Playing A Guitar? Pay Special Attention

Pay Special Attention while playing a guitar. Today we talk about something that you definitely got to get control of it can make or break just about anything that you play on the guitar tabs let’s get into it. how you play not necessarily what you play although. I want to give you some notes so that we can use it as an example let’s do that

How to articulate the notes

now and we’ll talk a little bit about how to articulate the notes to say what you want to say that’s what it’s all about so we’re playing this little ending leg that you just heard out of the key of E major and I’m going to play around here with my being a note.

and I’m gonna hammer on up to the C sharp and then back to that little part of them. E major triad slide pull off then switch strings and do it again move from the egg to the G sharp so this really kind of moves us.

From this e shape down here to this ish alright so those are the notes that’s what we’re working with but listen to this what if I played this instead of that way what if I played those exact same notes a little differently see if you like it. I compare it to this the second one had some contour heads some rise and fall in it the first one sounded like it was on 10 the entire time.

and make no mistake we’re guitar players right we want to crank things up we want to go all out but I would ask you in this lesson Pay Special Attention to start thinking about how you can create a little restraint in your plane to really improve your dynamic so that’s what we’re talking about here we want to create some peaks.

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Playing A Guitar Pay Special Attention
Playing A Guitar Pay Special Attention

and valleys in how loud we play if everything’s on 10 all the time that it’s really hard to make a statement right with a single note or with a lick but if you back your average volume let’s say or your average force of picking attack down to a 5 then you’ve got some Headroom to lean into this is something that it did not come naturally to me I started playing in rock bands and in metal bands and so everything being super loud.

and aggressive all the time was just kind of the way when I started paying attention to dynamics I felt like it opened up my guitar playing and I think that that awareness can really do the same for you to help you really understand dynamics and really hear it coming out of your own guitar let’s go through a little exercise here

which then we can apply to the lid I want you to pick these two notes it’s actually where we’re gonna kick off that example lick later but let’s just pick them at a really light sound right very light pick attack here with my two fingers just plucking these two together very softly we’ll call this about a three on the intensity meter right

and what I want you to do is spend a couple minutes and just get used to feeling that all right you should be no tension in your hand if there is that’s a sign that you’re probably picking too hard we want this to be nice and easy and then just for one beat I want you to move this up to a seven right so I’m gonna play a lot louder for one beat

and then come back to this three all right so it’s not going to be the loudest thing possible on the guitar but it’s gonna be up there let’s see if we can try so these are my threes I’m gonna pluck one a whole lot louder

Pay Special Attention to get a feel

All right and if you do that you’re gonna get a feel for something that’s nice and quiet and something that’s pretty loud it’s not as loud as you can go there’s still some heavier still some runway but for the most part you’re moving from that 3ish up to a seven this might sound different to you but my threes are pretty quiet they could be quieter and my seven is pretty loud but it could be louder

but at no point am I picking with a lot of tension in my hand and doing this sort of over and over will help relax you alright so if that’s a problem for you as a finger picker give this little exercise a shot now

let’s continue this idea through our lick, pay special attention we actually started with a bit of a spike dynamically that little move where we hammer on and then come back to those two notes that we just worked on then that was maybe about him five it wasn’t crazy laughs

but then we sort of calmed down as we ended this lick and got into this sort of home base here this big E major basic guitar chords of who resolving to.

Playing A Guitar? Pay Special Attention 1
Pay Special Attention to chord

you could tell that the ending of this the dynamics were sort of getting softer as we moved into this chord alright but we started out with a little bit of intensity and once you learn this lick if you do decide to learn then Pay Special Attention to this lick try moving the accent around you don’t have to do it on that first little hammer room you can create a slightly different feel by doing that

Pick a different note

and coming in softer pick a different note to put your seven on when it comes to the intensity and how hard you’re picking I hope you’ll work through this lick and pay special attention to change the accents up a little bit but definitely make this little simple exercise something that you do to make yourself a little more aware of dynamics.

I’m telling you when I finally started paying attention to in my playing it really opened things up and it allowed parts to sound like they had a little bit more soul going on and it doesn’t just apply to this nice major Eve IV thing you can definitely apply in some crushing Delta blues as well now.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this if you did be sure to check out this next video and keep learning hit subscribe if you’re into that come on back next week for another acoustic lesson and I’ll see you there until then practice smart and play on Marty music.

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