance of best health standards with peace and tranquility of mind. Millions of people follow him as a speaker, writer, book author. He is setting his fitness-based lifestyle examples to ensures that you have a flawless mind and a healthy body. 

We will discuss fitness tests that your trainer might recommend you before starting your workout journey. The test includes cardio, flexibility, strength, and body composition assessment.

The walking, running, cycling, and stair climbing is exercises that one can handle at home, but high-intensity interval training, weight training, and circuit training can only be done if you take gym membership and workout with your trainer. Another option is to purchase fitness equipment from body factory or access any near outlet of body factory and follow your trainer online after the initial assessment.

Thousands of personal trainers are available online, like ben Greenfield, to guide and motivate you. 

Let’s have a look at strengths and endurance tests: 

1. Cardiovascular endurance or aerobic fitness test

2. Flexibility fitness test 

3. Body composition fitness test 

4. Muscular strength fitness test

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Cardiovascular endurance or aerobic fitness test

What is cardio? It is simply any activity that increases your heart rate and breathing. At the gym, all workouts are designed to increase heart activity. Cardio exercise requires movements that include any type of work out. The simpler form of cardio is walking.

Walking is a significant and effective type of training. Treadmilling or simple walking improves health and reduces stress levels. Running comes in a faster form. Jogging is also part of a cardio workout. A cardio workout designed at the gym is better result-oriented. 

Cardio assessment is done to measure the patient’s wellness and fitness levels. It entails the heart’s performance in standing and sitting posture—the fluctuations in heart and respiratory rate before and after any activity.

VO2 MAX Assessment 

 It tests the maximum oxygen intake during any physical activity. Physical activity like running on the treadmill, cycling, or other field tests. It gives an idea of your overall health to the personal trainer. The aerobic exercises need lots of oxygen consumption during the workout and are the best indicator of cardio respiratory fitness. 

The VO2 max is for an extreme workout for long durations, usually done to get in shape or for other fitness goals.

Treadmill walk test

It assesses the exercise capacity of an individual. It helps your gym instructor to understand your body fitness, body balance, and workout capacity.

Rockport walk test. 

You have to walk briskly one mile, and your trainer will administer your pulse rate and other changes in your respiration and heart rate. You can assess your workout capacity after this self-test.

If you take gym membership, then all of these tests and measurements will be easily administered by your coach without any difficulty for you. Through these test results, your trainer can design a customized workout plan for your Body, which includes the upper body workout, abs workout, aerobics, and cardio, which require you to add value to your health and wellness.

Flexibility fitness test 

Flexibility assessment is key to your fitness program. Yourtrainer will assess the overall flexibility and stretchiness capability of your limbs. That will help to design your Body focused workout and work out routines that suits you. Ben greenfield motivated his followers to do stretch as a morning ritual to de-stress your Body and improve body balance, workout capacity, and better abs workout. 

It is the assessment of the flexibility of different limbs of the Body. Your personal trainer will check the range of motion of your limbs and flexibility of muscles and joints. He can design a more effective abs workout, and the upper Body works out after the flexibility testing of your branches. 

There are different types of direct and indirect methods of flexibility testing. An overview is given below.

Internal, External rotation test 

This test checks the ability of rotation of your shoulder. You have to stretch back your right hand between the shoulder and neck, and your left hand will be bend from lower to upper back to hold the right hand. The amount of stretch and distance between the hands will estimate the flexibility. It also improves body balance.


Flexibility test of your hamstrings 

Hamstrings tests are essential for your body fitness journey. There are a series of motions that are required to be tested by your trainer. You lay down on the floor and lift one leg straight up while your back and head are on the ground. Now try to reach for your toe while keeping your head and back on the floor. The ease of this motion will calculate the flexibility of your muscles.

Spine and hips test

The spine and hips motion and movement can get best asses body fitness. Lay down on the floor and bend your knee towards your chest. Now stretch both arms outside and try to move the knees from left to right while back and head on floor and knees are close to the ground during left to right movement. That will give an inner flexibility condition of your Body.  

These flexibility tests help in the assessment of body balance, body workout needs, and setting achievable body fitness goals. You should check before taking gym membership that they are taking initial tests to check the current health status of Body. Either you workout at the gym or home, you need a personal trainer to examine in detail what is your weight and work out goals and how to achieve them while keeping your body flexibility issues in mind and help you to perform better. 

Body composition fitness tests

As the name suggests, the Body is made up of fats, proteins, minerals, and water. It is an old technique and still very much in practice. Your fitness coach will always assess the right composition of your Body before making your gym work out plan. That will help to achieve your desired outcomes. 

Dexa Scan 

You lie on the couch. X-ray radiations pass through your Body and asses the bone, fat, and muscles. It also measures the intramuscular fat and gives an accurate measurement of body fat. 

Skinfold calipers

The skinfold calipers are designed to calculate the fats of the Body. The skinfold assesses the fat percentage on certain areas of skin like the abdomen, shoulders, belly, etc. and calculates the fat concerning age and gender. 

Muscle Strength testing

Your muscle strength is essential for improving the quality of life. Strength testing is your muscle fitness level. How much pressure your muscle can bear for a certain period is your muscle strength. Upper and lower body muscles are separately testing for strength. The test includes pushups and side up. Types of tests you might undergo depend upon your personal goals. 

Upper body test 

There are series of upper body muscular strength tests called a bench press, including 1 RM test, maximum power test, and relative bench press test. Your trainer can effectively plan a training workout with the help of these tests result. You can contact the body factory outlet or google gym near me to have detailed knowledge about your strength training.

Lower body test

You or your trainer can assess the lower body strength with a leg press machine test. These are also available at body factory for purchase or to be used at your gym. They evaluate the knee and hips muscles strength.

These tests and techniques are used to assess body fitness levels. All tests and procedures will help you achieve your goals if you are watching your weight and want to get in shape. Body fitness is not just related to be a fashion figure or just be in form, and it is a paradigm shift from unhealthy life to healthy living. Ben Greenfields is motivating millions of followers through his website, books, and podcasts by focusing on nutrition and longevity.

You can also take up his example or experiences related to healthy and active people, even at the age of 100 plus. Body factory offers a series of fitness equipment and personal trainers to promote fitness awareness and can be ordered at home weight management at home or gym. Whatever you choose to healthy and stay motivated.


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