Forex Trading Gold, Silver, Euro Dollar, Pound Dollar

Today we’ll discuss forex trading your $1.00 today we will discuss Gold and silver also I think we should take Great Britain pound because you like to trade it. I will comment on the situation from the technical point of view and I hope it helps you to earn money if it does please press these fingers under the article you really help me to promote our article and to find new people who need technical analysis and who need advice how to trade.

I do read your comments and I do appreciate that you share your opinion with me thank you very much and of course I will make your videos for you that you think is important for you to know to become a good trader. it would I do make a program for that thank you very much for writing to me your questions and now we go to the technical situation here is I think we should start with the Euro.

So now let’s communicate with you about Europe until the price goes until the price goes up and until the price is above this 10th in salon on 1-hour chart in phone for our chart byte by with the target 1.0 950 1.09 16 pay attention to this tendon salon that begins from the end of December this red one this tenten’s line you can sell Europe only one price first one goes up to 200 exponential moving average and from here gives you a signal to sell candle signal second condition.

if price goes to this tendon salon the red one and gives you a candle signal to sell third point of view well I think you can sell only when price goes under these tendons align this red one after that you can sell with target 1.0 6:17 no matter what happens in Italy no matter what happens in eurozone for now with this virus from China do not sell Europe

because traders don’t do it and you said the price is trying to go up and it will go up no matter what you see in the news about the gold and silver for gold guys do not sell it now you see you see weekly chart and we get our don’t got our trades with a profit.


I do give you my congratulations it’s really cool but no matter that price is nearer our target there is no signal to sell now under lee charge no signal to sell the price, yeah the price touched our target it closed our positions for their profit and now it’s going down down down down down if you take the Fibonacci levels you measure lost impulse.

You see the price went down to thirty-eight point twenty this is the correction level every time in every video I will try to give you a little bit of fundamental base that you need to know for being a good trader so this is one of these parts you need to know the Fibonacci levels and you measure the last impulse and you see the correction now.

when the price goes up to your target and it starts going down your targets for correction are 23.62 8.20 and from here the price is going up so is it a signal to buy wait here is a good technical resistance there is a good technical resistance right here the tendency line from 24th of February and the issue MacLeod and one-hour chart this is a good resistance that market can not break down from the first time and one-hour chart and see minutes chart this may be a moment to sell a little bit even if you read this article and it’s too late to trade no matter.

Forex Trading Technical Situation

Forex Trading Gold, Silver, Euro Dollar, Pound Dollar 1

Just remember this technical situation about forex trading, I will try to give you current situations on market that you can use and you can trade in the future and you learn how to measure market and how to put targets okay so from here you can get this a short signal to sell and after you see a breakdown of this tendency line of this shinato cloud it may go up to maximum price that you saw on 24th of February right here 1068 year over 618 after you see the breakdown of this moment okay about the silver I do have an idea to buy it above 18 point 15.

I will do it after the price will be like a good level of support not like it give us a breakdown and after that breakup and after that, you see this candle with a shadow from the upper side big shadow it means that there is a good seller sitting right here and of course, price is going down again so after I see that level 18 point 50 is a good base for starch the price to go up I will buy it and in the nearest.

Future I’m going to use this level of support as a signal to go up and to buy okay about the target for silver the short term target is like 8 19 point 50 but the middle term target is 21 and yes and for a Great Britain pound well with my Russian trading club we did an enter market with the long positions yesterday and for now, I do stop trading it maybe I will watch forex trading market to buy again with the target 1.30 17

what I use I use a schmuck I use Fibonacci instruments these horizontal lines are smuggling Fibonacci instruments, yeah and maybe I will try to enter market with the wrong positions but what I think for the Wednesday 26 of February it’s okay to leave the Great Britain plant and do not open trades seriously if you do have a lot of use that may give you a good volatility then you should work but as you see for last like three weeks there is no good opportunity to go up or to go down its flat forex trading range trading so I don’t think it’s a good moment to buy and halt or to sell.

Forex Trading
Forex Trading


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