Multiple Impacts Of COVID-19 On Society

Today the world is confronting with an invisible enemy named as COVID-19. Even though it was originated from China, but now it has moved globally and created massive havoc all around the world. This pandemic is going to change the tides of history and leave a lifetime impact on billions of lives in several ways.

Economic Impact:

There is no exact practice and methodology to discover how long the Covid-19 will continue to exist. Unreliability regarding the size and deepness of health disaster associated with economic impact fueling perception of instability and fluctuations in financial markets. The magnitude of the destruction is influenced by how rapidly the virus is restricted. In a highly integrated economy, the consequences of this pandemic have gone beyond the causalities and morbidity.

This pandemic has naked the crumbliness of the international economy as the global economy is going to experience third deep economic slump of 21st century after 9/11 and financial disaster of 2008. The first signal of pandemic effects on chinses economy is far worse than initial forecasting. Being a second economic power in China. Businesses all over the globe, regardless of size reliant for input on china have started to face a reduction in production and consumption as well.

This pandemic has shaped demand and supplies shock around the world. The OECD predicted severely downward modification in economies profoundly interconnected to China, particularly, South Korea, Japan and Australia. Significant economies of Europe facing acute downfall in business activities which is around 15 per cent due to adopting preventive approaches. At the same time, developing countries may face a reduction in economic output by 25 per cent.

Economies heavily reliant on Service and tourism sector may perhaps experience more intense impact, while economies having large mining and agriculture sector will become a faceless threat. International Aviation industries wide-reaching can bear revenue loss among 63 billion to 113 billion. According to the World Bank, the volume of global trade may reduce among 13 per cent to 32 per cent due to this outbreak. This economic impact will vary across the countries, reflecting modifications in the time and degree of regulating techniques. Due to significant increase in no of cases governments and other official authorities executing effective measure to restricted this virus but the destruction resulting from this pandemic is growing nonstop. 

Social Impact:

Multiple Impacts Of COVID-19 On Society 1

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shaken all segment of the society particularly a member of those social community in the most helpless and vulnerable condition, including individuals lives below the poverty line, older persons, disabled person, Endemic persons and youth as well. At the same time, older people are battling with a health crisis and trying to keep themselves at staying inside.

Even in best bits, disable individuals deals huge challenge in assessing health protection services due to affordability issue, unavailability as well as prejudice and unequal treatment. On the other hand, individuals having a disability can experience troubles in adopting protective measure such as washing hands, cleaning your self and environment to stay safe and healthy.

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Cleaning your place frequently, washing hand repeatedly might be problematic due to the physical barrier and absence of most of the services. Therefore, they may perhaps not be able to implement social distancing due to dependency on others for their day to day task.

The cheeriest part of the story is that this pandemic made us kind and generous towards the deprived segment of the population. A vast deal of responsibility lies on the most vibrant community, business tycoon, politicians to come out show unanimity in this hard time. A real trial of our compassion and generosity has started, look into your surrounding Humanity calling you.

Psychological Impact:

Still, there is no medical treatment that can be found. The only solution is to be isolated, strictly adopt social distancing approach. But this reactive approach comes with a lot of adverse effects on human psychology, and particularly older people are being inactive and anxious about putting weight due to getting away physical activities. Staying inside leaving symptoms of traumatic stress, annoyance on our mental health. In this time of need, the public entirely relies on media to deliver up to date and correct information to shape the decision about health protection.

The intensified distress response of media exposure against collective disaster may have long-lasting impacts on the physical and mental health of individuals. Extensive high stress after 9/11 also forecasted and revealed hypertension and cardiovascular disorder, particularly among those who were concerned about future terrorism. Most of earlier studies have confirmed that both the amount and the type of media exposure are strongly correlated with mental and physical health.

This hypertension, anxiety and stress lead to family clashes and domestic violence. Apart from breaking news and getting the highest Television Rating Point, they need to be truthful and trustworthy. Furthermore, wrong and fake news is circulating on social media giving birth to misperception and ambiguity. Instead of being sensational, we have to sow the seeds of truthiness. It is need of the hour to demonstrate true morality, honesty and sense of responsibility to set the pattern for coming generations. If each individual contributes his or her share, we can have a dramatic change very soon.

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