Americans worried about the cost of their health care system

Americans have always respected the autonomy and the rights of individuals to determine their destiny. That’s been a valuable part of the American character. But the health care crisis didn’t even spare super-powers. American medicine, autonomy has been disassociated with a cost.

The analogy would be going to a well-reputed restaurant, ordering whatever one wants, and paying the deductible on the bill. It wouldn’t work in the restaurant business, and it doesn’t work in medical care where the prices are ridiculous multiples of that bill. 

Currently, the American health system presents like a market where the cost undoubtedly much higher, which one has to meet out of pocket. This issue is pressing for Americans; however, America is not manipulating its health policy for profit, they are trying so far for solving this high-cost challenge but unfortunately all in vain.

America is spending about 70% of per capita as compared to other countries, but efforts are not bringing fruit. Americans are worried about the high cost of healthcare.

 The United States is a developed country with high technology that makes everything easier by saving time and hard work. For example, fresh fruits are more expensive to buy than processed fruits.

Due to the high cost of fresh fruits & vegetables, Americans tend to use other alternatives & junk food. The use of an unhealthy diet makes it easy prey for diseases like obesity, diabetes Mellitus, etc.

After COVID-19 pandemic, the drugs cost touches the sky. The patient who is suffering from Diabetes Mellitus is much worried about their treatment continuation. Because of a single vial of insulin (The primary drug to treat DM), expenditure $300 is beyond their allowance limit.

Affordable Care Act (ACA) also called Obamacare, which is complex and determines much more than the individual exchange policies available to many people. There are many pros & cons of the Obamacare act. About 54% of Americans dislike this legislation, and they want to Ban this law.

Why is the health care system of the USA high?

There are many fundamental reasons to answer this question of why healthcare is so expensive?

Following are the most well-known & acceptable reasons that contribute to high healthcare course 

1. Multiple systems create destructions 

2. Drug costs are rising

3. Doctor and Nurses are highly paid

4. Hospitals are becoming business hubs

5. Americans prices for diagnosis and treatment is not stable In my opinion

6.Debate ongoing in America regarding universal healthcare and the plans of the Trump administration over it.

7. The rising cost of insurance premium,  

8.potential patients will not fall under the umbrella of the new proposed healthcare system by the Trump admin.

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How is high cost related to Obamacare?

Obamacare or ACA (affordable care act), United States President Barak Obama signed a universal law in 2010. Firstly, the most significant favorable aspect of the ACA is that it eliminated pre-existing conditions clauses & provide coverage of prevailing pre-owned conditions.

The most significant contrary fact of the ACA is the universality. The American folks are forced by the Government to accept or buy Obamacare insurance policy & if they reject the Government took a penalty from them. That’s the most opposing part of ACA.

For example, many states now require drivers to prove that they have auto insurance before they can register or renew their auto license. Most of the younger and healthier individuals throwing down insurance & prefer to pay taxes. Because they know, they can repurchase insurance if they get any health disorder in the future or if life events like weddings occur or family status fluctuates.

Courts and Congress have done much damage & Congress has essentially sabotaged the” affordable” part of the “Affordable Care Act.” After the Obamacare act launched, the rate of increasing healthcare costs had been slowed, but after this change & COVID-19 pandemic, it again starts to touches peak. ACA raised the income tax rate even ACA taxes those who didn’t purchase insurance.

It is very costly and makes Americans aggressive who were happy previously with they already have medical insurance. The annual insurance cost is deducted unevenly from people in different settings. ACA subside those who are poor. Rural and less populated regions are especially tough to hit. “Red States” have been knocked hard as compared to “Blue States.”

The premium can be lowered by the cooperation of Government, different political parties, organizations, insurance companies, drug companies, and healthy people. As people are much worried about the cost of their healthcare system instead of supporting it, they dislike it. Due to the lack of their support, this activity is not satisfying the Americans.

How can we improve the American health system?

By following ways, we can improve the American health system

Emphasis on preventive healthcare over curative healthcare. The Government should lower the taxes on a healthy &natural diet. As good health saves a person from thousands of diseases. Ultimately it will decrease the fear of Americans about the cost of the health care system. 

American Government should introduce the universal legislation which allows the health service delivers to set a health standard to diminish price capping and price transparency.

Develop a centralized payment claim system, so doctors, patients, and hospitals become able to opt only one method to deal with. This step will save citizens from unwanted interest rates and assist them in a stable health system. 

Eliminate contingency based malpractice system 

Mobile centers, retail health clinics, and community health centers incorporate facilities that offer essential medicinal services, administrations, and preventative health services.

Like, care for teeth services from a well-furnished mobile clinic with all necessary tools and operators to offer home health care services in both urban and rural areas. Community health centers and mobile clinics help in the prevention of illness and promotion of health.

If your health condition is not severe, it’s an intelligent decision and best alternative to asking your family physician to visit you to provide you home health.


Health care is a human right. To achieve this goal effectively, the Government should fix the drawbacks of the system. 


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