Into The Night: Light Might Kill You

Have you ever wondered what if that the brightest star of our system always turned into killing all life sources? Netflix new series Into The Night state sunlight ending life on the planet and only a group of flight passengers surviving through it.

Netflix Into The Night is a Belgian series starring many International cast of actors from France, Germany, Russia, Italy, Poland, Turkey, and of course Belgium.

The series is based upon Jacek Dukaj’s best-selling novel the Old Axolotl and sees humanity plugged into doom after a sudden “solar event” turns the sun into a lethal orb, killing everyone on its path.

Its start off as an Italian NATO soldier Terenzio (Stefano Cassetti) hijacked a plane heading to west from Brussels to Morrocco after watching a glimpse of news of people dying on the spot from light. He, with a group of other individuals, forces his way to the plane.

Under the leadership of pilot Mathieu (Laurent Capelluto) and passenger Sylvie ( Pauline Etienne), pressed into cockpit service when the rest of crew and passengers left at Terminal because of Terenzio forced early take off to keep outrunning sunlight.

Now on aboard the group of people are from different nations, and most of them speak French but come from a diverse c. Throughout the season, those differences in ability, occupation, religion, and class all create opportunities for the kind of tension that could undermine the entire effort.

Their continued relative success to build on new understandings of each other, but “Into the Night” incorporates the idea that certain prejudices and assumptions can hinder response to an urgent, unfolding crisis.

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The series focus a bit more on character development than the catastrophe. At the start of every episode, you would see a flashback of one of the characters past story and let you know them a bit more but nor every aspect has flashbacks scenes too.

But it will make you jump off your seat with its thrill and curiosity as episodes pass on tho’ its only a short series with only six-chapter but it is worth our time and energy.

The most exceptional survival through night flying from city to city in search of enough supplies to get through this apocalypse and keeping the group together and thinking of ways to save others if any survivors left?

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