Football Championship Continuing Amid Covid-19


The chief objective of sports is exercise. Health is an essential asset to success in life. A man without good health is always gloomy and alone and has no confidence in himself. Sports serve a significant role in the modern world, and we should all emphasize our health because ‘Where there is health, there is happiness.’ “The Virus Spread across the world, sports bodies are greatly affected and canceling.”

How Coronavirus Affecting The Sport Bodies:

The Coronavirus outbreak, which, as dated on April of 5th, has killed about (132,000) people. Sporting events are effecting a lot due to this virus.

While most professionals sports have ground to stop during the ‘Coronavirus Pandemic,”. But there’s still a small number of the unit that is continued.

World Championship Soccer:

Many sporting events have been canceled. One of them was ‘Football,’ The confederation of African Football (CAF) announced the postponement on April 12. Semi-finals of two-legged African Champions league, that was supposed to be held in May.

“(COVID-19) has led to a lockdown in most countries, the CAF Emergency committee has claimed to postpone the matches until there is some good news to follow”.

Japan’s Prime Minister (Shinzo Abe) and the International Committee have postponed the contest to the upcoming year, July 23, to August 8, 2021.

Football Tournaments 2020:

Fritz Keller, The President of the German Football Association (DFB) terror for the future of the game in the stir of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

German Football boss said ;
“I don’t think that after the Coronavirus crisis, the landscape of football will look as it does today.” He added more in an interview on a TV channel, “I think the longer this goes on, the more bankruptcies we’ll have, even in Professional Football.”Some of the games are being played indoors or behind closed doors.

The Tajikistan and Nicaragua have broadly followed the advice given by the World Health Organization (WHO) and manage to play the games behind closed doors, with the concluding broadcast matches live on the internet and television. Whereas, Taiwan lately became the latest to shift it’s football division, with the new period starting on Sunday.

As World Player’s Union FIFA PRO says, “It’s unimaginable that games are continuing.” Football In Australia will continue behind the doors, despite the fear over the spread of Coronavirus, which was grand finals of W- league. Although the outbreak of Coronavirus has canceled football across the whole globe, some huge associations are breaking the mold and continue to field the match in the light of essential pandemic.

~ The ( premier league, Championship league, La Liga series A), and much other competitions held on Europe’s cases of the Virus plunge rapidly with several different countries. As a result, they have completed gone into lockdown.

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Football Championship:

Football is one of the essential assets in the phase of sports. During Coronavirus, many leagues have been played behind closed doors.
Summer 2020 football of this year tournament has been forwarded to next summer 2021, following a Conference of UEFA held on March of 17.
Here look at the major sports leagues of the world that have continued to stage the football even after the protest of Coronavirus.

football tournaments 2020
Football Tournaments 2020


Argentina, as a full nation, has taken safety precautions to sheltered against the Coronavirus outbreak by delaying a bunch of numbers of sporting events, but luckily not football. While the Fencing World Cup, South America Swimming Championship, Athletics Grand Prix, and an Olympic Boxing Qualification contest had been postponed but the Boca Juniors and old boys managed to continue.

The matches were played behind the closed doors, and the player’s handshakes were preserved into Elbow Bumps for their safety. The National team’s first two 2022 Qatar World cup qualifiers against Educators and Bolivia at the end of the month have been put off.


South America is still getting its Football fix, kind of. Brazil is another nation that has continued to play football during the Coronavirus outbreak. While fans were not allowed in the stadium to adore or watch the match, But it didn’t bother to stop the players from voicing their concerns in a radical protest before the weekends stays-off.

Players of Gremio started the walk on the ground wearing masks,
protested having to play during COVID 19 crisis on Sunday. Even the Club manager (Renato Portaluppi), took no chance and wore a mask during his Press Conference.

Gremio is one of the teams that were designed to feature in the South American Copa Libertadores contest during this week that has been postponed. However, the Gaucho Brazil’s league follows from January to April, which is further set to stage the upcoming next game week starting from March 21.


The Russian Premier League is one of the only leagues in World Football to continues playing matches and lets fans inside the stadium. The association completed a full game week over no plans of postponing or canceling the next set of events that are supposed to be played from March 20 to March 22. The Russian faithful, fans did not remain quiet on the current event, it looks like they were really living and enjoying the moment.

The Super Liga is the one and the only league to be still playing matches in Europe. While the decision for games to go ahead was widely criticized, clubs such as Galatasaray took extra measures to disinfect their stadium a day before the competition. A worker dressed in protective white hazmat suits, well matches were played behind the closed doors.

International Soccer Tournament 2020:

Championship of soccer 2020 tournament was organized in April, now been postponed immediately the African Football said on March of 17. “This year Copa America has been delayed until 2021, the South American Football Confederation announced on March 17. The 12-teams scheduled to occur from June 12 to July 12 in Colombia and Argentina.”

More importantly, the 2020 Euro tournament has been delayed until 2021, Football European bodies UEFA said on March 17. UEFA said that the 24-team match, which was about to take place in 12 nations across the continent from June 12 to July 12 this year, would now be played from June 11 to July 11, 2021. Sports Direct bosses have said all its stores will not close because of the UK lockdown as selling Sports and its equipment makes the company as an essential asset, It was done according to the email seen by the PA News agency.

The chief finance officer wrote:“ We stock a huge range of Sports Equipment designed for home workouts and exercising at home. Indeed, he added in his statement; home fitness is the number one trending topic on social media after Coronavirus itself.” The NRL also claimed to proceed with it season as planned in the round two of this week, but in a deal with the fast situation by taking a day by day approach, while CEO ( Todd Greenberg) announced on Monday, but for this week’s second-round games would be played behind the closed doors.


Cricket is also one of the games that have been played in the scary outbreak of Coronavirus. While some of the test series in various nations have been postponed, England was going to tour Sri Lanka was delayed on March 13.

The decision was made while (Joe Root’s side was in the field at Colombo’s P Sara Oval, competing for a warm-up game for two test series). On March 18, West Indies team offered to hold upcoming Englands home test series against them in the Caribbean instead of the UK. This is because the outbreak of Corona not have, same by then.

England is due to suffers from starting at The Oval on June 4, but it could be postponed until September. If England playing series proves unworkable, then CWI has offered to help in for this series, and also for England’s three-test against PAKISTAN, which takes place on July 30. There are various Coronavirus cases in the Caribbean, so it’s the impact that there has been decreased so far.


Sports encourage the spirit of healthy competition. The competitive nature is natural in man. Games have a broad scope for those who love competition. Tournaments and matches are held to put to the test the skill and stamina of various participants. Awards and medals are an incentive for players to achieve excellence and a high standard of performance in their fields. The healthy rivalry and competition lead to an improvement in production.

As we have observed how sporting events are leading its way out of Coronavirus pandemic, many games have been played behind closed doors. Football has mainly been played in many different nations throughout the world. Though fans were not allowed to enter the stadium to watch the match, it was done for their safety.

Many players twitted about the Coronavirus and its impact on society. We all have to stay united and determined, together as a United nation, and according to our religion, We can beat any huddle and disease if we develop a firm and strong belief in GOD.



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