Thailand King goes into Quarantine with 20 Beauties

Life in quarantine isn’t much to talk about, but what if there are 20 Beauties to join you? Who wouldn’t want it? The King of Thailand turned the dream of many men into reality and went into quarantine with a harem of twenty Beauties. But the twist isn’t ended yet! The place that was chosen as Earthly Heaven for himself is a 5 star hotel in Germany

Because of COVID-19, there are restrictions on socializing everywhere so the King of Thailand palace had to take special permission from the German government to book a luxury hotel. This became a piece of big news in Germany as every other luxury German hotel is forced to shut down without any exception but now the special permission is given to this lucky king of Thailand. As he has taken with himself a harem of twenty Beauties along with servants to serve them, it is yet to be cleared if his fourth beautiful wife, Suthida Tidjai, was with him or not.

Because of the king of Thailand, the luxury German hotels were on run to get him into their hotels but he chose Grand Hotel Sonnenbichi, a luxury 5 star hotel in the Garmisch-Partenkirchen an alpine town. The Luxury 5 star Germany hotel was given special permission to serve the King of Thailand and his harem of 20 Beauties on the basis of a group being peace-loving, nonviolent and VVIP group.

King of Thailand King Maha is 67 years old and is still in high spirits when it comes to keeping harem around himself. Not only harem the king of Thailand is also famous for his extravagant and pompous lifestyle. He has been married 4 times. Due to strict Thai laws, much isn’t known about the king of Thailand but he had studied in Australia and Britain and is a pilot.


Fights happen between women when they are all related to one man, a womanizer, so did it happen. His girlfriend of many years was reportedly plotting against king official queen and so the girlfriend consort was thrown out of the palace with all her titles revoked.

The king of Thailand, Maha Vajiralongkorn, has been reigning over Thailand since 2016 as a constitutional monarch when his father died after ruling for 70 years. He became an official constitutional king in 2019. As being a monarch the news about him and his family are kept secret and citizens are not allowed to openly debate about it, stripping them of their rights to be vocal about insecurities they have about the royal family.

Tweets against King of Thailand

King of Thailand self-indulgence into Beauties and extravagant lifestyle is not much appreciated in Thailand and now this recent entourage of his sparked a debate on his lifestyle and raised many fingers on him. 1.2 million tweets were made against him when this was made public. Thai was outraged and said why do they need such a King for?

As COVID-19 has stricken everywhere so Thailand wasn’t spared, the people are quarantine and 1500 corona cases along with 9 deaths have been announced there, despite this King made no appearances or made any comments about it, which has lit anger into Thailand.

Even his dog is more important to him than his own people one tweet said. He has no sympathy and worries for his people while when his favorite dog died he made a four days funeral for it and also countless food items were made for the guests. The King of Thailand Palace mockery of his own people who are quarantined and nothing to eat.

The king of Thailand was reportedly seen in Germany cycling around, being a passionate cyclist he is, none of the worries about his own country and his people. While people are dying he is still being a womanizer and actively gathering Beauties from all around the world to keep him company.

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People are protesting online against the king of Thailand and the protest was voiced even more when his quarantine with 20 beauties was made public.

Almost a million cases of the corona have been recorded all over the world with 43,600 deaths and 18500 recoveries. More than thirty thousand have died in Europe and it is still spreading like wildfire, people are forced into Quarantine and being left with fear.

 Despite this elite class are doing these kinds of extravagant things, mocking the common people. The common people have nothing to eat or depend on but then some so-called kings go into Quarantine with his own army of servants and harem of Beauties. This is also another dirt embellished on the collars of rich.

By: Zaynab Shinwari


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