#WeStandWithPTA: Nation Showing Confidence in PTA after PUBG Ban?

PUBG, We all know someone who is always glued to their smartphones, and it’s mostly due to this game. PUBG stands for ”Player Unknown’s Battle Ground”. It is a battle Royale game in which 100 players land on an Island and whoever survives is the winner. It has been a sensation in our homeland Pakistan too until PTA, and a court in Islamabad ordered to ban it in the country.

To date, there have been very mixed emotions among the Nation following this decision. Gamers are having a really hard time coping with this ban and are rebellious spreading their views through twitter and other social media platforms. However, PTA has no plan on lifting this ban

Why was PUBG Banned in the First Place:

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) banned PUBG on 1 st July when parents approached them complaining about their children being addicted to the game. Parents complained that their children were presenting with mental health issues, poor academic performance, less social and family interaction. Among all of these complaints, the most attention-seeking is the one with the Violence. Children are getting violent in real life tas well, as they are not mature enough to differentiate between real and virtual life.

Children in almost every household are addicted to screens. Industries like play stations, Xbox and PCs are earning in multiple figures due to this addiction. The Government wants to ban and take control of the situation. But is banning and restricting the way to do that? That’s a debate of its own.

The DIG Lahore informed CCPO Lahore through a written letter that he had intimated divisional SPs on June 26 regarding two incidents of suicide committed by young boys reported in North Cantt and Hanjarwal police limits respectively in June.
Imran Khan has taken action as he thinks that the future of the Nation’s new generation is in danger.

Islamabad Court-Ordered Lifting the Ban off PUBG:

On July 24, Islamabad court-ordered PTA to lift the ban on PUBG in a detailed decision. However, PTA didn’t approve of that and said that the game will remain blocked. PTA has provided the opportunity to listen to the concerned parties that is PUBG administration, and it’s lawyers. Still, no such contact was made, and there is no response from the developers’ side.

This started another war on Twitter, one group of people sides with PTA and supports its decision, but the other group thinks it’s propaganda and a paid trend.

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#WeStandWithPTA: Paid or Real?

At this time, we stand with PTA is the top trend in Pakistan. Some people tweet that PUBG should reply to the authority and set up in Pakistan and pay taxes as they are earning in billions from only Pakistani players. Many people mostly parents are over the moon on this decision of banning violent games.

People claim that this type of desk board games is causing physical abnormalities as well. Sitting for too long causes posture change and spinal cord abnormalities. Mental health is a rising issue nowadays all over the world. Children are committing suicides over game pressure and stress. There are petty disputes among children that have led to bullying and other criminal acts.

On the other hand, banning is not a solution to that. It’s only gonna increase curiosity in children. Proper education and training are what we need at this moment. However, people against this are claiming that this trend is a paid propaganda and PTA is falsely making its decision seem like the Nation’s choice. They claim that if the Government wants to ban every other international site in the country, they should give alternatives to that. As we know, Pakistan is already a 3rd world country with limited resources of income, entertainment, and every other field in this world.

They claim that if the Government wants to ban indoor games, they should set up grounds and opportunities for games within the country. Opportunities are limited that too only in larger developed cities in Pakistan so many people opt for indoor games and leisure activities. Other than that, PUBG and games like this are a great source of income and international recognition among many gamers. Banning games and websites can do nothing well but increase frustration and sense of uselessness in people.

Pakistani Influencer and TV show host Waqar Zaka has also started a trend against PTA and Imran khan started as #PUBGkhulwaoImranKhan.

PTA claimed that they are expecting a report from PUBG and they haven’t responded yet. Still, after all these debates, trends, and efforts by the players in Pakistan, PUBG has finally responded and working for the resolution of issues.

Fingers crossed let’s see how this debate ends.



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