How To Get The Perfect Body

Every person at least once in their lifetime dreams to get their body in shape. If we take a quick look around, we are surrounded by people like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, and every girl out there is inspired to stay in shape. 

Taking a glance at all these fashion magazines around, every model you see, male or female, is photoshopped with perfection. Recent research shows that 97% of females and 80% of men are unhappy with their bodily appearances.

The idea of a perfect body is not that if you follow a particular regime, you will end up looking like a specific model you have dreamed of. Instead, every person has their body type, and no one can look the same as the other person.

Yes, there are chances that you may look somewhat near to that person, but the fact is that it will never be alike. This is the beauty of every human. We all are created different from each other, so it’s better to focus more on how to get the perfect body of your own

This article will deal with ways you can attain a good body in shape and the best ways to achieve it through some steps.

Finding out your BMI

Calculating your BMI is a significant step for an individual to get a body in shape. This will help in setting up a motive as to how much fat you need to lose and what diets and lifestyle you should follow to maintain proper body shape.

BMIs are calculated by dividing weight by height. The ideal BMI is considered to range from 18.5-25. This is going to help you decide if you need to gain more weight or you need to shed some pounds to stay in shape.

Finding out your Body type

If you want to know how to stay in shape, find out your type of body. Every person out there carries a specific body type. However, you are not bound to one category, but your lifestyle, genetics, and history can play a significant role in it. They can be broadly classified into three categories:


  • Typical characteristics of this body type are a lean physique, delicate frame, tough to gain fat, and muscles with a relatively high metabolism. These are the type of people all of us envy that eats loads of food but never gain weight.
  • Such people should do more ‘Compound Workouts,’ which requires multiple muscle groups working at the same time. For example, Squats, Deadlifts, Pull-ups, and bench press. Such people can follow a healthy all-rounded diet if they are looking for staying in shape.


  • Mesomorphs are the all-in-one category. They are lean, but they have muscles too. They have broad shoulders, a cinched waist, and a wide pelvis. Mesomorphs find it easier to stay in shape, but following a proper diet is vital here for staying in shape.
  • Lifting weights and cardio progressively can induce significant effects on them. The best way to keep fit for mesomorphs is if their diet has moderate amounts of Carbohydrates along with equal amounts of  Fat and Protein.


  • Endomorphs are the category that, if gains weight, they tend to stay like that for a more extended period. They are broader than the above two types. They have a thick ribcage, wider pelvis, and relatively shorter limbs, which means they have a longer torso. People who feel like they have gained weight just by looking at the ice cream parlor, they are the Endomorphs.
  • Also, they have a relatively slow metabolism in contrast with the other two categories. If you are an endomorph and looking for how to get a good body, then such people should follow HIIT along with cardio exercises.
  • Moreover, to increase their metabolic rate, endomorphs should focus on gaining muscles through weight lifting. A far as diet is concerned, Endomorphs should follow a strict diet to get a good body shape. A diet rich in protein and low in carbs and fats is the best way to stay fit.

Therefore, finding out the right body type will educate you about your body needs and will help you evaluate the kind of diets you should follow.

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There is a famous saying which goes like ‘You are what you eat.’ As a matter of fact, this is the most real thing you will ever hear to get a good body shape. The food we eat clearly reflects on our bodies and our skin. If we treat it right, we get a toned body with a beautiful, healthy, and glowing skin.

Therefore the diet you ingest is key to ‘how to get a perfect body.’ Ingesting clean food is the best way to stay fit, which includes the consumption of fruits and raw vegetables. Start by eating a low-bloat diet, which provides for increased uptake of fibers.

best way to stay fit
Best way to stay fit

Fibers in the food tend to absorb fat, and it makes you feel fuller for longer. Also, it increases gastrointestinal motility. By keeping you fuller for longer, it replenishes your satiety and helps you avoid binge eating. Divide your meals to 5-6 times a day, yet in smaller portions. Never starve yourself. After we take in food, some hormones like gastrin are secreted by the intestinal cells, which cause stomach distention, thereby killing the desire to eat.

Refrain from all sugary intakes as it is going to be stored as Adipose Tissue-Fat. Focus more on eating lean proteins, which will help your muscles to grow and hence, will fasten up the body’s metabolism and will bring your body in shape.

Keep an eye on your Calories

Keeping a count of your calories is crucial if you go out in search of how to get a sound body. After finding out your BMI, look for the number of calories you need to take. If trying to weigh down, you need to put yourself in a calorie deficit, and if you are planning on gaining weight, you need to exceed the regular caloric demand of the body.

So before you hit Mc Donald’s buying yourself a glass of Milkshake, think about it. Will this Milkshake help me stay in shape? Or will those extra calories help me attain a good body shape? Such extra calories are usually the obstacles of staying in shape. Every time you go for grocery shopping, skip away from the soda cans and chocolates, and stocking up oats and cereals for a healthy alternative is the best way to stay fit.

Look for Inspiration

If you are looking for a way to how to stay in shape, but you find the motivation to do all those workouts and stay in shape after, well, here is the answer to it. Hit on to Instagram and look for motivational health experts. This is the best way to stay fit and find motivation.

Niko Algeiri is a celebrity trainer who will boost your enthusiasm while scrolling down your feed. ‘Shona Vertue’ is yet another famous trainer and your answer to how to stay in shape, which works mostly on gluteal regions and legs. Try looking for thinks get keeps you going. Every person has their kinks, which pushes them up. Either take your favorite person along for a workout or ask a friend to instill your mind with it every once in a while.

Move your Body

Making your body move is the most significant step to how to stay in shape, instead of elevators. Grab a glass of water yourself than asking younger siblings for it. Walk down the aisle to grab a cup of coffee. If you are in search of how to get a perfect body like everyone else, start with a walk.

Walking 30 minutes daily every day can have drastic impacts on your body. Walking is the most initial step to how to get a good body and how to stay in shape like those celebrities we see on social media. Try pacing up yourself after your body is used to the walking pace. Switch to jogging instead; this will help you achieve better results and will bring your body in shape in no time, I promise.


If you are looking for answers on how to get the perfect body and stay in shape for a longer run, well, PRIORITIZE! Always keep this mantra in your mind, “You are important for yourself.” This is essential for inspiring your soul so that you seek for ways which will help you stay in shape. If you cannot think about yourself, nobody else is going to do it for you. Unless you are not willing to seek answers for how to get that perfect body, you cannot stay in shape.

For staying in shape, you need to be the first one to think about it. If you find it too tight in the beginning, start by making small changes in your lifestyle. These small changes will bring you one step closer to get your body in shape. Try waking up 20 minutes earlier in the morning for yourself – for staying in shape.

It’s easy to dream, but you need to put in the effort to achieve that. No matter how busy you are in your life, manage out a few minutes and think about yourself, think about ways as to how to stay in shape, and how to get a sound body.

If you start thinking today, only then can you act tomorrow. Only then you achieve that dream perfect body and stay in shape.

Be proud of your Achievements:

Staying in shape is not easy. You will get around with people who will mock you and de-motivate you. But since a good thing never comes easy, it is going to take some hard work to stay in shape. Every time you weigh yourself and find one shed pound, celebrate it. No matter if people don’t see you lean and muscular all in an instant.

Cherish the effort that you put in. Cherish that every drop of sweat that rolls down your forehead. For it is your Success, you answer to how to get a sound body. Every time your legs are sore after some high-intensity workout, remember that this was your triumph. Your muscles ache because your body has worked.



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