Shaan criticizes for Airing Dirilis instead of Local Content

Actor Shaan is famous for his patriotic stances whenever there is a need for it. This time around renowned actor Shaan Shahid took Government to the field by criticizing it for airing borrowed foreign content instead of local ones on National Channel (PTV). 

The trendy topic started on social media when Actor Shan took to twitter to cast light on how the local film industry needs to be promoted this time instead of Turkey dramas. Actor Shaan shared this opinion on quoting Faisal Javid Khan tweet on twitter, which was about the free availability of Urdu translated version of Ertugrul on YouTube. 

“For those who have been asking for Ertugrul Urdu on Youtube – PTV (Pakistan) and TRT (Turkey) has come up with a joint Youtube channel – Here is the link to watch Ertugrul in Urdu,” The PTI leader wrote on Twitter.

Shaan replied to a tweet

Shaan replied to this tweet as, “Try to find our own history and its heroes.”

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This developed into a hot debate when other also chose to reply to Shaan and emphasized as to how Turkish history is also a part of valuable history for all Muslims around the world and should not be taken for granted, to which he replied as, loosely translated, “If our Islamic history is same for everyone, then Saudia Arabia should have dubbed it in Arabic and should have been aired there.”

Another user emphasized that there is nothing to learn from Subcontinent history which is filled with partition and Mughal Kings who did nothing but philandering about which a lot of content has already been produced and now it’s time for our youth to learn about actual Islamic history, Shaan replied to them as, “That’s a good thing but for how long would we keep on working with borrowed content? PTV should produce epics like these. Where is the funding?”

One user bounced a tricky question towards Shan as, “Islamic history is our history. As for OUR dramas and movies. It is very disappointing to see none of our actors taking a stand against the vulgar, crappy, classless plays and movies they agree to do. Is it only Imran Khan’s responsibility to take a stand and demand better? What about you all?”

Shan didn’t flinch back and also answered this one as, “Well, without the support of a govt policy, we can’t create an infrastructure, and without the infrastructure, the Pakistani film and TV producers will keep on making whatever gets them ratings.”

Shan went on and replied to many users before he took to share profiles of many legendary Pakistani artists, which he believes to be celebrated. These same profiles were shared by him last year as well with hashtag #LetsBringOurPrideBack. 

Shan also shared his views about the likes of Rahat Kazmi, Uzma Gillani, Qavi Khan, Firdous Jamaal, Shehnaz Sheikh, and others as, “These are the heroes of our nation, their stories must be told. And there are so many more that our history has not forgotten, but the people have. We need to transfer our pride to our children our stories about our successes.” 



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