How to make delicious halwa poori at home

Halwa poori is a Pakistani and Indian breakfast dish that gives a standard to breakfast, especially at weekends. Halwa poori and poori halwa is the same thing with these two names. I love to eat poori halwa in breakfast to have a fine day with the full energy of delicious poori, channa, and sweetest halwa. Everyone should start a healthy, wealthy day with halwa poori. I usually used to help my mother in making halwa poori. So, I know the full poori halwa recipe step by step.

My mother uses a method of her mother making poori halwa, and now I catch this. When it rains in the morning or has cold wind with a happy morning, I request my mother to make poori halwa for breakfast.

In my halwa poori recipe, which m going to tell you, you will be amazed to cook and serve this delicious breakfast to essential guests and family get together. The homemade method of making poori halwa at home is here for you. OK, follow my halwa poori recipe:

Method to make a Poori:

These are ingredients of my halwa poori recipe which you should know before making poori:

• All-purpose flour and whole-wheat flour

• Water

• Salt

• Yogurt

• Oil

Poori is the main thing in the halwa poori recipe. To start, take all-purpose flour and whole-wheat flour in the same quantity; these two flour will give healthy taste in poori add some salt according to your taste and now add some yogurt, which helps poori to stay soft. However, it must remind one thing to add yogurt that you have to mash it perfectly before adding in material, and now the dough is ready. Now add some warm water in and mix it well. Put some oil on the dough by finger. 

Just wait for 15-20 mints to stay dough soft and tight. If you increase, this time dough will lose its raw form and find an over soft or maybe over stiff dough. Cover this dough with a cloth or plastic bag. After this, cover out the dough after rest and make a big roll of this rested and soft dough. Now cut this roll in small pieces and start to make delicious pooris of these rolls.

Before frying poori in oil, make sure oil is boiling so that poori will puff beautifully. You can use my technique to check the oil is heated well or not. Just take your palm on a pot. If you fell your palm is burning, start frying pooris.

Method to make Halwa at home:

poori halwa
fry poori halwa

As one of the most popular dishes in Pakistan, semolina halwa is not only served with poori also celebrations. That is the second thing of the halwa poori recipe. We can’t miss halwa if we are making poori. However, in Pakistan, this dish is widely cooked because Pakistanis only love semolina halwa. The semolina is made from ground wheat and is just as healthy. Apart from the taste, semolina also has a unique and beautiful texture. You need some ingredients for halwa, which as follows.

• Semolina

• Milk

• Oil

• Sugar

• Copra

• Raisins

• Almonds

• Pistachio

• Cardamom

• Hot Water

Here we start making halwa, the main thing from the halwa poori recipe. Take a cooking pan and add some oil with semolina according to the quantity of your semolina. Cook semolina in oil until you feel its fragrance. In my home, when my mother cooks halwa, I mostly feel the fragrance of semolina first.

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On another cooking, pan take some warm water, add sugar, copra, raisins, almonds, pistachio, and cardamom. Cook it for 4-5 minutes. In the end, after waiting, add this in semolina. Now, mix it well to get the pure taste of halwa with all ingredients. Your very special halwa is ready to serve.

Making of Poori Channa:

When I was growing up, he barely made anything beyond Kadalala Kerry, which featured Potato, Chapatti, Batura, and even Dosa. I love the halwa poori with spicy channa very much. Since my childhood, my mother mostly serves in breakfast halwa poori with terrific channa.

 •  Oi

 •  Boiled channa

 •  Onion

 •  Cumin

 •  Turmeric powder

 •  Fenugreek

 •  Red pepper powder

 • Coriander powder

 • Ginger garlic paste

 • Almonds

 • Salt

Heat oil and add the onion. Season until golden brown and add ginger and garlic. Fry for another 30 seconds and add some kale or fennel seeds. These are Indian spice, but I must use these in the halwa poori recipe. Some people use hot masala and channel masala at this time, but it gives delicious taste if you and these masalas end.

Add the next tomatoes and cook until they are wet and soft cold, and mix into a slight paste return to the same pan and add the cooked chickpeas, chili powder, salt, and some water. Bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes. Add hot masala or chana masala according to your taste and top off with chopped coriander leaves.



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