IIT Leads Effort to Upskill Students With New Professional skills

IIT is a Karachi, Pakistan based Institution of Education and Technology. As the name indicates, this institution vows to provide technical skills to its students in a highly professional and easy way.


It won’t be wrong to say that in this technical field, the courses are endless. There is no way you can learn in-depth knowledge about a particular class and say that you have mastered it all. That is not possible. Because this knowledge focuses more on practical work than theoretical, the IIT institution has placed its courses just as per the demand today.

The list of courses is:

  1. WordPress
  2. Php MySQL
  3. HTML and CSS
  4. Larvel
  5. NodeJs and react

If you have even the least knowledge about online technical education and course, you must be wondering what a competitive list of classes is! Aren’t you?

Well, I am.

WordPress, MySql, HTML, and CSS, Larvel these days are the most in-demand courses. You can start up your website and run an online business. That is the easiest way to earn passive income.

Don’t you want to earn money while sleeping in your comfy zone? Who doesn’t want to?

However, I admit that this work requires effort, time, patience, and a little bit of investment as well. But once it’s set, you are all set as well.


The purpose of narrating the above story is to let you know the in-depth aim of IIT as you all know that the global economy has crashed because of COVID-19. Because of this, many people are jobless and living hand to mouth.

What would you suggest to a person who lost his job and wants to earn money for himself and his family? Well, I would recommend him to go for an online appointment! For this purpose, you need to learn some excellent skills. The next thing you would do is to look for a platform where you can learn the skills. There you will need a platform like IIT! This institution’s hidden aim is to make you independent enough to earn 1000s of dollars via professional-level knowledge and digital skills.


Being a university student, I know very well how the system works. Most of the time, teachers deliver their lectures via slides and do slide-reading! There is no concept of  “clearing the concepts” of students, while all they want is to finish their course. Leave aside the practical knowledge that won’t be given to you!

IIT well noticed this space. And the good thing is that they tried to fill it by opening an institution of their own where the prime focus is le give demonstrations and practical knowledge about digital skills to all their students.

It is a proven fact that people have sharp visual memory that the audio one! People excel in the work which they have performed themselves. Don’t you agree? I do. That is why the team IIT’s primary focus is on delivering quality professional knowledge about their courses that focuses more on practical experience about digital skills rather than relying solely on theoretical knowledge.

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IIT is well aware of the COVID-19 precautionary measures and makes sure to follow them at any cost. But during this pandemic, physical classes are not an option. So the team came up with an alternative solution just as the rest of global institutions are following, i.e., the Online Education System!

Keeping in view the governmental policies, IIT is making sure every student attends the class and not miss even a single lecture on the courses which are so worthy of their future. They cater to every student’s problem efficiently and assure that nobody faces any issues. If any student encounters an issue, then the team tries their level best to sort it out.


As aforementioned, the importance of professional knowledge is so vast and crucial that no one can deny it. This world has become a global village now, and all of us must have to stay in touch with the leading trends to compete with the world. You need to learn the basics-to-professional level skills of this digital world. IIT aims to give you precisely that! The feedback from their students mentioned on their site https://iit.org.pk says it all.

Especially during the present and post-COVID-19 era, this digital knowledge is needed the most like never before. For this purpose, get yourself enrolled in IIT and learn to master digital skills.



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