Huge Importance of Nurses in Real Life

The Nurses day is celebrated worldwide in honor of nurses for providing remarkable unremitting services to the ailing humanity. Nurses are superhuman they don’t have wings but they possess superpowers for boosting up their extraordinary powers or to appreciate their selfless work this day is celebrated on 12th May of each year in the birth anniversary of   British Nurse Florence Nightingale’s (12th May 1820).

A doctor may check the patient for a while & prescribe him some medicine. Still, it is a nurse who spends her whole time with the patient, which helps to develops a meaningful relationship & enables her to become an internal voice of the patient that adroit her at feeling the pain & turmoil of the sufferer in an instant that other can’t see.

Splendid history of nurses

History of a profession prevails a great impact on the society & minds of people where people by wearing a lens of past perception make cognition about the present. Unfortunately, people still rely on false presentations of nursing history & are not well aware of the marvelous history of nursing.

The history of tradition nurses has been traced since 7th century from the era of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) when Islam was in the emerging phase when Holy Prophet preached Islam in Madina, Rufaida Bint-e-Saad al Aslamy was one of those who embrace Islam at cutting edge & she serves herself as a volunteer leading nurse by acquiring proper skills & training from her physician father to treat and help the war-injured people. That is how the great inception of nursing took place under the supervision of religious leader Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W)

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Going onward to 17th centuries in the eon of nuns where they contributed in the spiritual healing of the health seekers they devote their whole life to help people by keeping their personal life interests, wishes, or love & belongings aside by adopting a selfless attitude towards humanity. After their contributions, the nuns were conceived as sister nurses.

Moving towards mid of 18th century, The British royal nurse Florence nightingale (the lady with lamp) totally changed the concept of traditional nurse and become the founder of modern nursing. Where she took the initiative for omitted the concept of sister nurses. Today nor nurses are nuns neither nuns are nurses.

Nurses work in hospitals set up where she is officially in charge of someone else health where nuns work in a catholic setup to support peoples religiously, spiritually  & morally.

20th & 21st  centuries have been improving a lot of lacking in the nursing profession. the nurses of nowadays are highly qualified & competent, extremely skilled, financially stable, well-reputed with high morals. They are successful in reforming various sorts of misconceptions of nursing.

The life of Nurse

The life of proud ladies are not as comfortable as smelling of red roses as plant tolerate thorns to protect the flower from animals same example goes for nurses, A nurse has to pass through & manage the pretty hectic duties to save her patient from different epidemics & Pandemic.

A nurse gets up early in the morning & makes her way towards the hospital. She works there & takes herself off in the evening. In case of a patient emergency at night without going to the denial phase she leaves her bed for taking care of her patient because a nurse can’t see her patient in pain.

Whatever it’s day or night, Hot or cold a nurse always remains smart & alert over her patient to provide him comfort. She never gets irritated & annoyed by her duty For a patient a good nurse is the blessing of God.

Why nurses are important to us

Nurses & doctors are a vital part to run a hospital. It’s hard to manage a hospital without a nurse or a doctor.

Nurses & doctors are parallel to each other They collaborate with each other like a car, where the car body act as a hospital, doctor as driver & nurses are the engine. Nor A driver can run a car without engine neither an engine can run a car.

Nurses in hospitals value like a heart in the human body if the heart stops working everything will stop. It’s hard to replace nurses.

Nursing as the best profession for setting carrier

Different nurses are providing different types of services by adopting different course specialties in the nursing profession. Nursing is a noble, respectable & valuable  profession that provides good job security & strong   salary (starting from average annual salary  $ 97612  vary according to experience & course specialty . Here some types of Nursing specialties and range up to  $89650)

  1. Registered Nurse: A registered nurse is responsible for providing treatment, care, education to the client & promote safety.
  2. Community nurse: As a Community nurse, she aims to promote health and prevent illness
  3. Certified register nurse anesthetist: A nurse prepares the patient with anesthesia for surgery or diagnostic procedure with specific course graduation is known as CRNA.
  4. Clinical nurse specialist: A nurse who is graduated in a particular clinical field or subject is known as a clinical nurse specialist.
  5. Critical care nurse: A nurse who works in a high dependency unit, intense care unit, or critical care unit having particular course graduation is known as a critical care nurse.
  6. Nurse practitioner: A nurse who is authorized to perform a physical examination, diagnostic tests &  prescribe medicine independently is called a nurse practitioner.
  7. Nurse educator: A Nurse who educates & counsel nurse educator students/clients for health promotion or reduces illness is known as a nurse educator.
  8. Mental health nurse: A nurse who counsels or provides case base services after graduation in a niche is known as a mental health nurse.
  9. Nursing administrator: As a Nursing administrator, she defends & fights for the rights of nurse and patient
  10. Pediatrics nurse: A nurse who provides services to children is a known Pediatrics nurse.


Nowadays nursing is becoming the first choice of youth but to make it more demanding the media should play nursing awareness-based programs to empower nurses. And nurses should work on themselves by themselves for themselves.


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