Husband Breaks Wife’s Spine After Ludo game

People are quarantined, and fun activities are limited. Online games are an escape route for many to put some colors in their dull lives. Ludo, PUBG, and carom board are equally famous among masses of all ages and have become part of their daily routines. Couples now have time to spend with each other, but for many, the time spent together isn’t good for their lives.

Husband Breaks Wife’s Spine

Just two days ago, a 24 years old woman of Gujrat asked her man to play some rounds of online Ludo with her, the husband having nothing else to do during this complete lockdown of the corona pandemic agreed. The game started, and being a pro player wife won all the rounds they played. Seeing her win all the shots, the husband lost her cool, and an argument broke out between them.

According to 181 Abhayam helpline, the husband started calling her sore loser and stepped on her, beat her so savagely that the woman developed free gaps between her spine vertebrae. According to reports, the wife contributes to family finances as well, and as she beat her husband in an online game, it hurt the husband’s ego, so he took it out in the form of beating her to almost death.

The husband works in an electronics company and is doing quite well. Still, they have loans to pay for home installation because of which wife also started taking home tuitions. She had done a beautician course, which came into handy to support her husband during tough times.

It is nothing new. Domestic violence against women happens every moment weblinks, but this made another record where the spine got broken just because of an online game. That proves how our society is still so Patriarchal and how men assume women as sub-humans.

In Pakistan, a man hacked her wife for putting food late for dinner. Stories like these don’t even make us stop to give them a read because it has become so common that it isn’t also considered to spare some of our pathetic emotions to such stories.

The wife was taken to the orthopedic surgeon, where her spine injuries got treated. Reportedly she has moved to her parent’s house, but as divorces in desi society aren’t appreciated, and women are often forced to live in abusive relationships, the woman also decided not to file a complaint against her husband and is said to be moving to her husband house soon.

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The story got highlighted in social media, where mixed reactions were seen. Some desi men supported it in covers and happily appreciated the woman for keeping up the grace by not reporting her husband. They called it the beauty of woman forgiving nature, not considering that society forces women to be this “forgiving.”

If a man can beat his wife just because of some online games, what will he do to her when there is some serious issue between them, a prominent supporter of women’s rights, Jamie Weinstein said.

Domestic violence always takes start like this, and it becomes routine of the household if let go. The force that is done in a fit of the moment shouldn’t be allowed gone such quickly and should be strictly handled. Domestic violence like these affects not only the physical health of the victims but also their mental health that leaves emotional scars on the victims. Not only victims should be separated from the abusers but also sent to therapy by professionals.

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