Jannat Mirza Refused to Co-star in a Movie with Kartik Aryan

If you use any of social media, you know what TikTok is. Tiktok being hugely popular among masses of all ages, is a leading social app nowadays. When an app is hugely popular, there are bound to be people who are famous and have a huge fan base over there.

Recently an Exo member joined TikTok and took over trends on Twitter and Facebook. Now let’s talk about Pakistani famous Tiktok stars. One of the leading Tiktok stars is Jannat Mirza, who is immensely popular.

If you have ever come across the Pakistani TikTok community, you must have heard her name once for sure. She captivates her followers with her transformation and lip-synching videos. 

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Here is some necessary information about Jannat Mirza and how she is so popular.

Jannat Mirza TikTok Followers

Jannat Mirza being the star of the TikTok community has over 6 million followers, and it gets increasing every day like no one’s business.

Jannat Mirza has 6 million followers

Jannat does copying famous scenes from movies and moving emotional videos with background music most of the time. 

She also does transformation videos where she transforms from a nerd to a beauty taking everyone by pleasant surprise.

Her power on Tiktok could be guessed from the fact that YouTube stars like Shahveer Jaferry and Zaid Ali T have collaborated with her to take over the Tiktok Desi community. When someone is this hugely popular, there are bound to be many perks, and it came to Jannat Mirza into offers of movies.

Recently she revealed that she is working on a Punjabi film directed by Syed Noor, where she has a significant role, and Saima Jee is playing the role of her mother in that movie.

That was her success in Pakistan media, now let’s talk about her success that reached across the border. Recently Jannat revealed that she was offered a movie with Kartik but she has refused to work in it.

And the reason is very heartwarming; she revealed the reason for the refusal is the way Pakistani Stars are treated in India, she hates the way Muslims are so oppressed in India coupled with the goal that her parents won’t allow her to work in Bollywood Industry as they are also aggravated over the conditions of Indian Muslims.

She talked about matters of her Lollywood debut and offered from the big stars of Bollywood in her very recent interview, which you can watch here. 

Now that we have updated you about Jannat Mirza, what do you think did she got the offer from Bollywood or is it a new way of getting more fame and followers.



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