Ertugrul’s Abdur Rehman Alp joins huge crowds to pray for first time at Hagia Sophia

Like all of the Muslim world, Celal AL, who played the role of Abdur Rahman Alp in hit Turkish series, Resurrection; Erturgrul, is thrilled and over the moon to convert. Hagia Sophia again to a mosque after 86 years

Who is Ertugrul’s Abdur Rehman Alp?

Resurrection; Ertugrul, a Turkish hit series that has taken the whole Muslim and Non-Muslim world with a storm. Ertugrul’s Abdur Rehman Alp has a vital and essential role in almost all five seasons. Abdur Rehman was the Chief guard of Suleyman Shah, Hayme Hatun, and Ertugrul himself. Suleyman Shah was the father of Ertugrul and Hayme Hatun, his mother.

  • Hagia Sophia converted to a Mosque again:

24th July 2020.

Turkish court, along with efforts of their president Tayyip Erdogan declared Hagia Sophia, a monument honored by both Christians and Muslims for the past 1500 years, a Mosque.

Erdogan joined thousands of overjoyed Muslims for Friday prayer at Hagia Sophia after 86 years. Erdogan recited some Quranic verses before the prayer. Due to the ongoing Corona pandemic, not all of the people gathered there were allowed to pray. A Muslim visitor said:

“We are ending our 86 years of longing today,”, Sait Colak,

Muslims not only in Turkey but all over the world are gratified over this decision. However, non-Muslims, mostly Christians, believe that this decision will lead to religious differences among them. In response, Erdogan has said that the Mosque will be open to visit for everyone. 

Hagia Sophia and Ertugrul: Ertugrul Ghazi was the major part of the Ottoman empire’s history. His father, Suleyman Shah, was the one who raised the foundation of the ottoman empire. Both Suilyeman Shah and Ertugrul belong to the pre-Ottoman empire times setting the foundation of the Ottoman empire.

Hagia Sophia was a Christian monument conquered by the sultan of the Ottoman Empire and converted to Mosque. It was converted to a museum later in 1934 and again to a mosque on 24th July 2020.

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Resurrection; Ertugrul and Muslim world:

A Turkish drama series that revolves around the events leading to the development of the vast Ottoman empire. It highlights not only the tremendous Turkish history but also the high values of Islam. From Suleyman Shah portraying an ideal father and leader with strong values, Hayme Hatun is a role model as wife and mother. The Alps as Turgut, Dogan, Bamsii, and Ertugrul’s Abdur Rahman define loyalty to religion, state, and leader.

This series had a significant impact on the Muslim world, including Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan recommended the new generation to watch it and even dubbed it in Urdu and aired on National Tv.

Ertugrul’s Abdur Rehman Alp, Celal AL, showed much love towards Pakistan as a video went viral where Pakistani children were pretending to be the Alps, fighting with twigs as swords. Celal AL watched the video and praised them by saying:

“Masha’Allah my brave little soldiers from Pakistan. I wish I could send out my love to you all from the depth of my heart. You are our brave warriors, Masha’Allah. One day we will march together, Insha’Allah. Sending peace and love to you all from the bottom of my heart.”

In another video, Ertugrul’s Abdur Rahman, Celal AL, was seen singing “Dil Dil Pakistan.”

Ertugrul’s Abdur Rahman singing Dil Dil Pakistan

Ertugrul’s Abdur Rehman and Hagia Sophia:

Celal AL is over the moon on converting Hagia Sophia to a Mosque, and he has left no means to show how excited he is. Just as it was announced, he posted his old picture at Hagia Sophia and captioned it with Alhamdulillah. 

He left no stone unturned to show how happy he was about the conversion. He prayed Friday prayer on 24th July along with thousands of rejoiced Muslims.

In an Instagram post he captioned his picture as:

Roughly translated as: 

He believes that Ayasofya’s conversion to a mosque is first stopped, and next, it will be Jerusalem. Ameen.

He posted multiple times about how grateful he was about the conversion to the Mosque.

That surely is an excellent step by the Turkish Government and deserves as much praise as Ertugrul’s Abdur Rahman is giving them.

Celal AL prayed Friday prayer on 24th July 2020 in Hagia Sophia. He was spotted by his many fans who recognized him as Abdur Rehman, the chief guard of Suleyman Shah, Hayme Hatun, and Ertugrul.

A fan captured this picture at Hagia Sophia.

Resurrection; Ertugrul has taken Pakistan by storm, and such acts by important actors and people cause many effects on their viewers. That surely is a high activity which will derive excellent and long-lasting impacts on the Muslim World.



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