PUBG Live is getting a brand new Pharaoh Update

The PUBG Live mobile game is one of the most popular games of all time. Which children and young people love very much. The PUBG game is a battle of arms. That is a fighting game. The PUBG game can be played on mobiles, tabs, computers, and laptops. PUBG game is famous not only in Pakistan but also in many other countries. PUBG attracts viewers with many of the features in the game. Children use PUBG for entertainment. The weapons in it have drawn children and adults alike.


PUBG live

PUBG lite

PUBG Live:

PUBG Live Streaming is used to invite or show friends to a game with you. In Pub G Live, teams also compete, and the game is played. PUBG Live can be shown live on Facebook, YouTube and invitations are also sent to friends.

PUBG Lite:

PUBG Lite in Pakistan knows by its name that it is light in weight. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have features. PUBG lite in Pakistan is focused on bright players. PUBG Lite Pakistan can be run on any computer system. PUBG is a popular and favorite game that everyone loves. Due to the popularity of PUBG, A enabled it to run on any order. PUBG Lite is made exclusively for Pakistani fans.

PUBG Lite has officially announced the launch of the beta service on its official Facebook page. The pre-registration period starts on June 20 and ends on July 3 before midnight India Standard Time. The beta version of this game will be available in India. If you register during this period, you will receive an event code that will be sent to your mailbox on July 11. The event code is a redemption code that can be exchanged for the appropriate in-game item.

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The minimum required PC system for PUBG Lite:

OS: 64 bit, Windows 7, 8, 10

Core: CPU 2.4GHZ i3


GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000


PUBG Lite’s recommended system

OS: 64 bit, Windows 7, 8, 10

Core: CPU 2.8GHZ i5


GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870


PUBG Game is a fighting game that provides entertainment. The Pakistan Telecommunications Service (PTA) has temporarily banned Inn Battle Grounds (PUBG), the country’s famous online player.

According to a PTA statement, in connection with complaints from various parts of the city, PTA has decided to suspend the PUBG game.

The statement said the PTA had received numerous complaints about the game being addictive, time-consuming, and having severe adverse effects on children’s mental and physical health. The PUBG game came under fire a few days ago, after which the High Court ordered the PTA to ban PUBG from Pakistan, but last week, the decision was reconsidered. The ban was lifted.

Now that the ban on the PUBG game has been lifted, fans of the PUBG game have taken advantage of its new features. PUBG has been upgraded.

PUBG Mobile updates run on the right and left. Since PTA launched the game in Pakistan last week. The best time is to take it. The latest update to the Battle Royale game will bring you a new old secret mode and new in-game prizes and events. The newest update is Ancient Egypt with mummy theme, pharaoh skin, and cosmetics for ancient Egyptian coffins, etc.

There is a new game mode, Ancient Secret. It can be selected when searching for game modes and maps. It will be available on the Miramar and Erangel maps. Players will see a long-standing secret building. This building will float and follow the changes in the game. A mysterious boss is waiting on the second floor of this building. Players have to beat bosses to win newly introduced prizes. This award is themed ancient Egypt with pharaoh skins, costumes, mummies, peanut warriors, Ra warriors, and others.

Team Gun Game” is introduced where you play as a team. The more kills you get, the more weapons you need to upgrade. The last gun is the unstoppable pan. The player must secure kills with him to get chicken food.

There is currently no indication when this update will be distributed to iOS and Android devices worldwide. Regarding the upgrade of PUBG, it is not yet correct to say how countries its upgrade will be implemented as its decision is not, however precise.

PUBG has similarly introduced a new Antique secret mode, Niti, in the popular generic Azeria pizzeria Aztec. Players who activate the new mode face a hazardous and infamous building built in Erangel Miramar and I. This two-story giant temple building is visible at the beginning of each game and on the ground but then Do you want to go to sleep, go to sleep, go to sleep or go to sleep?



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