12 dead as severe storms sweep across South

Last year was the year of deadly storms that killed hundreds, and this year too is no better as winds are said to sweep across the south. According to reports as the weather has worsened since last week, and it has resulted in multiple deaths. Six people from Georgia and six from Mississippi are reported to be dead.

Homes and shelters were also damaged, and people have taken to their basements, closets, and safe parts of their houses. As hundreds of homes are destroyed in Louisiana and Appalachian mountains, people are instructed to use sirens to inform each other in case of emergency.

Several counties mostly from the northwest are miscued, Georgia counties like Tennessee and Chattanooga, which happened to be particularly stricken hard. According to Fire Chief of Murray County, two houses are hit by the storm, which has resulted in five people dead and five hospitalized. Another person was killed when the house got damaged under a fallen tree in Cartersville.

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People are horror-struck by the damages caused by the storm. Multiple fire departments have received 300 emergency calls to which ten teams of different fire departments have answered. According to reports, 14 people of the Chattanooga area have been hospitalized after door to door search by fire department teams.

The storm blew all night long, resulting in landslides and floods in the mountainous towns and villages. These floods have knocked down power for almost 780,000 people in areas ranging from Texas to Georgia and went through West Virginia as well.

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These reports were put forward by the power outages of us. National Weather Services also received reports of trees fallen over roads and damaging hundreds of houses.

The storm isn’t limited to the areas of Georgia counties; it also struck across South Carolina, multiple houses were damaged, roofs were punctured, and power lines were fallen in regions of Seneca and Clemson. Officials of emergency departments were asked to work to open shelter houses, particularly in North Carolina, after rainfall of 13 centimeters was reported to fell.

On Sunday, one person was killed in Walthall County; two more were reported to be killed in Lawrence Country and three in Jefferson County Of Southern Mississippi. The Governor of Mississippi Reeves declared a state of emergency.

severe storms
severe storms

People across the world are preparing for Easter, but the number of deaths is rising across the South. Reeves tweeted that Easter has been ruined for them because of storms, and no one would want Easter in such a scenario. But he also assured the people that they would rise together again after they have dealt with the disasters left by storms.

National Weather Service has warned people of possible storms in the mid-Atlantic states on Monday, which is said to bring tornadoes, hail, and rain. Multiple reports of downed trees across the roads and onto roofs of houses, but it has been confirmed by the state department yet.

The storm hit hard the Mississippi County Clarksdale, making trees fall, which resulted in people being trapped, they could not leave even if they want to. In this regard, Major Chuck Espy asked people to stay together and also to pray for the well being in these tough times.

As lines are cut, and roads are blocked, much isn’t known, but conditions there don’t look so good. Government emergency departments are trying their best, and they could only do this much as the storm is not dying down yet.

Louisiana is also stricken, but fortunately, there are no reports of any grave injuries yet. Flights have been canceled from the Monroe Regional Airport in the backdrop of this storm. Mayor Jamie told media that almost 300 houses are damaged across the Monroe City, and so flights are canceled in precautions. This has caused the loss of $30 million to the airport.

In Alabama, the storm struck multiple counties and caused damaged to houses and shelters. As the wind is said to keep blowing and reports are still coming, everyone is instructed to stay in basements or safe places for now.

By: Zaynab Shinwari

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