Travelling On The Train- Polar Bear Express

Ontario is the most populous province of Canada, lies in East-Central Canada, having Toronto as its Capital city. It is the second-largest province with respect to the area in Canada and is estimated to have 20% of the world’s freshwater reservoirs.

 Ontario is renowned for its natural diversity, vast forests, wildlife parks, and Niagara Falls and Lake Superior. 

Why Visit Ontario:

Ontario offers one of the most visited natural tourist attractions of Canada with its Spell bounding rivers, lakes, lakeside resorts, amusement parks, museums, and galleries.

 Ontario has about 250,000 lakes which are its greatest attraction; the Capital city of Ontario-Toronto is located on the shores of Lake Ontario offer canoeing kayaking and hiking adventures.

Offers a wide range of outdoor places- From ice staking the Rideau Canal to paddleboarding on Lake Rousseau and skiing in the Blue Mountains; Ontario offers an endless list of such activities with its lakes, forests, mountains and rivers.

We are having both Toronto and Ottawa-the commercial and political centres of Canada, respectively; offering unspoiled natural beauty as well as world-class urban centres.

Ontario Tourists Attractions:

  • Niagara Falls 
  • Toronto CN tower 
  • Ontario Wildlife Parks
  • Thunder Bay
  • Algonquin Park
  • Ontario Royal Museum
  • Ontario Art Gallery
  • Thousand Islands 
  • Fishing in Northern Ontario 
  • Stratford festival
  • Parliament Hill
  • Monuments & Statues like National War Memorial

And the list goes on so far. In this article, we’ll have a glimpse of Ontario riding a train.

Why Prefer Train:

You can travel by any mode of transport either by air, by bus, by coaches, by car road ride or by train. But here I would suggest you have a train journey. That is because the train journey is incredibly scenic, you can see mountains, grasslands, lakes and all-natural beauty of the place from which you are passing by mere sitting on your train’s seat. 

And if you are planning to take a trip to Ontario, the train would be the best choice. It will offer a much beautiful, comfy, roomier and a cost-effective journey.


Ontario Northland Railway:

As we’re travelling through train let’s know a little bit about Ontario Railway; it is a Canadian Railway Operated by Ontario Northland Transportation. It provides many passenger services, including:

  • Northlander-from Cochrane to Moosonee; six days per week around the year
  • Polar Bear Express- is a Cochrane to Moosonee train; generally five days per week 
  • Many other Interprovincial and long route trains and coaches

Every city and town of Ontario has its charm and significance that offers visitors an opportunity to discover a different aspect of local culture. However, in this article, Moosonee and its travel would be the main discussions and will provide you with a tourist guide outline to Moosonee while riding a train so let the journey begin.

Moosonee, Ontario:

Moosonee is a town in northern Ontario and is considered to be the gateway to the Arctic. Its uniqueness is that it is not connected to the road system and is isolated from the rest of Ontario so travel by train or plane is the only choice, out of which the train is the preferred one.

Train to Moosonee:

The Ontario Northland’s special train to Moosonee is the only method of access from Cochrane to Moosonee. The Cochrane to Moosonee train operates five times a week or occasionally six, and connects Cochrane with Moosonee, serves as both passenger and cargo train. The train to Moosonee has 13 stations with the route map that starts at Cochrane and ends at Moosonee. The Cochrane to Moosonee train operates daily at 9 am.

The Moosonee train is a lifeline of the lower James Bay region connecting Moosonee to the rest of the Ontario. The train to Moosonee terminates at Moosonee railway station, and then visitors take cars or buses to visit Moose Factory, James Bay islands, bear watching sites boat tour to Fossil Island, visit local commutes and other activities.

Route Map of Cochrane to Moosonee Train:

The train to Moosonee follows the following scheduled stops:

  • Cochrane 
  • Clute
  • Wurtele
  • Island Falls
  • Brownrigg
  • Fraserdale
  • Otter Rapids 
  • Coral
  • Roanoke
  • Moose river
  • Rension
  • Galeton
  • Moosonee

Moosonee Attractions:

 Moosonee is known for the Moose factory and Moose River, especially the Moose River which offers a unique fishing experience.

  • Railcar museum 
  • MNR interpretative centre 
  • Christ the King Cathedral  
  • James Bay educational Centre

And many more activities like hunting, camping, watching wildlife especially grizzly polar bears and migratory birds.

Polar Bear Express Train:

Polar Bear Express train is a passenger and cargo train sometimes called Moosonee train because Moosonee is its final destination. Polar Bear Express is the only way to reach Moosonee because roads end near Cochrane and boarding the train to reach the end line is the only way left.

Polar Bear Express is misleadingly named as Polar Bear Express train because Polar Bears are seldom seen anywhere in the way to Moosonee.

Polar Bear Express train’s primary purpose is to give the transport service to Moosonee residents and Moose factory worker commutes. 

Schedule and Travel duration: 

Polar Bear Express train is a commuter train with 13 scheduled stops and flag stops. It operates six times per week during summer and five times per week during the whole year. The Polar Bear Express train takes 4 hours and 50 minutes to reach Moosonee from Cochrane including transfers and departs.

Polar Bear Express Service:

Polar Bear Express is well-appointed with leather seats, dining seats, dining cars, electrical and USB outlets to provide a comfortable ride which also costs affordable. 

New passenger coaches are often added to Polar Bear Express to increase its passenger capacity and improve the travel experience.

Polar Bear Express train is not equipped with Wi-Fi service, but according to the passengers it doesn’t feel like a disguise because of the rugged natural beauty of Ontario spread around the whole rail track and the whistles of Polar Bear express serve as real music.

Its special equipment is Boxcars for canoes, Snowmobiles and chain cars. Polar Bear Express provides its passengers with well-stocked cafeteria which is styled like a restaurant having dining car services to sit and eat in.

Travel Experience:

Polar Bear Express train provides its passengers with a Comfy ride, a spectacular journey and visualize them the breathtaking landscape of northern Canada, lavishly green forests, Moose River, the cultural view of Canada and provide an easy escape to a hassle-free serene life.

So, don’t think twice, plan a holiday, grab a ticket and rush to Ontario to revive your life and get one of the most unforgettable moments of your life!



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