If the PDM resigns, we will crack the election and become stronger

“If the PDM resigns, we will crack the election and become stronger”

Prime Minister Imran Khan says that the cases are increasing in the second wave of Corona. If care is not taken in winter, it will be very difficult. Prime Minister Imran talking to reporters informally in Sialkot.

Khan said that what can the opposition do besides holding rallies, 11 PDM parties together cannot hold rallies as big as PTI, I don’t understand what they want to do, if they resign, then we will hold elections. Taxes will be stronger. The constitutional way to send a government is a no-confidence motion. If the opposition wants to present a no-confidence sign, come to the assembly.

Imran Khan said that the voices of the opposition were concerned with democracy.

They are not coming out, but they are worried that now they will all be caught. The big mafias had joined hands with the N-League who are being caught, who were helping them financially, on government lands worth billions of rupees. Occupied, only Rs 6 billion was recovered in Punjab in the last 10 years. Still, we recovered Rs 207 billion in Punjab in 27 months, Usman Bazdar’s weakness is he can’t advertise his good deeds, to Firdous Ashiq Awan He has brought Punjab for better publicity of the projects.

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The Prime Minister said that we have never backed down from the national dialogue.

The best place for political dialogue is Parliament, as I said the day before in Parliament.

I am ready to answer all the questions, democracy will work only when there is dialogue, but when we talk, the opposition says to forgive our cases, even though the claims against the opposition leaders were made during their rule, we have no problem.

No, we are ready to talk about every issue, but we will not speak about NRO in any case, and we cannot forgive corruption cases.

Earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing a function in Sialkot.

“There were difficulties during Corona, in such a situation,” he said

Getting a job was a big challenge, but by the grace of God, Corona’s first wave was under control.

However, the opposition criticized that Modi has locked down our country as well.

It should be locked down, but the opposition, which is critical of the government, is holding rallies and processions today.

Imran Khan said that cases are increasing in the second wave of Corona, winter.

If I am not careful, it will be very difficult. The best way to stop the virus is a mask. The public is appealed to wear a mask and follow the SOPs. Taking precautions like before can save the industry and the people.

The Prime Minister said that the industry was affected due to past policies.

Yes, when the government came, we did not have money, the government took concrete steps to control the current account deficit, we reduced our expenditure, the first priority of our government is to reduce poverty in a country where the small class He does not develop when he becomes rich, wants to create employment opportunities for the youth, development of backward areas is also among the priorities, he is focusing on the backwards regions, a similar result is essential for sustainable prosperity.

Earlier, the Prime Minister, in his tweet on the social networking website Twitter.

Imran Khan said that he was selected to target illicit wealth.

I welcome US President Joe Biden’s intentions.

The Prime Minister said that developing countries have their own corrupt elites.

Corruption leads to poverty, money laundering by influential people in developing countries.

Wealth is transferred to rich countries and foreign places of tax evasion through them, because of which these countries are falling into poverty.



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