Everybody wants to get “wao” like hairs. Many people have many issues regarding their Hair care. All types of hairs having different problems like itching, dandruff, dryness, split ends, premature graying, sebum, and many more questions in every season.

Especially teenage girls who go to college universities and wearing scarfs daily having significant issues about hairs and little girls just want to do new styling every time and do not care about their hairs daily, so day by day hairs going dead and freeze. Mostly girls don’t want to do oiling just want to do different styling colors, which have a significant amount of ammonia, which severely damages the hairs—all these issues having almost all hair types.

Haircare is essential for everyone. Now, these days changing weather and pollution harm us very severely, and the sun also rays very harmful our hairs badly and also our scalp. Hair issues are increases when our scalp going to in damage state. Our healthy diet and vitamins play a significant role in our hairs’ care, so we should take a healthy diet and vitamins as well daily.

So, after all of these, I want to discuss some hair care tips and styling tips for all hair types which are necessary for your beautiful and smooth Hair in your busy routine work and which don’t take your more time and struggle.

Some hair care tips and styling tips which am going to telling you are as follows:


Use Normal water for washing Hair:

When you are going to take a bath for all hair types, using regular water (not extra warm and not extra cold) is the best tip. When we use hot water directly on the scalp and hairs, it damages our hair roots badly and slow, and gradually hair follicles become week, so we should use normal water for having beautiful hairs.

Use the best oil for all hair types:

The selection of oil is challenging for all hair types. Best oil makes our Hair much pretty, and we feel relaxed. Oiling regularly is very beneficial for hairs, and when you do, oiling massage your scalp and roots, this method makes your roots strong. Keep oil in hairs at least for two hours and then take a bath.

After oiling doesn’t tie up your hairs tightly and don’t make high bun tightly, it severely damages the hairs. Make loose braids after applying oil. Best hair oils are for every hair type is coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, mustard oil, amla oil are the beneficial oils for all hair types. Here i tell you an excellent tip for all hair type issues which is a very effective remedy for all problems which are as follows:

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Ingredients which are used in this remedy is:

Yogurt 3tbsp (you can take according to your hair length)

Egg 1 complete

Mustard oil (you can use any oil which you want) 3tbsp

Lemon 1 complete

Mix: Take all these things in a bowl and mix well when all the ingredients mix well and make a fine paste. Then, apply it in your hairs by creating sections and then apply for 2 hours and cover your hairs with a shower cap or any polythene shopper. Its results are amazing.

If you have gray Hair, then you can mix the henna powder into it with no chemical. This remedy works fantastic.

Best shampoo for all hair types:

In Haircare, the most essential step is shampoo. Shampoo, your hairs doesn’t mean a lot of shampoos are applying on hairs. Use only the quantity of shampoo as much as you need. The shampoo is used only for the cleaning purpose of your Hair. First of all, select very mild shampoo for hair care and gentle shampoo use in every type of Hair. Baby shampoo is also the very best choice for Hair. Vitamin e, including shampoo, is also very healthy for hair beauty and growth.

Here i tell you some remedies for beautiful Hair for all types:

  • Using Aloveragel with mild shampoo is very surprising. It softens and strengthens your Hair.
  • Use Amla powder with water for making a thick paste. It’s a natural shampoo for healthy Hair.

Best Hair Mask Tips for all hair types:

A hair mask is very beneficial for hair care. Hair mask work like a treatment in your Hair. In hair masks, good things are included like oils fruits and many vitamins which protect your Hair and give protection. A hair treatment mask makes your Hair feel healthy. You should use a hair mask twice in a week for every hair type. Hair mask relaxing your Hair. Hair masks deeply nourishing your Hair.

Here a beneficial tip for you:

  • When you use any mask or any homemade mask, wash your hairs, and then pack your hairs with a hot towel, which gives you amazing results in a few weeks.

Best Hair Conditioning Tips for all hair types:

Deep conditioning is the best tip for Haircare. Condition your Hair after using shampoo is necessary for silky and soft Hair. Conditioner is not utilized in roots for Hair it just applies on half to end Hair. Oil is the best conditioners like coconut oil, almond oil, mustard oil, etc.

