Mutually Agreed US troop withdrawal Afghanistan

Where US troops have started to leave the country by mutually agreed for the initial troop withdrawal mandated by the Doha multilateral agreement under the agreement on the US will cut the number of forces in the country to 8600 from the current 13,000 US forces in Afghanistan.

Spokesperson said Washington has begun its conditions-based reduction of forces to eighty-six hundred over a hundred and thirty-five days colonel sore knee like it says the step is being taken by the US of lanolin declaration and US dollar bond mutual agreement procedure he said the US forces maintain all military means and authority to accomplish its objectives including enantiosis and Al anti-al Qaeda operations.

Taliban agreement a spokesman will cut the number of forces in the country to eight thousand six hundred according to mutually agreed by US forces Afghanistan spokesman Colonel Sonny Leggett by US Islamic Republic of Afghanistan joint declaration and u.s. Taliban agreement US forces Afghanistan u.s. fo RA has begun its conditions-based reduction of forces to eight thousand six hundred over 135 days.

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Leggett said in the statement quoted by US media US for an objective including conducting counterterrorism operations against Al Qaeda security forces he added the US in separate ceremonies on Monday creating a complication for the US as it figures out how to move forward on

The agreement signed by mutually agreed late last month and end the 18-year war the sharpening dispute between President Ashraf Ghani who was once the troop level goes down to 8600 the long-term, fixed-term plan as for the US.

Kabul residents react as the US begins withdrawal of Troops

It never shuts down more than 20 thousand loaves of bread are baked here every day mainly for one client the nearby Bagram Air Base but the man isn’t what it used to be “This bread is for the Afghan army at the base business was better a few years ago when there were more Americans we were making much more bread now it slowed down” by Graham

mutually agreed
Governing law clause

Is home to the largest US military facility in Afghanistan and part of the Afghan National Army is also based here its history is deeply connected to the successive wars in the country the Soviets first built the airfield in the 1980s then it became the frontline during the civil war in the 1990s occupied by the Taliban and now home to the US military since 2001 that made of Bagram a target for the Taliban it has seen many deadly attacks and people here have paid a heavy price

Part of the multilateral agreement or mutually agreed is that all foreign ships should be phased out of the country within the next fourteen months should everything go to plan but in places like background they are concerns that this departure will create a vacuum on more levels than one there was a time when the base was one of the biggest employers in the country.

Shekhar worked for eight years there he was laid off when the Obama administration reduced the number of US soldiers in Afghanistan. “I had a good salary when I was working at the airbase now business is not good it’s hard for people to put food on the table for their families they can’t afford to buy clothes there are fewer weddings people just don’t spend as much anymore”.

Everyone has a story about how the town thrived at the peak of the US military presence and how the downturn has hit them hard.

Pasha was nicknamed pinky when he worked at the base his salary allowed him to get married and start a family now he drives a rickshaw the wait for clients is long he makes about two dollars a day and a good one and the future makes him uncomfortable “what if the Americans leave and the fighting goes back to what it used to be during the Civil War what’s the point I don’t know if the government, governing law clause can protect us and what’s peace without jobs then we will prefer war because at least we can earn a living what will we do with peace if we cannot feed our families”

Security Concern

The Taliban may be celebrating the departure of the first batch of US soldiers but many Afghans here in Bagram and elsewhere wonder what will happen to them if all foreign troops are true with drone well Afghans have by and large watched well you know you are us and the Taliban signing a deed

They also now are watching their leaders fighting and not able to put their rivalries aside to try to find a compromise and be in a strong position when indeed these Afghan talks and many would tell you well it is to you as that guarantees the security of the country and if they leave who is going to guarantee our security that is a big worry many Afghani to have at the moment.
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    Can Afghanistan ever be conquered NO, can we trust the New Government NO, Can we trust the Taliban Government NO in the past and NO in the future……


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