The Best Mobile Games That Require No Wifi

Are we digital slaves? Day and night tapping and scrolling mobile phones. Nevertheless, its mindless usage is steadily growing day after day. Indeed, mobile phones alter our way of living, work, social lives, and entertainment. People used their mobile phones even they need to or not. They just want their smartphones in hands to be satisfied. Either they are getting bored or entertain themselves, they used their mobile phones. 

Sometimes we move out, and there isn’t an internet connection like in malls, restaurants, workplaces, someone’s house, traveling, basements or, ceremonies. These are the places where there is no internet or accessible, so perhaps there is speed throttling. At that time, the best thing is mobile games without the internet.

Games that require no wifi helps us in getting engaged or passing our time. Nowadays, most online games required the internet to play with friends or share scores on social media. But when you are stuck in someplace where there isn’t any possibility of having internet so no wifi games are the only thing that not let you get bored and you will enjoy quality time.

Top NO Wifi Games:

No data package or wifi, but still we can’t let-off mobile phones. This is the thing that seems clear that we can live without food and water but can’t live without cell phones. Whenever we lost mobile so often, there is a feeling of a mini heart attack. We found cellphones like a man striving to get oxygen. Best non wifi games that will play offline and help you in staying busy are sometimes felt not less than a blessing. Without further ado, let’s get towards the top no wifi games: 

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games help your brain to stimulate cognitive thinking. Solving puzzles aids in improving memory and thought processes. As you keep playing puzzles, it will facilitate your brain to sharpen memory and increase intelligence. There are lots of puzzle games that require no wifi. 


Scrabble comes under the category of best non wifi games. Scrabble is a board game where players form words by letter tiles. Scrabble assists in developing Mathematical and English skills. Each tile of the letter contains some number through which points will be increased. Because of this no wifi game, you will become smart. Scrabble helps you increase your efficiency and vocabulary by learning new words. It amused and delights the players as well as enhances intellectual wellness.

Candy Crush

People play mobile games without the internet to escape boredom. Candy crush undergoes in those games that require no wifi. Candy crush is a three-match puzzle game. This game creates your brain to perceive more and also develop problem-solving skills. As level passed, the game getting harder, which let you become more competent. 

Fighting Games 

Fighting games are the most popular among all genres. This genre belongs to the top no wifi games in teenager’s smartphones. Fighting games help you in making quick decisions within a limited or short period. The brain develops strategic thinking while playing fighting games. 

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow fight 3 is the most trending game. It has many animated players and great background graphics. In this game, players use powerful moves and unusual weapons. It has 3 factions. Progression of each level, the player moves towards the next faction with new advanced weapons. This is one of the best non wifi games.

EA Sports UFC

It is a martial arts game based on the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The player has to fight with his opponent for approximately five minutes. It is included in no wifi games. For killing boredom, this game is an excellent way to spend your time—Mobile games without internet aid in spending your time on flights or queues. Mainly when you’ve installed fighting games with the best graphics so, this will entertain anywhere. 

Racing Games

When you are stressed or going through some hard times, so racing games are the best choice to calm yourself. Racing games help you in reducing stress to a large extent. However, racing games need more focus and concentration than in other genres. We’ve found some exciting and fascinating racing games that require no wifi.

Street Racing 3d

Street racing 3D falls in the category of top non wifi games. In this game, the player must purchase new cars, unlock the routes, and more advanced driving licenses. New cars with the finest feature player get via advance driving license. Sometimes the player must get 1st position to pass the level or complete the race within a limited period. In Street Racing 3d games, you may play online with different countries players.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

It is a racing video game. It has control options on the screen, advanced level cars, and challenging and thrilling routes for playing with friends, so you must need an internet connection. Otherwise, for killing boredom, you may play as a single player. It’s a decent and delightfully harmless game. 

Running Games

Running games are now trending. Subway surfer and temple runs are the two best non wifi games almost present in every person’s mobile phones. Even these games are popular among kids. Running games improves your concentration level and brain speed.


Temple Run

This game is never-ending running games in which your enemy chases you all along. The player is being chased by demon monkey, and the player can swipe left or right his character to get coins or keep away from obstacles. It’s quite an exciting and thrilling game that if you hit by any obstacle so the demon will catch you. It is also included in those games that require no wifi at all. 

Subway Surfer

If you get into the subway surfer so alike temple run, you may spend hours and hours on it, but still, you probably won’t tired. It is also included in the top non wifi games. The theme of this game is that there’s a kid who paints on the train, so the cop starts chasing him. The character starts running continuously until he caught by the cop.

Shooting Games

Mobile games without the internet are boon for travelers with no data package. Shooting games helps in improving brain functions and visual attention. Top no wifi games of shooting are covered for you here.

Cover Fire

Cover fire is one of the best no wifi games. In this game, you have to lead the soldiers with unique abilities. It is a shooting game with lots of selection of guns and soldiers. This is an excellent choice for spending delighted time with lots of content to explore, experience several challenges, and seizes all the resources.

Hitman Sniper

Hitman sniper contains 6 chapters with 40 missions. Each mission is more challenging and complicated than the other one. The touch screen of a mobile is a vision of a sniper. In this game, hit and assassinate the targets. The player utilizes different and creative ways to kill influential figures with secondary objectives. As levels passed, a player may purchase advanced weapons and powerful weapon abilities.

Hence, mobile games without the internet will help in spending pleasure hours with fun games. Nowadays, many online games play a tremendous contribution to technology, but still, there is a need for offline games for entertainment. No wifi games just not help in killing boredom, but it will engage you in the best non wifi games with lots of entertainment and enjoyment.

Those think that mobile games are just a waste of time, so let them know that it improves your cognitive skills and boosts brain powers. As we know, games help in learning new skills and develop brain cells. Even though we must have to show some concern for excessive mobile usage that is going to be hazardous to our health. 

Thus, these are the fun and fantastic games that we’ve found for you and enjoy and entertain yourself while standing in queues and traveling with the annoying person.



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