Covid-19 Lockdown For Humans, Freedom For Animals

A disease name CORONVIRUS is controlling the whole world nowadays. Lockdowns are everywhere; people are lock up in their homes and living a life that animals were living from the past many years. Today, humans didn’t found their freedom, and they are worried. But this freedom habitat was of the animals that we humans have once taken away from them. Many animals who are endangered species are spotted on the streets in this lockdown situation.

Civet Cat critically endangered mammal who is not seen until 1990 emerge for the first time on the streets of Kozhikode, the Indian state of Kerala and this went viral on social media. While humans are self-isolating in their homes, animals get a chance to roam who usually stay away from urban areas. Nature is giving the right to wander which humans took from them many years ago.

A flock of Deer was caught on the camera roaming the streets of Haridwar in Northern India, during the lockdown of COVID-19. Not only in India, the wild endangered animals had been spotted, but many other countries get a chance to see nature’s beauty around them. As coronavirus hits the Catalonia region in northeastern Spain, Boar an animal who lived in the mountains descends from the mountains to the very centre of Barcelona, after several days of lockdown. This all shows that the animals might get happy to have free space to wander; they again get to their freedom lives.

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As humans are being locked, animals takeover to all that was once theirs. The whole world is under risk, and people are worried, afraid, and conscious. Where on the other hand, watching wild animals which are only be studied in books and on the internet is pure happiness. The animals that were seen by our ancestors only and then became endangered are now spotted live on the streets.

We are lucky to see them for the first time, and this becomes a moment of happiness to see that nature is transforming itself. From past centuries, to get a better lifestyle humans started establishment by removing hundreds of forests to build buildings, in this way they push wildlife into smaller and smaller corners of the globe. But now, nature is pushing back itself. Now the millions, billions, and trillions of humans lock up their selves in homes to isolate themselves.

As cities and streets are clear out, the wildlife started to inhabit the streets freely without any fear of being haunted by humans. Mountain goats have overtaken a town in Wales. Not only streets become vacant, but the seas are also free up for marine life. Whales are swigging into Mediterranean shipping lanes.

This shows that with wildlife, humans became a road stone for marine life too. Turtles are finally getting some peace also. There is much more news, in which the camera captured the wildlife enjoying their freedom on the street and in the seas. No matter for the short-term, when humans are in the homes, the wildlife and marine life settle back their kingdom as it was in the past years. 


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