America’s Richest Self-made Women 2020

We, as a human being carrying unbelievable super talent to conquer all the challenges of this universe. It is an undeniable fact that whatever the human mind can think, its achievement is possible. This universe is filled with unlimited opportunities and endless possibilities, but we have minimal time to explore what we are looking for and leave an impression on the world. There are no two opinions that women are not less than men in any walk of life. Recently an American magazine put the limelight on 100 self-made richest women of America.

For some people, this pandemic became a blessing in disguise, such as Kelly Steckelberg finance executive of the zoom who has included in the catalogue as shares online work during COVID-19. On the other hand the cofounders of skin-care firm Rodan + Fields, whiz Anastasia Soare remained unsuccessful because this lockdown brought substantial economic losses for most of the businesses, including beauty brands.

Diane Hendricks, the owner of one of the leading roofing business in the United States, encompasses 780 overall branches. 

Moreover, she has the privileged to remained number one consecutive three years. She has assets of $8 billion which have increased from $7 billion just in a single year. Judy Faulkner, who comes at number 2, in 1979, she started his healthcare IT business with epic software which keeps the health records of the millions of patients. Epic system has earned an excellent reputation and providing services among 250 million patients across the country. She came up from number 4 to number 2 by a significant increase of $1.4 billion, which makes her total net Worth is $5.5 billion.

Rihanna ( Musician, Businesswomen)

Net Worth: $600 Million

In 2020, for the very first time, Rihanna has taken place in the list of America’s richest self-made women with a net value of $ 600 million.

Self-made Women
Self-made Women

Apart from being a super Talented Singer, Rihanna is a very successful businesswoman. Robyn Rihanna Fenty started her career as a Singer, and in no time she became darling for the whole world. She also worked as an actor in several projects and attracted appreciation. “Fenty Beauty”, her cosmetic beauty line (partnered with LVMH) has been an enormous success. She reportedly upturned $50 million from investors for her fashion company (source: Forbes). She also has a big name due to her generosity, as she won the hearts of people by donating $8 million for Covid-19 relief battle.

Whitney Wolf Herd (CEO Dating App, Bumble)

Net Worth: 575 Million

Bumble founded in December 2014 by Whitney Wolf Herd. She managed to engender $162 million from this app (2018 revenues). App provides a platform to thousands of women to choose their potential partners without any risk of compromising their data. App has been a huge hit and got its stake sold by former owner Russian billionaire Andre Andreev to a private equity firm Blackstone. Blackstone transaction treasured Bumble at $3 billion.

Donna Carpenter (Chairperson SnowBoards)

Net Worth: $530 Million

Turning a hobby into a vanilla sport, Donna created a multimillion worth of business. She founded Snowboard along with her Late Husband Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977. In 2003, Donna took the initiative to develop Burton a brand of choice and employer of choice for females. Thanks to Donna’s leadership, Burton now has progressive parent policies. She became Chair of the board of her 300 million dollars Worth of company after bidding the post of CEO in 2016. Donna expanded her business in Europe by developing Proper distributional channel.

The company holds a 32% share of worldwide snowboarding industry. These snowboards are trading all over the world and generating significant foreign reserves. Moreover, Thousands of employees are being employed under the Vermont Establishment in Six different countries. Donna’s guidance has become the motivation not only for her industry but for all the budding business women.

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Gwynne Shotwell (President and COO SpaceX)

Net Worth: $290 Million

Founded by Elon Musk, SpaceX is being presided by Gwynne Shotwell. The SpaceX provides a futuristic thought of creating a habitable environment on other planets. The company sent its first astronaut to the international space station in May 2020 as a part of an agreement with NASA. Shotwell was previously working as a successful director at Microcosm Inc and joined SpaceX as its 11th employee in 2002. The company initiated 700 satellites for its Starlet scheme aiming at offering high-speed internet since 2019. SpaceX is valued worth $46 billion, employing 6000 workers from across the globe. 

Kelly Steckelberg (Zoom video Communications)

Net Worth: $255 Million

Kelly Steckelberg is a 52 years old lady and serving as a Chief Financial Officer in Zoom. As we know in recent times, the nexus of digitalization has increased and received excessive popularity. Due to lockdown all over the globe, most of the businesses switched on online work and operated their businesses from different applications.

In ongoing Pandemic Covid-19, zoom video conferencing became one of the most powerful and most practised applications. Kelly Steckelberg was previously a CEO of dating app Zoosk. Before, she was playing the role of CFO and COO in the same company. Kelly has also worked as a Senior Director of consumer department then a finance manager in Cisco Webex. Being the Chief financial officer of work-from-home staple Zoom Video Conferencing since 2017, Kelly managed to bring quintupled Worth of fortune in the last eight months of 2020.

Kris Jenner (Cosmetics)

Net Worth: $190 Million

Mother of 5 successful business women, Kris Jenner, was a flight attendant in her youth. Her intelligence and hard work made her a top businesswoman of today’s world. Jenner earned herself a title of ‘Momager’ as she helped her daughters build an empire Worth of billion dollars. She receives a 10% cut of every penny that the CardCash-Jenner family earns. Keeping up with the Kardashian, a reality TV show was the building block for the Jenner’s fortune. Momager also owns a stake of her daughters Kylie Jenner multibillion Beauty line. She has successfully locked her position in the list of American self richest woman and left a remarkable impression on the world for newcomers.


By analyzing the success stories of America’s richest self-made women, we came to the conclusion goals, and consistencies are two principal integrals in success equations. A firm belief must be built on this universal reality whatever our mind can imagine; its achievement is entirely possible.

Holding this faith is the entire reality and then using it is the ultimate legitimacy. A goal helps to keep you on track and focus on the right direction, while consistency pushes you towards your destination. We must have a firm conviction to have emerged as a winner in all domains of life.



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