Princess of Oman Takes Stand for the Indian Muslims 2020

In the past world chose to ignore the atrocities of the Indian government on Muslim minorities. Still, now the time is changing, world or should we call it Muslim world is standing against Modi fascist government. Muslims are pushed to their limits during the past week, which incited online debates due to which the issue got the voice.

People online are comparing the treatment that Muslims get in India and Hindus in the Middle East. Many influential Arab leaders and personalities have spoken up against the Indian government for its ill-treatment of Muslim minorities, one of them is Princess Mona Fahad Al-Said, the daughter of Oman Deputy PM. Princess lashed out against Indian policies and called it complete fascism.

Now that influential personalities of the Middle East are standing for their Indian Muslim brothers, the effect of it on the diplomatic relations between India and the Middle East is yet to be seen.

Princess Mona Works for the Sultan Qaboos University as its Assistant Vice Chancellor, She is the Daughter of Sayyid Fahad Bin Al Said, the Deputy Prime Minister of Oman. Princess Mona raised voice against atrocities of the Indian government in her lastest tweet on April 21st, 2020:

Arabs now realize the real face of Modi’s Government as even in the recent past, and many influential personalities chose to speak for the Indian Muslims.

The war of words on both sides intensified when S. Upadhya, an expatriate in the United Arab Emirates, made a racist post using street language he put all blame for the spreading of Corona on the Tablighi Jamaats, and he said it’s all because of the Muslims that the COVID-19 is spreading and openly called them terrorists.

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But he didn’t go untouched as his attempts backfired when UAE Royal family Princess Hend Qassimi decided to answer. She called these tweets of Udhayay ‘racist and discriminatory’. She called him out for being an Islamophobe.

Princess of Oman Informed India

She also warned others not to be Islamophobe, and if they choose to be, then not only would they be thrown out of UAE but also fined heavily. It is now clear as day that the UAE government has far come to realize the hypocrisy of the Indian Government and its tactics.

Indian Government openly spreads its anti-Muslims agenda as recently BJP leader Swamy claimed that India is going through trouble times all because of Muslims. He made these racist remarks in a snippet going around of twitter, and he said: “On this approach, the whole country is with most people and us like and support our headline approach towards solving problems.”

As protests are going around against Modi’s government, he said the state isn’t responsible in any way and has nothing to do with the current situation. He revealed his racism and hatred for Muslims as he called them not equal citizens in any way.

He also targeted article 14. states equality. These remarks show Indian government priorities that aren’t anyway near to solving the COVID-19 pandemic but focused on its different types of atrocities against its minorities.



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