If you don’t want to use any conditioners which we purchase from the market and you want to use the natural conditioners so, follow the above remedies:

  • Use 2 tbsp. of coconut and add 250 ml of water in it.
  • Take a small spray bottle and add oil and water in it.
  • After taking a bath using this mixture, 2 to 3 drops in Hair and then comb.

It is a beneficial remedy for the condition of your Hair. 

Hair Drying Tips for all hair types:

After conditioning, Hair drying proses is very important. How to dry Hair correctly? 

When we condition our hairs and then want to get silky smooth and tangled free hairs, we make one mistake. We use a towel for drying Hair and rapped our Hair in a cloth, and this process makes our Hair week and freeze.

Here is a hair care tip for you for all hair types:

  • We should dry our Hair by the natural process. Just smoothly rub your Hair with the towel and then leave for dry.
  • Don’t comb wet Hair because when our Hair is wet, its roots week.
  • Don’t use blow-dry its harmful for hairs. Temporary, it takes to shine in Hair but slow and gradually when we use blow-dry daily, its damaged Hair.

Hair Color Tips for all hair types:

Ladies! If you want, your Hair always looks pretty. So here I share one advice for you:

Don’t use hair dyes frequently because all hair dyes have more ammonia, and ammonia sulfate harms the Hair very fast. When we use hair dyes just for styling. It is the significant cause of gray Hair .so avoid using hair dyes.

Research says: 43 million women have dyed their Hair. Every woman changes their hair color like blond, dark brown, highlights, steaks, and many more. So if you want to die Hair, firstly prefer salons because it’s hard to die your Hair at home.

Here I tell you natural hair color tip as follows:

  • You need henna powder, black coffee powder, and water. Add 3 tbsp. Of henna powder in a bowl and add 3 tbsp. Of coffee powder in the pan, now add water for making a fine paste. If you want to nourish your Hair, you can add yogurt, egg, and oil, which you want.

This mask nourishes your Hair, and it is the best pack for dying Hair naturally.

Hair comb Tips for all hair types:

How to straighten Hair perfectly? Combing Hair ideally is essential for hair care.

Some people have Dry Hair, and some have oily Hair, and the treatment of both Hair is different. Best comb hair tip for all hair type is that after taking a shower when you comb your, hair divide your Hair into two portions, and if you do not condition your Hair then take a few drops of coconut oil and apply in Hair. This oil prevents conditioning and softening your Hair and then start to comb your Hair. First, brush your lower Hair and then upper Hair. This is the best hair care comb tip for hair care.

Trimming is the best hair care tip for all hair types:

Trimming is the best hair care tip for all hair types. When we do not trim our Hair after 6 to 8 weeks, it’s not a good hair care routine. Trimming Hair helps in growing Hair fast. When we don’t trim our Hair it’s going freeze and tangled. So cutting is an essential hair care tip for every hair type.

Best Diet: 

The best diet is essential for Hair and skin as well. When we eat healthy food, it’s naturally strong our Hair. Proteins and biotins are the two best nutrients to promote our hair growth. Fish, meat, green vegetables, nuts are the healthiest source of hair growth. The best food for hair growth is Berry, Spinach, Avocado, Egg, Salmon, Lentil, Fish, and nuts. These are the best foods for healthy growing Hair.


Everybody wants to do different styling daily. Every young or little girl wants to do styling differently, so, for beautiful styling, girls use the blow dry, straightening, curlers, and many more tools that can make their styling more beautiful.

Here I tell you the best styling tips:

  • Use the best brush for styling for good tangled cleaning.
  • Use the best curling iron for styling and start curling from middle and then going to end. This type of curling stays longer. Use flat straightener for correct curl.
  • Use protection spray before using the straightener, curler, or any other tool of styling.
  • All the tools of styling harm the Hair very severely, so when you want to do styling. Firstly, take the best Haircare.

All these remedies I mentioned above are 100% perfect, and all these remedies are my self-tested. So, use all these remedies. You can use all these above remedies for every hair issue for every hair type.


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