20 Mind-Bending Movies on Netflix that You’ll keep analyzing

Mind-bending that is something, that alters a current state of mind. Watching mind-bending movies can be both a thrilling as well as soothing experience. Filmmakers from all over the world have gone farther than farthest to create some mind-blowing plots and storylines that stays with us long after it ends and keeps our minds busy analyzing it for weeks. 

Netflix, the topmost streaming platform as of today, has some fantastic movies and Netflix web series to put your thinking to test. 

After reading this article, I promise, you will be thirsty to watch every last one of these movies on Netflix. At the same time, some, being well known, and others you must never have even heard of. 

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“Sabka such alag hota hai”. How true is that? Watch this Hindi adaptation of the Spanish film “The invisible guest” to let your mind work out the truth of a married businesswoman accused of her lover’s murder. The film will take you through different versions of the same story and just when you think you have it figured out, it will change its course. 


After having his daughter killed in a shootout with a terrorist, a guilt-ridden officer seeks comfort in a chess teacher whose daughter is also dead. The story told somewhat as an analogy to a game of chess will not let you sleep for days. 

Manorma Six Feet Under:

Loosely based on Roman Polanski’s Chinatown, this Abhay Deol in the centric role revolves around an engineer in a small city who accepts an investigation contract only to realize he was deceived and now must find some real answers that share a connection with his bad-selling book. This plot might feel all over the place until it starts to make some sense only to leave you more confused. 

Vodka Diaries: 

Following a short holiday with his wife, ACP Ashwini Dixit is left to investigate the murders that occurred in ‘Vodka Diaries’, a bar. Quickly this underrated story turns into much more than just a mystery and will leave you puzzled till the very end. Also, Menon’s acting is remarkable.


One of the best Netflix Hindi movies, this thriller will take you through every nook and cranny in Kolkata as Vidya Bagchi, a pregnant woman searches for her missing husband with the help of a police officer only to give you a shocker which you won’t stop thinking about.


Highlighting some social issues, this psychological thriller will literally mess with your brain as several stories entangle and unite in the end for the final blow. Prasanth Varma, truly underrated has done a great job at directing it and making it another one of the best movies on Netflix India. You can use a Netflix premium free account if you don’t already have a membership.


Anyone who has heard “mind-bending”, has heard of Inception. The concept of planting an idea in someone’s subconscious is the most unique and shockingly fascinating thing anyone could have known. Christopher Nolan himself being so involved with the concept of a “dream within a dream” articulated it with such brutal perfection that one can’t help but get lost in and scrutinize again and again. 

Black Swan:

To attain the artistic brilliance of playing Black Swan, Nina, a ballerina unleashes her dark side and loses the sense of reality and hallucinations. This psychological thriller will puzzle your brain as it ends on an unusual note. 

Mr Nobody:

What if you knew the consequences of the choices you’re supposed to make? 118- year old Mr Nemo Nobody is interviewed in 2092 as that last mortal in the world, only to reveal that he knew how his life would turn out after choosing any of the two impossible options. 

Shutter Island:

Based on Dennis Lehane’s novel of the same name, this film offers an ambiguous and curious storyline that keeps changing the course and provides a poignant and still unclear ending that will melt your heart and work up your mind. Leo’s work as Teddy, the U.S. Marshall looking for a missing patient from an asylum in a far off island is unparalleled. Looking through explanations and having vivid perspectives might help to understand and appreciate the movie even more

Super Deluxe:

A transgender father, a non- judgemental kid, a delusional priest, a cheating wife, a porn star mother and, many other uniquely complicated characters will take you through this initially sweet but slowly mysterious and thought-provoking story, that’ll make you question yourself and everything around you for weeks. 

Vijay Sethupathi’s fantastic work quickly makes it one of the best movies on Netflix India. 


A temporal agent travels back and forth in time for tasks assigned to him by his agency. This thriller will take you through a series of ‘ifs and buts’ before reaching ‘whys and how’s, bending your brain to various degrees while trying to understand the paradox. 

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The first film of the franchise, this 1999 slick science fiction, has won four academy awards and millions of hearts from all over the world. Set in a dystopian society where intelligent machines have created ‘the matrix’ capturing humans as their energy source, this Keanu Reeves masterpiece is a perfect watch or re-watch to work up your brain. 


What if the answer you’re seeking, has been with you all along? Will you believe it? Amir Khan starring Talash is a story of a cop searching- for the answer to a mysterious car crash that led to the death of a famous actor- Or a solution to his suffering due to his son’s death? 


A little science myth mixed with some fascinating evolutionary facts, Lucy captures the story of a girl who attains telekinetic power after being given a drug overdose. It might be the ‘white whale’ for all you thinkers out there who’ll be fascinated by the Director’s far-reaching vision and Johansson’s more than real acting. 

Source Code:

U. S. Army pilot Colter Stevens is sent into an alternate reality through simulation to prevent a train bombing. The catch is… What happens after he finds the bomber..? 

The Loft:

This sensual thriller film about a group of friends who own a loft to cheat on their wives and meet up with their mistresses will give you an experience of the hot videos on Netflix, only until a dead body of a woman is found in that loft. The blame game starts here, and you can’t help but play it along as the suspense grows deeper and deeper. 


This gripping science fiction is about Sam Bell, an astronaut with a contract for mining helium-3 from the far offside of the moon. As his contract termination approaches, an unusual incident and a nasty secret put him in a difficult situation. 

Vanilla Sky:

Cruise with his unbeatable excellence portrays David Aames. He is forced to carry a misshapen face after an accident finds a way to survive it…But how? In this series of reality and dreams, you will be irrecoverably involved. 

Black Mirror Bandersnatch:

Originally supposed to be a part of the Netflix web series ‘Black Mirror’, this standalone sci-fi thriller is constructed uniquely and interactively where the audience has the liberty to choose the mystery. Story of a young boy, attempting to adapt a fantasy novel into s game will give you a different experience altogether and won’t let your mind rest.



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