The Next Big Thing in Snake Diet Review

As we heard that there isn’t any shortcut for achievement. That defines explicitly to achieve anything; there is a need to work hard, be consistent, and never quit. Thus, it also applies to attain the desired weight and physical fitness.

Snake diet fasting is the imitation of wildlife. Like a snake and other wild animals ate one large meal and then 2-3 day fasting. Unlike, human have a different phenomenon of the body. The human body requires 2-5 meal intervals in a day to meet the body’s needs. 

It is a rapid weight loss strategy that comes under the category of fad diet (trending unhealthy weight loss plan). Snake diet results in losing 2 pounds per day in the first week, and later in the third week, around 0.7 pounds fall per day. It is not a sustainable diet to follow.

This article facilitates revealing all the details of the Snake diet fasting comprehensively and inform about its usage, safety, and consequences. 

Who is the founder of the Snake diet?

Snake Diet Founder
Snake Diet Founder

Cole Robinson is the creator of a snake diet plan, even though he is not a health professional. He referred to adapt to lose weight at an optimum level.

According to him, excess food intake is stored in the body as a form of fat. He is correct despite that starving is the only solution to deplete the fat stores. There are some ways to healthy weight loss. 

Cole also stated that saltwater is the only requirement of obese people in terms of body needs. Besides, fat stores provide all the nutrients to the body. It is a false assumption. An organization needs essential nutrients to fulfill body requirements as well as to regulate body functions.

 Saltwater fulfill the need for electrolytes, although it is essential; other nutrients are also necessary for body structure. 

He also recommended consuming 3500 calories per week. On the contrary, USDA suggested that women’s daily calorie requirement is 1600-2400 kcal and for men 2000-3000 kcal.

 Moreover, he claimed that this diet would help in curing diabetes and inflammation. Not a single research supports this statement. 

What is snake diet fasting?

Snake diet fasting is a process of starvation of 48 to 72 hours. It is a rapid unhealthy weight loss strategy. This fad diet is still under controversy. 

Cole Robinson mentioned the term ‘proactive eating,’ which indicates that reducing the eating window of 1 to 2 hours. Followers need to eat supper in 1-2 hours of the day afterward; they should starve as long as they are excellent.

What is Snake Juice?

What is Snake Juice
What is Snake Juice

It sounds odd when we heard the term ‘Snake Juice.’ The first thing came in mind that it’s a juice of snake. Make it clear, and it is a solution of electrolytes; likewise, Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS). 

 The composition of snake juice is baking soda, sea salt, sulfate salts, potassium chloride, and water. That is the only juice that can be consumed in first-week fasting. While in later weeks along with it, apple cider vinegar is allowed.

It can be used to replenish all the electrolytes of the body. Scientists disclaimed this theory of Robinson that there is only a need for electrolytes in overweight people. 

The snake diet results in excess electrolytes in the body and depletes glycogen and other essential nutrients. 

How does Snake diet work?

How does snake diet works
How does snake diet works?

Following snake diet fasting is tempting, but it is suggested to omit this idea. But still to support this, then there is a suitable procedure to follow. 

In the beginning, 48 hours fast is recommended by the founder of this diet to reach the level of ketosis. Ketosis is the process of depletion of fat stores instead of glycogen in the body. Snake juice is consumed three packets per day while any other food and drinks are prohibited. 

In the next step, an eating window of 1 to 2 hours with low carb and lean meat meal consumption is allowed. The type of lean meat like non-starchy vegetable or lean animal meat is not cleared. After this, fast must be at least 72 hours or continue longer as much tolerated by the follower. Apple cider vinegar with snake juice can be utilized in this fasting period. 

The last step is the maintenance phase. In this step, 24 to 48 hours fast can be followed by an eating window to maintain weight. Hormones of hunger and fullness altered with the extended starvation period. 

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Does a snake diet safe to follow?

This diet sets out fast weight-loss, although; it left a harmful effect on the body physically as well as emotionally. 

The snake diet results in the depletion of essential body nutrients. Body starves for a prolonged time that automatically will lose weight. That is the most dangerous way to obtain the desired weight because essential nutrients require functioning efficiently and vital for a sustainable life.

 Another important thing is that it pushes the body at ketosis state, so there is a possibility body becomes ketoacidosis. 

Ketoacidosis develops excess ketone bodies in the body, which makes the blood acidic. Mild ketoacidosis symptoms are bad breath, constipation, headache, muscle cramps, bone density loss, and dizziness. When it moves to a severe state, then a person may lead to coma or death. 

Protracted and severe starvation has driven the body towards weak immunity. This will make the body susceptible to bacteria and viruses. Once these microorganisms invade the body, then it damages the whole body system. 

The deficiency of nutrients in the body weakens the body and leads to various health problems. Calorie deficit food or rapid weight loss produces gall stones. The liver secretes more cholesterol when the body experiences an inadequate amount of food. This cholesterol mixes with the bile and makes gall stones.

Also, a snake diet results in the loss of body tissues. While depleting fat stores, meanwhile, the body begins to consume glycogen and lean muscles. Body mass depletion inclined body to weakness and low mobility. It increases the chances of falls and bone fractures.

Carbohydrate is the essential nutrient to provide energy to vital organs of the body like brain and heart. Suppose the ketosis process went wrong by consuming an unhealthy high fat diet. In that case, the body will be vulnerable to heart diseases. 

To follow this diet, proper knowledge of high fat and low carb food and an adequate amount of snake diet juice and apple cider vinegar is essential. Robinson didn’t provide enough information about this diet. 

We, human beings, didn’t need to imitate the eating patterns of a snake. We must be thankful to our Allah for creating us Ashraf-ul-makhloqat. A proper design of eating style is mandatory to follow instead of mimicking wild animals. 

A snake diet results in a profound dangerous effect on the body, leading the organization to the coma or death. An alternate way of snake diet is intermittent fasting. This is a clinically research-based plan to follow to lose a massive amount of weight.

Allah made everything for humankind in this nature but gave a fair warning to have anything in moderation that will not harm you.



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