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One day you just woke up, and as per your routine, you first check your phone to see time and notifications. You have some important messages and emails to reply too. You thought to respond to them right that time, so you just typed your reply and hit the send button. A notifications pop up and say message sending failed. You hit the resend button, but again the same warning appears.

You checked your notification bar to see if the internet signals are weak, so that would be the reason why your messages aren’t sending, but what you see is there are no internet signals.

Okay, don’t worry You scrolled down your notification bar in seconds to check that if your internet is off and what you see is, there is no internet option okay it’s time to worry now after few minutes a pigeon comes at your window you opened your window and that pigeon hands over you an envelope on which there is written welcome to the new world “living without internet.”

We were just joking! Let’s come back to reality. Internet a global network that connects a person to the world through the internet. A person from one country can connect to the person living in another country.

The Internet has the power to make you famous in one night. The Internet has made our lives so easy to live. The Internet has a lot of advantages, but it also has disadvantages which have a significant impact on our lives.

In the old days when there were no internet people, their presence was also going on when those people would live without the InternetInternet and TV, then why can’t we live without the Internet and TV.

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Nowadays everyone is in search of shortcuts they have no time to wait in the line to pay their bills, go to the grocery shop to buy grocery, go to the mall for shopping, even if they aren’t in a mood to cook they just order it and its delivered at their doorstep.

So to free yourself from these hustle online media is the solution which we all are using in our daily life and the online world is impossible without the internet so this is all a point that why we can’t live a life without internet? Everyone wants things on their doorstep.

Life without internet or living without internet in these times will be miserable for a lot of people why because we all are so much dependent and use to internet that we even can’t imagine a day in our life without internet

Living without internet is not a bad idea. The time you spend on internet everyday surfing through different websites, you are scrolling through social media, checking out new videos on YouTube, etc. that time you can spend on yourself to be productive, or you can do those things which you are thinking for a long time to do but didn’t have time.

Eliminating the internet from your life can be an enjoyable experience, although it’s a little bit tough. Sometime you will feel frustrated also because when there is no internet, you have to do everything on your own.

Before 1927 people were living without TV and the internet, they were dependent on themselves, and they were active in many ways.

Living without internet

You will think that without TV? How do they use to entertain themselves or spend time when they would be free? Living without internet and TV? I have answers to all of your questions. When there was no internet, people use to have gatherings.

They use to visit their neighbors and friends. They use to go and watch stage dramas. They apply to be creative, and they use to read, play board games, outdoor games, they use to write and a lot of other stuff they use to do while living without internet and TV.

How do they use to research while living without internet? Do you know a place called “library”? Yes! Libraries in past times people use to go to the library and do research encyclopedias were their Wikipedia. They had to go through each page of books to find relevant information about their topics.

That sounds a little boring and time consuming, but going through each page of a book also enhanced their knowledge, and they use to get information about new facts and figures.

How do they use to contact each other? People used to send letters to their loved ones through the post office and had to wait for days or sometimes weeks to get a reply letter from their loved ones. Landline was also there, but that was not affordable for everyone.

How do they use to advertise something? They apply to made pamphlets of the advertisement they wanted to promote, and they had to stick them on notice boards, walls, or places where there were a lot of people so that people will see the pamphlet. They will respond or get information about the products or things they are advertising.

No internet, no TV means no NEWS? In these times where you get every update on your TV or your mobile phone. In past days people use to read the daily newspaper to stay connected with the world and to have knowledge about what’s going on in the country and world.

These are the most common things of the past when there was no internet in the world.

We were going through a lot of blogs and articles about life without internet and living without internet. The most common change was they had a lot of time to be productive, they were not in stress anymore, they became self-disciplined, they became creative, their life changed in a manner that they had time to think about themselves and improve themselves.

Living a life without internet is not as miserable as you feel the internet also has a lot of drawbacks which have a significant impact on our lives.

If you are planning to live without internet to see how it feels, then there are some tips which can make your living without internet adventure less annoying while on vacation from the internet.

You can do Journaling

Journaling is a fun activity to do. It also gives you relief from stress. It’s all about your creativity take a journal and just be creative you can write, you can do art on it, you can paste your favorite pictures on it and a lot more.

Read a book

Reading is the best thing to do when you are free. It enhances your vocabulary. Text is an excellent exercise for your brain.

Make notes about your day

List down the things you did the whole day. Make a to-do list for your upcoming day. Something you want to do or you are planning to do for a long time, but you didn’t have time to do now when you are living without internet at home you can do those things.

Think about yourself

In this internet busy life, you don’t have time to think about yourself. So take your time and think about your life, your future, your goals, your achievements, your family, and your loved ones.

Try to write a book

If you love to write, then writing a book is a good option for you and to spend this time while living without internet at home.

You can’t disconnect yourself from the internet because the internet is as much important in your daily life as much food is. You work with the help of the internet, you connect with others through the internet, you earn through the internet, and every aspect of life is connected with the internet but taking a break and living a life without internet to experience how you will cope without internet is not a bad idea.



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